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Netherlands apology for Indonesia 1940's killings, but not to the Maluku nation and to the West Papuan, when at that time the Dutch dirty colonialism were exist in there. Specially the generation to generation of Maluku people who are living in Holland are the victim from the cruelty of the former Dutch governments at that time in 1950 to this day to silent the true history of Maluku people are independently apart from Indonesia illegal state.

Dutch apologize for Indonesian executions

Formal apology for colonial era mass killings comes ahead of state visit by the Dutch prime minister to Jakarta
Dutch ambassador in Indonesia Tjeerd de Zwaan officially presented the state's apology for mass killings more than 60 years ago at a Jakarta ceremony on Thursday.Romeo Gacad//AFP/Getty

The Dutch government has formally apologized for the mass killing of Indonesians during colonial occupation which ended in 1949.

The Dutch ambassador in Indonesia, Tjeerd de Zwaan, officially presented the state's apology at ceremony in Jakarta on Thursday.

"On behalf of the Dutch government I apologize for these excesses," De Zwaan said.

The Netherlands had already apologized and paid compensation in certain specific cases, but this was the first general apology for atrocities carried out during the colonial era.

"The Dutch government is aware that it bears a special responsibility in respect of Indonesian widows of victims of summary executions comparable to those carried out by Dutch troops in what was then Celebes (Sulawesi) and Rawa Gede (West Java)," De Zwaan added.
Representatives of the victims welcomed the apology.

"We feel grateful and very happy to be here. Before that we never imagined that it would be like this," said one, Nurhaeni.

Westerling executions

Special forces from the Netherlands carried out a series of summary executions, in which people were accused of crimes and then killed without trial, in its former colony between 1945 and 1949, killing thousands.

In total, about 40,000 people were executed during the colonial era, according to the Indonesian government; however, Dutch figures mention only a few thousand.

South Sulawesi was the site of one of the worst atrocities. On January 28, 1947, Dutch special forces executed 208 men on a field in front of a local government office.

It was one of the many mass murders by notorious captain Raymond Westerling who was long considered a hero in the Netherlands.

Westerling and his troops held mass executions in dozens of villages for a period of three months in a bid to wipe out resistance against Dutch colonization. Neither he nor his men were ever prosecuted.
Al Jazeera's Step Vaessen, reporting from Jakarta, said the Dutch government suddenly seemed in a hurry to apologize for the atrocities that were committed over 60 years ago.

"In a couple of months from now, the Dutch prime minister is visiting Indonesia and many have said it would actually be much more appropriate to issue the apology then. But suddenly they decided it had to happen today at the Dutch embassy and not in the places where these war crimes have taken place," Vaessen said.
"They chose the embassy because they want to apologize for a lot more than only what happened in South Sulawesi and other places. They are apologizing for all the war crimes, which the Dutch merely call excesses," Vaessen added.

The Hague had previously apologized and paid out to the widows in individual cases but it had never said it was sorry or offered compensation for the victims of general summary executions.

Legal action

Two high-profile legal actions have resulted in 20,000 euros being awarded to the widows of some victims and a public apology for summary executions that took place on the island of Sulawesi and in Rawagadeh, on the island of Java.

"When I received the money from the Netherlands I smelled it, I was so happy. But when I was smelling it I could not forget what happened to my husband. I was so sad," Nani, a 93-year-old widow, told Al Jazeera.
Andi Mondji's father was one of 208 people executed in Sulawesi. Mondji witnessed it when he was still a small child.

"Look what I have lost back then, my grandmother was shot when she was 80 years old, and my father was shot, and another relative, too. All of them shot dead. They should be able to imagine how I as a child have suffered because of this," Mondji told Al Jazeera.

Al Jazeera

The new generation of the Netherlands governments must admit the true history of Indonesia illegal state are the bigger mistaken from any action of the former leader of the Dutch goverment at that time of the "Round Table Conference" in 1949, in Den Haag. We hope in a new generation of the Dutch government to stop the hypocrite, and the dirty business with the Indonesian Islamic governments in Jakarta etc., through the illegal government of Islamic Indonesia over the natural wealth of the Maluku resources, which all the islands of Maluku becoming the targeting point for the whole nations concerned who are join and leased the several islands of Maluku already after the illegal regime of Jakarta acts by used the army intervention to Maluku by the Dutch helper, while the people of Maluku are suffering from time to time to this day, under the criminality of action inhuman by the Jakarta Islamist government, in any form of their perspective political deeds in Jakarta as their targeting point to this day to the Maluku in the east, and even to the West Papua nation in the east as a Pacific/Melanesia too, which near by the Maluku where Maluku are located in the end of the Eastern.

The Dutch government should be a witness to the truth of the history of the Moluccas and the UN should be a wise judge of the truth of the sovereign rights of the people of Maluku.

"The Netherlands should apologize to Moluccans'

Big mistake for the Government of Indonesia in involving himself with the ideology of evil.

RI Secretly Pay Compensation to 600 million Dutch guilders

People of Indonesia Blind with the History

Terrorist movement in Indonesia such as FPI is equal to the Indonesian government in Jakarta as an ideology in political goals and religious grounds.

Coaxing from illegal Indonesian Government through conferences or meetings that have been held for fraud and dirty business.

We need the action of the American government and international humanitarian organizations firmly to lead the bandit government in Jakarta to go to the international court, and recognizes the validity of the status of Maluku, West Papua, Kalimantan (Borneo), Aceh, and others, is apart from the authority of the Republic of Indonesia, where it is in accordance with the true history and applicable law.

When Indonesia Islamic Government claimed himself as its country under democratic country, it is the fact of their lies when the governments of Islamic Indonesia in Jakarta are threaten the human rights activist with jail time etc., while the human rights activist to stand in their true peace, which the West Papua people are have a rights for self determination to their own people, in their own homeland as a nation in the Pacific region.
Translation on the below of the video link
National News Indonesia, namely: TVOne. This news about the statement of Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono to delay the continuation of the journey to the Netherlands as the Dutch Queen's invitation and also an invitation from Prime Minister of the Netherlands. Statement of the President of Indonesia is as follows below:

"On my visit to the Netherlands actually means is: the one that we had planned, but I have to say it in the final hours before from my troupe, which traveled to the Netherlands, there is the situation in the Netherlands, which requires me to take attitude and then take a decision which is certainly in our behalf.

In short the last days there is a movement in the Hague, wherein the prosecution filed to the court in The Hague, to question the human rights issues in Indonesia, and even asked the court to arrest the President of Indonesia at the time of visit to Holland.

That demand is from a Dutch citizen, but also there are organizations, including those which called itself as the RMS (Republic of South Moluccas), but which can not for I accepted is, when the President of the Republic of Indonesia visit to The Hague, the Netherlands, at the invitation of Queen of the Netherlands, and also at the invitation of Dutch Prime Minister, at that moment during the visit to the Netherlands, has held a court, which among others, to decide the prosecution for the arrest of the President of the Republic of Indonesia.

Indeed, the RMS (Republic of South Maluku) deal with political issues like that, but if I do still visit to the Netherlands, will only lead to misperceptions, misunderstandings and psychological situation that is not good, for Indonesia, for me, that until such it, held court at the time of my visit there, it is about our dignity as a nation, our honor as a nation concerned, so I took the decision to postpone".

Prosecution freedom fighters RMS (Republic of South Maluku) during the trial to face threats and demands and requests from the government of Java / Indonesia against the Dutch government to stop the activities of the Moluccas in the Netherlands in the prosecution of sovereign independence of the Moluccas which has been deprived of the means of coercion by the government of Java / Indonesia in 1950.

Note: On the first link below it will be on Dutch language as the news, so you may use the google's translate to understand the situation, thank you.

Why is the President of Indonesia Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and his government are afraid to face the demands of Maluku freedom fighters prosecution in the Netherlands on the issue of human rights that has occurred in the country of Indonesia for the actions of the government's Islamic Java Indonesia?

The reasons can be followed on the news link below as events in which the real has happened and is happening in the colonization of the Islamic government of Java / Indonesia which is immoral:

1). You can look at the link Karen Parker JD, which has clarified the history of the struggle of the Moluccas in 1950.

• Alexander Manuputty: Proclamation of the RMS is not the Makar 25/4/1950 • RMS is valid, the RIS is legitimate, NKRI (the Unitary Republic of Indonesia) is not valid.

2). Indonesian President SBY (Yudhoyono) supports the Laskar Jihad:
Republic of South Maluku (Moluccas)


Maaf Belanda untuk pembunuhan Indonesia tahun 1940-an, tetapi tidak untuk bangsa Maluku dan Papua Barat, ketika pada waktu itu kotor kolonialisme Belanda yang ada di sana. Khususnya generasi ke generasi orang Maluku yang tinggal di Belanda adalah korban dari kekejaman pemerintah Belanda yang berasal pada waktu itu tahun 1950 sampai hari ini untuk diam sejarah yang benar dari orang-orang Maluku yang independen terlepas dari negara ilegal Indonesia.

Belanda meminta maaf atas eksekusi Indonesia

September 12, 2013 8:03 ET Permintaan maaf secara resmi atas pembunuhan massal zaman kolonial muncul menjelang kunjungan kenegaraan Perdana Menteri Belanda ke Jakarta
Grave Indonesia
Duta Besar Belanda di Indonesia Tjeerd de Zwaan resmi meminta maaf disajikan negara untuk pembunuhan massal lebih dari 60 tahun yang lalu pada upacara Jakarta pada Thursday.Romeo Gacad / / AFP / Getty

Pemerintah Belanda secara resmi meminta maaf atas pembunuhan massal warga Indonesia selama pendudukan kolonial yang berakhir pada tahun 1949.

Duta besar Belanda di Indonesia, Tjeerd de Zwaan, secara resmi disajikan maaf negara pada upacara di Jakarta, Kamis.

"Atas nama pemerintah Belanda saya minta maaf atas ekses-ekses," kata De Zwaan.
Belanda sudah meminta maaf dan membayar kompensasi dalam kasus-kasus spesifik tertentu, tapi ini adalah permintaan maaf umum pertama atas kekejaman yang dilakukan selama era kolonial.

"Pemerintah Belanda menyadari bahwa beruang tanggung jawab khusus dalam hal janda Indonesia korban eksekusi sebanding dengan yang dilakukan oleh tentara Belanda dalam apa yang kemudian Celebes (Sulawesi) dan Rawa Gede (Jawa Barat)," tambah De Zwaan.

Perwakilan dari korban menyambut baik permintaan maaf tersebut.

"Kami merasa bersyukur dan sangat senang berada di sini. Sebelum itu kami tidak pernah membayangkan bahwa itu akan menjadi seperti ini," kata salah satu, Nurhaeni.

Westerling eksekusi

Pasukan khusus dari Belanda melakukan serangkaian eksekusi, di mana orang yang dituduh melakukan kejahatan dan kemudian dibunuh tanpa pengadilan, di bekas koloni antara tahun 1945 dan 1949, menewaskan ribuan orang.

Secara total, sekitar 40.000 orang dieksekusi selama era kolonial, menurut pemerintah Indonesia, namun angka Belanda menyebutkan hanya beberapa ribu.

Sulawesi Selatan merupakan tempat salah satu kekejaman terburuk. Pada tanggal 28 Januari 1947, pasukan khusus Belanda dieksekusi 208 orang di lapangan di depan kantor pemerintah setempat.

Itu salah satu dari banyak pembunuhan massal oleh Kapten Raymond Westerling terkenal yang sudah lama dianggap sebagai pahlawan di Belanda.

Westerling dan pasukannya diadakan eksekusi massal di puluhan desa untuk jangka waktu tiga bulan dalam upaya untuk menghapus perlawanan terhadap penjajahan Belanda. Baik ia maupun anak buahnya yang pernah diadili.

Al Jazeera Step Vaessen, melaporkan dari Jakarta, mengatakan pemerintah Belanda tiba-tiba tampak terburu-buru untuk meminta maaf atas kekejaman yang dilakukan lebih dari 60 tahun yang lalu.

"Dalam beberapa bulan dari sekarang, perdana menteri Belanda berkunjung ke Indonesia dan banyak yang mengatakan itu benar-benar akan jauh lebih tepat untuk mengeluarkan permintaan maaf itu. Tapi tiba-tiba mereka memutuskan itu terjadi hari ini di kedutaan Belanda dan tidak di tempat di mana kejahatan-kejahatan perang telah terjadi, "kata Vaessen.

"Mereka memilih kedutaan karena mereka ingin meminta maaf untuk lebih banyak daripada hanya apa yang terjadi di Sulawesi Selatan dan tempat-tempat lain. Mereka meminta maaf untuk semua kejahatan perang, yang oleh Belanda hanya memanggil ekses," tambah Vaessen.

The Hague sebelumnya meminta maaf dan dibayarkan kepada para janda dalam kasus-kasus individu tetapi tidak pernah mengatakan itu maaf atau menawarkan kompensasi bagi para korban eksekusi umum.

Tindakan hukum

Dua tindakan hukum profil tinggi telah menghasilkan € 20.000 yang diberikan kepada para janda korban dan beberapa permintaan maaf publik atas pembunuhan yang terjadi di pulau Sulawesi dan di Rawagadeh, di pulau Jawa.

"Ketika saya menerima uang dari Belanda Saya mencium baunya, aku sangat bahagia. Tapi ketika aku menciumnya aku tidak bisa melupakan apa yang terjadi dengan suami saya. Aku sangat sedih," Nani, seorang janda 93 tahun, mengatakan kepada Al Jazeera.

Ayah Andi Mondji adalah salah satu dari 208 orang dieksekusi di Sulawesi. Mondji menyaksikannya ketika ia masih seorang anak kecil.

"Lihat apa yang saya telah kehilangan waktu itu, nenek saya ditembak ketika dia berusia 80 tahun, dan ayah saya ditembak, dan satu lagi relatif, juga. Semuanya ditembak mati. Mereka harus dapat membayangkan bagaimana saya sebagai seorang anak memiliki menderita karena ini, "kata Mondji Al Jazeera.

Al Jazeera


Generasi baru dari pemerintah Belanda harus mengakui sejarah yang benar dari negara ilegal Indonesia adalah lebih besar dari setiap tindakan keliru dari mantan pemimpin pemerintah Belanda pada waktu itu dari "Konferensi Meja Bundar" pada tahun 1949, di Den Haag. Kami berharap dalam generasi baru dari pemerintah Belanda untuk menghentikan munafik, dan bisnis kotor dengan pemerintah Islam Indonesia di Jakarta dll, melalui pemerintah ilegal Indonesia Islam atas kekayaan alam Maluku, yang semua pulau Maluku menjadi titik menargetkan untuk seluruh negara bersangkutan yang bergabung dan menyewakan beberapa pulau Maluku, sementara orang-orang Maluku yang menderita dari waktu ke waktu sampai hari ini, di bawah kriminalitas tindakan tidak manusiawi oleh pemerintah Islam Jakarta, dalam bentuk apapun dari perspektif perbuatan politik mereka di Jakarta sebagai titik mereka menargetkan untuk hari ini ke Maluku di timur, dan bahkan ke Papua Barat bangsa di timur sebagai Pacific / Melanesia juga, yang dekat dengan Maluku di mana Maluku yang terletak di ujung Timur.

Pemerintah Belanda harus menjadi saksi kebenaran sejarah Maluku dan PBB harus menjadi hakim yang bijaksana dari kebenaran hak berdaulat dari masyarakat Maluku.

"Belanda harus meminta maaf kepada Maluku"

Kesalahan besar bagi Pemerintah Indonesia dalam melibatkan dirinya dengan ideologi jahat.

RI Diam-diam Bayar Kompensasi kepada 600 juta gulden Belanda

Rakyat Indonesia Buta dengan Sejarah

Gerakan teroris di Indonesia seperti FPI sama dengan pemerintah Indonesia di Jakarta sebagai ideologi dalam tujuan politik dan agama.

Membujuk dari Pemerintah Indonesia ilegal melalui konferensi atau pertemuan yang telah digelar untuk penipuan dan bisnis kotor.

Kita perlu tindakan dari pemerintah Amerika dan organisasi kemanusiaan internasional tegas untuk memimpin pemerintahan penjahat di Jakarta untuk pergi ke pengadilan internasional, dan mengakui keabsahan status Maluku, Papua Barat, Kalimantan (Borneo), Aceh dan lain-lain, adalah terpisah dari otoritas Republik Indonesia, di mana hal ini sesuai dengan sejarah yang benar dan hukum yang berlaku.

Ketika Pemerintah Islam Indonesia mengklaim dirinya sebagai negara di bawah negara demokrasi, itu adalah fakta kebohongan mereka ketika pemerintah Indonesia Islam di Jakarta mengancam aktivis hak asasi manusia dengan penjara waktu dll, sementara aktivis hak asasi manusia berdiri di mereka yang sebenarnya perdamaian, yang orang-orang Papua Barat memiliki hak untuk menentukan nasib sendiri kepada orang-orang mereka sendiri, di tanah air mereka sendiri sebagai bangsa di kawasan Pasifik.


 Penuntutan kebebasan pejuang RMS ( Republik Maluku Selatan ) selama uji coba untuk menghadapi ancaman dan tuntutan dan permintaan dari pemerintah Jawa/Indonesia terhadap pemerintah Belanda untuk menghentikan kegiatan Maluku di Belanda dalam penuntutan kemerdekaan yang berdaulat dari Maluku yang telah dirampas upaya pemaksaan oleh pemerintah Jawa/Indonesia pada tahun 1950. Catatan: Pada link pertama di bawah akan berada di bahasa Belanda sebagai berita, sehingga Anda dapat menggunakan google menerjemahkan untuk memahami situasi, terima kasih.

Mengapa Presiden Indonesia Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono dan pemerintahannya takut menghadapi tuntutan Maluku kebebasan pejuang penuntutan di Belanda pada isu hak asasi manusia yang telah terjadi di negara Indonesia atas tindakan pemerintah Islam Jawa Indonesia ?Alasan dapat diikuti pada link berita di bawah ini sebagai peristiwa-peristiwa yang nyata telah terjadi dan sedang terjadi dalam kolonisasi pemerintahan Islam Jawa/Indonesia yang bermoral:

1 ). Anda dapat melihat link Karen Parker JD, yang telah menjelaskan sejarah perjuangan Maluku pada tahun 1950.

•Alexander Manuputty : Proklamasi RMS bukanlah Makar 25/4/1950 • RMS berlaku, RIS adalah sah, NKRI ( Negara Kesatuan Republik Indonesia ) tidak valid.
2 ). Presiden Indonesia SBY ( Yudhoyono ) mendukung Laskar Jihad:
Republic of South Maluku (Moluccas)

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