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What do you think, if the Queen defend and support the Terrorist State and Leader of the Goverment Terrorist like Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono?

Protesters greet Indonesian President Yudhoyono during state visit to Britain

By Associated Press, Updated: Thursday, November 1, 9:30 AM

LONDON — Indonesia’s president met Queen Elizabeth II Wednesday during a visit to Britain that was marred by protesters accusing him of human rights abuses.

Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and Indonesian first lady Ani Bambang Yudhoyono were welcomed by the queen and her husband, Prince Philip, in a ceremony at London’s Horse Guards Parade. The two couples then took part in a state carriage procession to Buckingham Palace, where the visiting couple will stay during their three-day visit.
Britain's Queen Elizabeth II (L) sits alongside Indonesia's President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (unseen) in the Irish State Coach during a procession along the Mall to Buckingham Palace after a ceremonial welcome on Horse Guards Parade in central London on October 31, 2012.  Indonesia's President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono begins a three-day state visit to Britain, with officials keen to impress the emerging Asian power with a display of British pomp and pageantry.   AFP PHOTO / POOL / OLI SCARFFOLI SCARFF/AFP/Getty Images

About 50 demonstrators holding placards that read “Stop killing Papuans” protested the Indonesian leader’s visit outside Prime Minister David Cameron’s residence at 10 Downing Street. They claim Yudhoyono has committed crimes of humanity against tribal people in West Papua.

Rights groups including the New York-based Human Rights Watch have said that Indonesia’s military is responsible for some of the violence in the southeast Asian country’s restive Papua province, home to a decades-long low-level guerrilla war. Yudhoyono has conceded that Indonesian security forces had overreacted at times, but said the attacks were “on a small scale with limited victims.”

Later Wednesday, two human rights activists tried to reach Yudhoyono’s car, but were stopped by police. Scotland Yard confirmed that they arrested one man for attempting to disrupt the leader’s visit. The man, activist Peter Tatchell, was released without charge.

The queen, who along with her husband visited Indonesia 33 years ago, praised Yudhoyono for leading democratic change in Indonesia during a lavish state banquet she hosted in honor of her guests at a ballroom in Buckingham Palace.

The president is the first foreign leader to be welcomed in a state visit during the queen’s Diamond Jubilee year.

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Minutes after taking off from Halim Perdanakusumah Airport in East Jakarta, lawmakers and politicians demanded the president not kneel in front of Queen Elizabeth II when receiving his honorary knighthood today.

Maps of Prisons with Political Prisoners in Indonesia 
(Lefteris Pitarakis, Pool/ Associated Press ) - Indonesia’s President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, left, walks alongside Britain’s Duke of Edinburgh after reviewing the Guard of Honour, during the cere

Minutes after taking off from Halim Perdanakusumah Airport in East Jakarta, lawmakers and politicians demanded the president not kneel in front of Queen Elizabeth II when receiving his honorary knighthood today.

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Protocol and Papua Set to Cloud SBY’s London Visit
Arientha Primanita &Markus Junianto Sihaloho | October 31, 2012
The flags of Indonesia and the United Kingdom fly in London ahead of a state visit by the Indonesian president. (AFP Photo/Leon Neal) The flags of Indonesia and the United Kingdom fly in London ahead of a state visit by the Indonesian president. (AFP Photo/Leon Neal)
President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono left for Britain on Tuesday for a state visit, packing two issues that could embarrass him at home and abroad.

Minutes after taking off from Halim Perdanakusumah Airport in East Jakarta, lawmakers and politicians demanded the president not kneel in front of Queen Elizabeth II when receiving his honorary knighthood today.

The president is set to receive the Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Bath medal.

Dradjat Wibowo, deputy chairman of the National Mandate Party (PAN), which is part of Yudhoyono’s coalition, said that as a president and head of state, Yudhoyono must not kneel in front of another head of state.

“We haven’t heard about how the ceremony will be conducted but for the sake of the nation’s honor, there should not be any kneeling and dubbing,” he said.

Dradjat said that Ronald Reagan did not kneel when he received the medal in 1989, even as a former president of the United States.

Eva Kusuma Sundari, a lawmaker from the opposition Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P), supported Dradjat, saying that Yudhoyono must consider the nation’s sovereignty and image when he receives the medal. She also highlighted the political backlash Yudhoyono might receive in Indonesia.

The other issue clouding the trip is last month’s announcement made by the Britain-based Papua independence group, Free West Papua Campaign.

The group offered a reward of 50,000 British pounds ($80,000) to anyone who places Yudhoyono under “citizen’s arrest” during his visit to Britain.

The group accuses Yudhoyono of human rights offenses in his handling of the restive Papua provinces.

The announcement suggests that Yudhoyono will be met with a demonstration by Papuans living in London, the center for the Papuan independent movement.

Shortly after the group made its announcement, the British government guaranteed the safety of Yudhoyono during his visit. Presidential spokesman Julian Aldrin Pasha said that the announcement created “discomfort.”

“We’ve got the assurance from the police in Great Britain that they won’t let anything happen, and that [the president’s security] will be fully guaranteed,” Julian said.

“The British government and especially the queen have invited the president [to come] because he is known to be a figure who has played a significant role in advancing democracy in Indonesia,” Julian said. “To be honest, this is uncomfortable for us. The reward offer to arrest the president is considered an insult to a state symbol, especially because it is made by a group of people who probably have certain political interests.”

Julian stated that the Indonesian government has yet to make a decision on whether it will take any action against the group in response to its reward offer.

Yudhoyono has indicated that the visit was too important to be canceled over the issue.

Just before taking off, the president told reporters that the relationship between Indonesia and Britain continues to flourish.

“Bilateral trade between the two countries has reached nearly $3 billion,” Yudhoyono said. “During the third quarter, Britain was the second-largest investor in Indonesia after Singapore.”

Yudhoyono is slated to be in London for three days.

Besides attending several state events attended by Queen Elizabeth II while in London, Yudhoyono will also hold bilateral meetings with Prime Minister David Cameron, the Prince of Wales, Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg and opposition leader Ed Miliband.

He is scheduled to fly to Laos on Saturday to attend the 9th summit of the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM).

The president will be accompanied by his wife Ani and government officials.

Yudhoyono and Cameron both serve as leaders of a United Nations committee planning international poverty relief.
Error and evil of the whole government in Jakarta to every nation in the former Dutch colony, it will haunt the government of Islamic Java / Indonesia in Jakarta, where the claim or matters relating to politics which has occurred in the country of Indonesia today on the lawsuit in a foreign link.

There is no specific group for the prosecution to return sovereignty to West Papua, or as well as the Moluccas, it was all a news statement from Jakarta, because the limitation of democracy is limited by the central government in Jakarta is for the benefit of colonization for the benefit of Jakarta in Maluku and West Papua.

Of all the Indonesian president to use military and police as a slave state for their political crimes can be achieved, as there are 2 in the state ideology of Indonesia.

Right to life of civilians and security personnel must removed without reason.

A worker from the agency humanitarian organizations to be treated like this, especially the threatment of military and police against the West Papuan independence fighters prosecution and Maluku, very brutal to be treated by the Indonesian military and police.

The UN should be implementing policies about legality of Maluku, West Papua and others in Indonesia regime


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Protokol dan Papua Set Visit London Cloud SBY
Arientha Primanita & Markus Junianto Sihaloho | 31 Oktober 2012
Bendera Indonesia dan Inggris terbang di London menjelang kunjungan kenegaraan oleh Presiden Indonesia. (AFP Photo / Leon Neal) Bendera Indonesia dan Inggris terbang di London menjelang kunjungan kenegaraan oleh Presiden Indonesia. (AFP Photo / Leon Neal)
Presiden Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono berangkat ke Inggris pada Selasa untuk kunjungan kenegaraan, kemasan dua hal yang bisa mempermalukan dia di rumah dan di luar negeri.

Menit setelah lepas landas dari Bandara Halim Perdanakusumah di Jakarta Timur, anggota parlemen dan politisi menuntut presiden tidak berlutut di depan Ratu Elizabeth II saat menerima gelar ksatria kehormatan hari ini.

Presiden diatur untuk menerima Knight Grand Cross dari Ordo medali Bath.

Dradjat Wibowo, wakil ketua dari Partai Amanat Nasional (PAN), yang merupakan bagian dari koalisi Yudhoyono, mengatakan bahwa sebagai presiden dan kepala negara, Yudhoyono tidak harus berlutut di depan kepala negara lain.

"Kami belum mendengar tentang bagaimana upacara akan dilakukan, tetapi demi kehormatan bangsa, ada tidak boleh ada berlutut dan dubbing," katanya.

Dradjat mengatakan bahwa Ronald Reagan tidak berlutut saat ia menerima medali pada tahun 1989, bahkan sebagai mantan presiden Amerika Serikat.

Eva Kusuma Sundari, anggota parlemen dari oposisi Partai Demokrasi Indonesia Perjuangan (PDI-P), didukung Dradjat, mengatakan bahwa Yudhoyono harus mempertimbangkan kedaulatan bangsa dan citra ketika ia menerima medali. Dia juga menyoroti Yudhoyono reaksi politik yang mungkin diterima di Indonesia.

Masalah lain mengaburkan perjalanan adalah pengumuman bulan lalu yang dibuat oleh kelompok berbasis di Inggris kemerdekaan Papua, Papua Barat Gratis Kampanye.

Kelompok ini menawarkan hadiah sebesar 50.000 poundsterling Inggris ($ 80.000) kepada siapa saja yang menempatkan Yudhoyono bawah "penangkapan warga negara" selama kunjungannya ke Inggris.

Kelompok ini menuduh Yudhoyono pelanggaran hak asasi manusia dalam penanganan provinsi Papua bergolak.

Pengumuman ini menunjukkan bahwa Yudhoyono akan bertemu dengan demonstrasi dengan hidup orang Papua di London, pusat untuk gerakan independen Papua.

Tak lama setelah kelompok membuat pengumuman, pemerintah Inggris menjamin keamanan Yudhoyono selama kunjungannya. Juru Bicara Kepresidenan Julian Aldrin Pasha mengatakan bahwa pengumuman yang dibuat "ketidaknyamanan."

"Kami sudah mendapat kepastian dari polisi di Inggris bahwa mereka tidak akan membiarkan sesuatu terjadi, dan bahwa [keamanan presiden] akan sepenuhnya dijamin," kata Julian.

"Pemerintah Inggris dan terutama ratu telah mengundang presiden [datang] karena ia dikenal sebagai sosok yang telah memainkan peran penting dalam memajukan demokrasi di Indonesia," kata Julian. "Sejujurnya, ini tidak nyaman bagi kita. Tawaran hadiah untuk menangkap presiden dianggap penghinaan terhadap simbol negara, terutama karena dibuat oleh sekelompok orang yang mungkin memiliki kepentingan politik tertentu. "

Julian menyatakan bahwa pemerintah Indonesia belum membuat keputusan mengenai apakah akan mengambil tindakan terhadap kelompok dalam menanggapi tawaran pahalanya.

Yudhoyono telah menunjukkan bahwa kunjungan itu terlalu penting untuk dibatalkan atas masalah ini.

Sesaat sebelum lepas landas, presiden mengatakan kepada wartawan bahwa hubungan antara Indonesia dan Inggris terus berkembang.

"Perdagangan bilateral antara kedua negara telah mencapai hampir $ 3 miliar," kata Yudhoyono. "Selama kuartal ketiga, Inggris adalah investor kedua terbesar di Indonesia setelah Singapura."

Yudhoyono dijadwalkan berada di London selama tiga hari.

Selain menghadiri acara-acara beberapa negara dihadiri oleh Ratu Elizabeth II, sementara di London, Yudhoyono juga akan mengadakan pertemuan bilateral dengan Perdana Menteri David Cameron, Pangeran Wales, pemimpin Liberal Demokrat Nick Clegg dan pemimpin oposisi Ed Miliband.

Dia dijadwalkan untuk terbang ke Laos pada hari Sabtu untuk menghadiri KTT ke-9 Pertemuan Asia-Eropa (ASEM).

Presiden akan didampingi oleh Ibu Ani dan pejabat pemerintah.

Yudhoyono dan Cameron baik berfungsi sebagai pemimpin bantuan PBB komite perencanaan penanganan kemiskinan internasional.
Dari semua presiden Indonesia untuk menggunakan militer dan polisi sebagai negara budak untuk kejahatan politik mereka dapat dicapai, karena ada 2 dalam ideologi negara Indonesia.

Hak untuk hidup warga sipil dan aparat keamanan harus dihapus tanpa alasan.

Seorang pekerja dari organisasi lembaga kemanusiaan untuk diperlakukan seperti ini, terutama sosialisasi penanganan militer dan polisi terhadap penuntutan pejuang kemerdekaan Papua Barat dan Maluku, sangat brutal untuk diperlakukan oleh militer Indonesia dan polisi.

PBB harus menerapkan kebijakan tentang legalitas Maluku, Papua Barat dan lain-lain dalam rezim Indonesia

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

What else should be expected by the UN, the government of Indonesia in Jakarta have exceeded the norms of life and has violated state law and international law, and has been proven

While the conference is being held in Britain, Papua nation staged a peaceful demonstration in Manokwari, West Papua.
Peaceful demonstrations which have been carried out by the masses West Papua National Committee (KNPB) yesterday, Tuesday (23/10) in Manokwari, West Papua, had forcibly dispersed by police armed to the teeth. Officials spend thousands of shots to disperse the mob action.
Officers arrested 11 people, and brutally beaten as they were brought by the police apparatus to Manokwari, one of whom is the Chairman KNPB Manokwari region, namely: Alexander Nekenem.

The list of their names as follows,
1. Alexander Nekenem (Chairman KNPB Manokwari).
2. Melkias Beanal (Secretary KNPB Manokwari)
3. Apinus Yikwa
4. Daniel Matuan 
5. Alex Gombo  
6. Peranus Mumfo 
7. Edi Peyon
8. Eduard Wandik
9. Dekma Gombo
10. Demius Aud
11. Eman Mabel
12. wedge Wandikmbo

Two of them hit by hot lead from the actions of security forces, and right on the mark on the left arm, and he had just got hot lead in the left leg.

Manokwari police chief, Chief Augustine Supriyanto denied brutalizing his people, including the mass shooting action, but from the few photos showing police brutality that disperse when the actions taken by the masses who were demonstrating.

Epis Yikwa, one of the orators in the protest condemning the barbaric act which is committed by security forces, mainly because automatic weapons are bought and paid for by money the State of Indonesia.

Indonesian police brutality towards West Papua, plainclothes and holding automatic weapons, and fired

Police have blocked by blocking the demonstrations that have been made ​​by West Papua, and the police tried to disperse the demonstration which has been done by demonstration of West Papua. The attitude taken by the police at the time, namely the immediate firing during a demonstration of West Papua.

Shooting has been done by the Indonesian police are accused directly to the demonstration of West Papua, where the demonstration was taking place, the reason for the police that the demonstration has hurt tranquility surrounding communities, in the region.

When you hear the screams of the Indonesian security forces on the news link above is to use the Indonesian language, that: all of them are on duty (police, both in uniform and plainclothes with a gun), has been providing morale among Indonesia's security forces is to undertake brutality against the people of West Papua who were holding a demonstration.

The screams were, among others on police is:
1). TEMBAK (shoot at)
2). PUKUL (beat)
3). MAJU (advanced/forward)
4). HANTAM (torment)

The purpose and objectives of the Indonesian police to restrict democracy is to be detrimental to the political interests of the government in Jakarta, so that the international community is not prominent on the wishes of the people of West Papua is to free themselves independent, and indeed that of West Papua in spite of the unitary Republic of Indonesia, if we look at the true history of the United States of Indonesia.

West Papuan protesters shot at rally
October 23, 2012

A West Papuan man's shoulder injury which activists say is a gunshot wound.
A West Papuan man's shoulder injury which activists say is a gunshot wound.
A West Papuan man with facial injuries.
A West Papuan man with facial injuries.

ACTIVISTS in the troubled Indonesian province of West Papua were injured yesterday as police fired shots into a crowd of protestors rallying against recent crackdowns.

A protest in the city of Manokwari, the capital of the West Papua province, ended in violence as protestors threw stones and police responded with weapon fire.

Footage showed scenes of police dragging other people away.

Local photojournalist Oktovianus Pogau said in an email that about 300 police were preventing a similar number of protestors from marching from the University to the town's central square when some protestors "spontaneously threw rocks at security officers and it triggered brutal action".

He said 11 people were arrested and two were shot.

Mr Pogau said he was held around the throat and punched in the face by police as he tried to retrieve his press card to show them.

Late yesterday, Fairfax was sent a series of photographs showing a number of injuries, some of which activists said were gunshot wounds.

Manokwari Police Chief, senior commissioner Agustinus Supriyanto, said four police officers were injured in the face and head by stones thrown by protesters.

Asked if any protesters were shot he said: "I still haven't received information about it but I heard people who were brought to hospital have left hospital now".

The resource-rich province is heavily guarded by Indonesian police and military personnel who crack down quickly on dissent. Strong separatist sentiment remains in the face of the crackdown.

Western journalists are only rarely given work permits to enter the territory.

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Saturday, 20 October 2012

The Dutch government with political friendship with Indonesian Islamic seen as lies documentation

You want to talk about the "terrorist"? In the beginning it was a terrorist of the "Dutch government", "Government of Indonesia", and so on, where "every nation", which "has involved" in their individual corruption, it is in the end just to "complicate the life of the nation Maluku", then is not this has included in the criminal / terrorist?

Go to the Moluccas as "greedy" because of the "natural", so that "the political system" is "internationally used" to "unrest and death" for the "life of the people of Maluku" until now, this is the result of "friendship crime and corruption "of" every individual ", which" worked on concerned government "for" the interests of individuals and groups "on the" political governance "itself.

Try to "self-correction", whether "natural" in which "owned" by the "people of Maluku" felt for the welfare for the people of Maluku, while 'Moluccan independence for the nation "is" the same "as the other for the" earn a decent living "just like" other nations "in the world?

As God has provided a place of each nation in the world according to the "grace of God" itself?

In the "life of the nation", and the view of the "humanitarian grounds", if any "incident" in the "life" which has been "done" by "any government" that is "relevant" in "partnership" is, has been doing the best to host the nation Maluku on its territory?

See the reality that has happened from the beginning until now, dirty politics to dominate the natural wealth of Maluku, as a result of the basic nature and attitude of "greed and avarice", to bring the misery and even death from all forms, and it is still perceived by the Moluccas itself.

Provide opportunities for the transmigration of Islamization and allow for the establishment of a terrorist government of Java Indonesia, for rampant and impose the will of others, to the more complicated life for the people of Maluku in life to date.

Now look at the Islamic revolution in the world that has been programmed by the Islamic Java / Indonesia with force in the world in the politics behind their doors ( ), who's to blame here, who were helped by the nature and attitude to the establishment of an Islamic state and a terrorist for illegal Indonesian government in Jakarta?

Look at the relevant evident from world events today:

President Yudhoyono received the Secretary General of OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) - Monday, February 20, 2012 17:08 PM

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA - President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) received the Secretary General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu along with 18 members of the Permanent Human Rights Commission Independent OIC at

the presidential office on Monday (2/20/2012), in the afternoon.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Marty Natalegawa said this was courtesy of a new and important institution in the framework of Islamic organizations.
"Named after the commission of human rights organization," said Marty.
Meeting held in Jakarta, according to Marty, as a form of recognition of Indonesia as the largest democracy.
"This meeting is a procedural nature, to set the pattern of the commission's work," he said.
On the occasion of a meeting with the President, Marty said it also discussed the developments in the world today as chaotic in Syria.
"Where should the OIC could play a role to deal with this problem," he said.
Moreover, Syria did not show signs of improvement. "This commission can be a part of the solution. Among other things discussed, where the OIC could have a role," said Secretary of State (Foreign Minister).

Look at the news link to hear and read the information that related:

Of course, from carelessness and greed of the political government of the Netherlands at the time, for the sake of their own, and put a puppet state like Indonesia in Jakarta.

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What do you called it, Karma, Boomerang, or the Mistaken of your attitude it self?


Kamu mau bicara tentang "teroris"? Pada mulanya teroris itu adalah dari "pemerintah Belanda", "pemerintah Indonesia", dan sebagainya, dimana "setiap bangsa", yang mana "mempunyai keterlibatan", hal ini pada akhirnya hanya untuk "mempersulit kehidupan bangsa Maluku", maka bukankah hal ini telah termasuk dalam kriminal/teroris?

Masuk ke Maluku karena "rakus" oleh karena dari "kekayaan alam", sehingga "sistem politik" secara "internasional digunakan" untuk "keresahan dan kematian" bagi "kehidupan bangsa Maluku" hingga kini, hal ini terjadi akibat dari "persahabatan kriminal dan korupsi" dari "tiap individual", yang mana "bekerja pada pemerintahan bersangkutan" demi "kepentingan pribadi dan golongan" pada "partai politik pemerintahan" itu sendiri.

Coba untuk "koreksi diri sendiri", apakah "kekayaan alam" yang mana "dimiliki" oleh "bangsa Maluku" dirasakan untuk kesejahteraan bagi bangsa Maluku, disaat "kemerdekaan bagi bangsa Maluku" adalah "sama" seperti yang lainnya untuk "mendapatkan kehidupan yang layak" sama seperti "bangsa lain" di dunia ini?

Sebagaimana Tuhan telah menyediakan tempat masing-masing bangsa di dunia sesuai dengan "anugerah Tuhan" itu sendiri?

Didalam "kehidupan berbangsa dan bernegara", dan melihat dari "dasar kemanusiaan", apakah segala "kejadian" pada "kehidupan" yang mana telah "dilakukan" oleh "tiap pemerintahan" yang "bersangkutan" dalam "hubungan kerjasama" tersebut, telah melakukan hal yang terbaik bagi tuan rumah bagi bangsa Maluku pada wilayah kedaulatannya?

Lihat kenyataan yang telah terjadi dari dulu hingga kini, politik kotor untuk mendominasi kekayan alam Maluku, akibat dari dasar sifat dan sikap "kerakusan dan keserakahan", hingga membawa pada kesengsaraan dan sampai pada kematian dari segala macam bentuk, dan masih tetap dirasakan oleh bangsa Maluku itu sendiri.

Memberikan peluang bagi transmigrasi dari Islamisasi dan membiarkan untuk terbentuknya pemerintahan teroris Jawa Indonesia, untuk merajalela dan memaksakan kehendak orang lain, hingga kehidupan semakin rumit bagi bangsa Maluku dalam kehidupan sampai saat ini.

Sekarang lihat pada revolusi Islam di dunia yang telah diprogramkan oleh pemerintah jawa islam/Indonesia dengan pemaksaan di belahan dunia dalam politik dibelakang pintu mereka ( ), siapa yang dipersalahkan disini, siapa yang yang membantu secara sifat dan sikap untuk pembentukan negara Islam ilegal dan teroris bagi pemerintahan Indonesia di Jakarta?

Lihatlah bukti yang relevan dari peristiwa dunia saat ini:

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA - Presiden Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) menerima Sekjen Organisasi Kerja Sama Islam (OKI), Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu serta 18 anggota Komisi Independen Permanen HAM OKI di Kantor Presiden Jakarta, Senin (20/2/2012), sore.

Menteri Luar Negeri RI Marty Natalegawa mengatakan ini merupakan kunjungan kehormatan dari suatu lembaga penting dan baru di kerangka organisasi Islam.

"Dinamakan commision of human rights organization," kata Marty. Pertemuan  yang diselenggarakan di Jakarta ini, menurut Marty, sebagai bentuk pengakuan terhadap Indonesia sebagai negara demokrasi terbesar.

"Pertemuan ini sifatnya masih prosedural, untuk tetapkan pola kerja dari komisi ini," ujarnya.
Pada kesempatan pertemuan dengan Presiden, Marty mengatakan juga dibahas mengenai perkembangan di belahan dunia saat ini seperti kisruh di Suriah.

"Dimana OKI seharusnya bisa berperanan untuk tangani masalah ini," ujarnya.

Apalagi, Suriah tidak menunjukkan tanda perbaikan. "Komisi ini bisa jadi bagian dari solusi. Antara lain di bahas, dimana OKI bisa miliki peranan," ujar Menlu.

Lihatlah link berita untuk mendengar dan membaca informasi yang terkait:

Tentunya dari kecerobohan dan keserakahan dari politik pemerintah Belanda pada waktu itu, demi kepentingan mereka itu sendiri, dan memakai negara boneka seperti Indonesia di Jakarta.

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Apa yang Anda menyebutnya, Karma, Boomerang, atau salah dari sikap Anda sendiri?

Friday, 19 October 2012

A worker from the agency humanitarian organizations to be treated like this, especially the threatment of military and police against the West Papuan independence fighters prosecution and Maluku, very brutal to be treated by the Indonesian military and police.

One example of this is the following news from the political action Jakarta, on orders from President Indonesia, namely: Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, Indonesia ordered the security forces to act decisively against anyone, and firm treatment of the military and the police will always be run for anyone who Indonesi disfigure the image in the international community, so that colonization is not fair always runs the government's desire Javanese Islam in Jakarta.

UA: 273/12 Index: ASA 21/039/2012 Indonesia Date: 24 September 2012


Papuan human rights lawyer Olga Hamadi has been threatened after investigating allegations of police torture and ill-treatment in Wamena, Papua province, Indonesia.

There are concerns for her safety and she is at risk of further intimidation and attacks.

Amnesty International has received credible information that Olga Hamadi, a female human rights lawyer working for non-governmental organization KontraS Papua based in Jayapura, Papua province, has been threatened for investigating and legally representing five men in Wamena, who were allegedly tortured or otherwise ill-treated by police in detention.

On 23 August 2012 Olga Hamadi received information that police personnel from the Jayawijaya District police station slapped, punched and kicked five men accused of a murder that occurred on 14 August 2012 in Wamena in an attempt to force them to confess to their involvement in the murder.
She agreed to investigate the allegations and to submit an application for a pre-trial hearing to raise concerns about the alleged violations by the police.
On 14 September 2012 she received a call from one of the police investigators who interrogated the men.
He was angry about the pre-trial application she submitted and said he could not guarantee her safety in Wamena.
Further, Olga Hamadi was informed by local sources that before the pre-trial hearing text messages were being disseminated to the murder victim’s family and local community stating that she was interfering with the case and wanted to stop the legal process.

On the morning of 19 September 2012, the third day of the pre-trial hearing, Olga Hamadi was blocked from entering the Wamena District Court by a crowd of people, including family members of the victim.

They threatened to beat her and pressured her to withdraw the pre-trial application. She was then taken to the Jayawijaya District police station by the police. When she wanted to return to the court, she was again blocked by a crowd of people outside the police station. Police officers did not take any steps to assist her. On 20 September 2012, due to ongoing concerns about her safety and the lack of protection from the authorities, she withdrew the pre-trial application and returned to Jayapura. She fears for her safety if and when she travels to Wamena in the future.

Please write immediately in English, Indonesian or your own language urging the Indonesian authorities to:

Take immediate action to ensure the safety of Olga Hamadi, in accordance with her wishes;

Conduct a prompt, independent and impartial investigation into the threats against Olga Hamadi;

Initiate an independent investigation into allegations of torture and other ill-treatment against five people by the police in Wamena and ensure that, should the allegations be verified, those responsible are brought to justice in fair trials and the victims receive reparations; Ensure that all members of the police are made aware of the legitimate role of human rights defenders and their responsibility to protect them, as set out in the UN Declaration on Human Rights Defenders.


Papua Police Chief (Kapolda) Inspector General Tito Karnavian, Jl. Samratulangi No. 8 Jayapura, Papua, Indonesia

Fax: +62 967 531717

Salutation: Dear Kapolda

Head of the Division on Professionalism and Security (Propam) Inspector General Drs. Herman Effendi, Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said Kav No. 4-5 Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan 12950,Indonesia

Fax: +62 21 7280 0947

Salutation: Dear Inspector General And copies to: Chairperson National Human Rights Commission (Komnas HAM)

Mr. Ifdhal Kasim
Jl Latuharhary, No.4 Menteng Jakarta Pusat 10310, Indonesia

Fax: +62 21 39 25 227

Also send copies to diplomatic representatives accredited to your country.


Under Article 2 of the UN Declaration on Human Rights Defenders, each state has a duty to create the conditions necessary to defend human rights within their jurisdictions. However, Amnesty International continues to receive credible reports of attacks against human rights defenders and journalists in Indonesia, and human rights defenders are regularly intimidated and harassed in Papua. International human rights observers, non-governmental organizations and journalists are severely restricted in their work there.

Most past human rights violations against human rights defenders, including torture and other ill-treatment, possible unlawful killings and enforced disappearances, remain unsolved and those responsible have not been brought to justice. Besides continued reports of intimidation and attacks against human rights defenders, they have also been the subject of criminal defamation proceedings due to their work.

Amnesty International calls on the Indonesian government to ensure an environment in which it is possible to defend human rights without fear of reprisal or intimidation. Further, the Indonesian government should adopt prompt, effective and impartial measures to provide remedy to human rights defenders who have suffered an attack or are at risk of attack, and provide compensation to human rights defenders who have been victims of abuses due to their work.

There also continues to be credible reports of human rights violations committed by the police in Indonesia, including torture and other ill-treatment, unnecessary and excessive use of force and firearms, unlawful killings, and failure to protect victims of human rights abuses. Investigations into reports of police abuses are rare, and police often subject complainants to further intimidation and harassment. Current internal police disciplinary mechanisms are inadequate to deal with criminal offences amounting to human rights violations and are often not known to the public. Furthermore, external police oversight bodies do not have the adequate powers to bring to justice those responsible for human rights violations.

Indonesia has yet to fully incorporate a crime of torture in its Criminal Code, thus failing to meet its obligations as a state party to the UN Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman and Degrading Treatment or Punishment (UNCAT). The lack of sufficient legal provisions on “acts of torture” creates a loophole which has devastating consequences.

It does not provide a sufficient legal basis on which state agents can be brought to court, and consequently does not provide an adequate legal deterrent to prevent state agents from committing such acts of torture.

Name: Olga Hamadi

Gender m/f: F

UA: 273/12 Index: ASA 21/039/2012 Issue Date: 24 September 2012

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Is the state of Indonesia, is a democratic Islamic state which should exemplified by the world?

There is not democratic, but it is the evil and the President power's to over the law because of twisted.


Anggota pekerja dari badan organisasi kemanusiaan saja diperlakukan seperti ini, apalagi perlakuan militer dan polisi terhadap para pejuang penuntutan kemerdekaan Papua barat dan Maluku, sangat brutal akan diperlakukan oleh militer dan polisi Indonesia.

Salah satu contoh berita dibawah ini adalah perbuatan dari politik Jakarta, atas perintah dari Presiden Indonesia, yaitu: Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, memerintahkan aparat keamanan Indonesia untuk bertindak tegas terhadap siapa saja, dan perlakuan tegas dari militer dan polisi itu akan selalu dijalankan bagi siapa saja yang menjelekkan citra Indonesi di dunia internasional, supaya kolonialisasi yang tidak wajar selalu berjalan atas keinginan pemerintah jawa Islam di Jakarta.


Papua pengacara HAM Olga Hamadi telah terancam setelah menyelidiki tuduhan penyiksaan polisi dan penganiayaan di Wamena, Provinsi Papua, Indonesia.

Ada kekhawatiran untuk keselamatan dan dia berada pada risiko intimidasi dan serangan lebih lanjut.Amnesty International telah menerima informasi terpercaya bahwa Olga Hamadi, manusia pengacara hak perempuan bekerja untuk organisasi non-pemerintah KontraS Papua yang berbasis di Jayapura, Provinsi Papua, telah mengancam untuk menyelidiki dan sah mewakili lima pria di Wamena, yang diduga disiksa atau sakit -dirawat oleh polisi di tahanan.

Pada tanggal 23 Agustus 2012 Olga Hamadi menerima informasi bahwa Polri dari Kabupaten Jayawijaya polisi menampar, memukul dan menendang lima orang dituduh melakukan pembunuhan yang terjadi pada tanggal 14 Agustus 2012 di Wamena dalam upaya untuk memaksa mereka untuk mengakui keterlibatan mereka dalam pembunuhan.

Dia setuju untuk menyelidiki tuduhan tersebut dan mengajukan permohonan untuk sidang pra-peradilan untuk meningkatkan kekhawatiran tentang dugaan pelanggaran oleh polisi. Pada 14 September 2012 ia menerima telepon dari salah satu penyidik ​​polisi yang menginterogasi para pria.

Dia marah tentang aplikasi pra-sidang ia diserahkan dan mengatakan dia tidak bisa menjamin keselamatannya di Wamena. Selanjutnya, Olga Hamadi diberitahu oleh sumber-sumber lokal yang sebelum pesan sidang pra-peradilan teks sedangdisebarluaskan kepada keluarga korban pembunuhan dan masyarakat setempat menyatakan bahwa ia mengganggu dengan kasus ini dan ingin menghentikan proses hukum.

Pada pagi hari tanggal 19 September 2012, hari ketiga sidang pra-peradilan, Olga Hamadi diblokir dari memasuki Pengadilan Negeri Wamena oleh kerumunan orang, termasuk anggota keluarga korban.

Mereka mengancam akan memukulinya dan memaksanya untuk menarik aplikasi pra-sidang. Dia kemudian dibawa ke kantor polisi Kabupaten Jayawijaya oleh polisi. Ketika dia ingin kembali ke pengadilan, ia kembali terhalang oleh kerumunan orang di luar kantor polisi. Petugas polisi tidak mengambil langkah apapun untuk membantunya.

Pada tanggal 20 September 2012, karena kekhawatiran yang sedang berlangsung tentang keselamatan dan kurangnya perlindungan dari pemerintah, ia menarik aplikasi pra-sidang dan kembali ke Jayapura. Dia takut akan keselamatannya jika dan ketika dia melakukan perjalanan ke Wamena di masa depan.

Silakan tulis segera dalam bahasa Inggris, Indonesia atau bahasa Anda sendiri mendesak pihak berwenang Indonesiake:

Segera mengambil tindakan untuk menjamin keamanan Olga Hamadi, sesuai dengan keinginannya; Melakukan investigasi dengan segera, independen dan imparsial atas ancaman terhadap Olga Hamadi;

Lakukan investigasi independen atas dugaan penyiksaan dan perlakuan buruk lainnya terhadap lima orang oleh polisi di Wamena dan memastikan bahwa, harus tuduhan diverifikasi, mereka yang bertanggung jawab dibawa ke pengadilan di pengadilan yang adil dan korban menerima reparasi;

Pastikan bahwa semua anggota dari polisi dibuat sadar akan peran yang sah dari pembela hak asasi manusia dan tanggung jawab mereka untuk melindungi mereka, sebagaimana tercantum dalam Deklarasi PBB tentang Pembela Hak Asasi Manusia.

HARAP KIRIM BANDING sebelum 5 November 2012 hingga:

Papua Kepala Kepolisian (Kapolda) Inspektur Jenderal Tito Karnavian, Jl. Samratulangi No 8 Jayapura, Papua, Indonesia

Fax: +62 967 531717

Salam: Dear Kapolda
, Kepala Divisi pada Profesionalisme dan Keamanan Umum (Propam) Inspektur Drs. Herman Effendi, Jl. HR Rasuna Said Kav 4-5 Kuningan No, Jakarta Selatan 12950, ​​Indonesia

Fax: +62 21 7280 0947

Salam: Dear Inspektur Jenderal Dan tembusan kepada: Ketua Nasional Hak Asasi Manusia (Komnas HAM)

Pak Ifdhal Kasim, Jl Latuharhary, Menteng Jakarta Pusat No.4 10310, Indonesia

Fax: +62 21 39 25 227

Juga mengirim salinan ke perwakilan diplomatik terakreditasi untuk negara Anda. 


Menurut Pasal 2 dari Deklarasi PBB tentang Pembela Hak Asasi Manusia, setiap negara memiliki kewajiban untuk menciptakan kondisi yang diperlukan untuk membela hak asasi manusia dalam yurisdiksi mereka.

Namun, Amnesty International terus menerima laporan yang dapat dipercaya serangan terhadap pembela HAM dan jurnalis di Indonesia, dan pembela hak asasi manusia secara teratur diintimidasi dan dilecehkan di Papua.
Hak asasi manusia internasional pengamat, organisasi non-pemerintah dan wartawan sangat dibatasi dalam pekerjaan mereka di sana.

Sebagian besar masa lalu pelanggaran HAM terhadap para pembela hak asasi manusia, termasuk penyiksaan dan perlakuan buruk lainnya, pembunuhan di luar hukum yang mungkin dan penghilangan paksa, tetap belum terpecahkan dan mereka yang bertanggung jawab belum dibawa ke pengadilan.
Selain laporan lanjutan dari intimidasi dan serangan terhadap pembela hak asasi manusia, mereka juga telah menjadi subyek dari proses pidana pencemaran nama baik karena pekerjaan mereka.

Amnesty International menyerukan kepada pemerintah Indonesia untuk memastikan suatu lingkungan di mana dimungkinkan untuk membela hak asasi manusia tanpa takut akan pembalasan atau intimidasi.

Selanjutnya, pemerintah Indonesia harus mengambil langkah-langkah cepat, efektif dan imparsial untuk memberikan obat untuk pembela hak asasi manusia yang telah menderita serangan atau berada pada risiko serangan, dan memberikan kompensasi terhadap pembela hak asasi manusia yang telah menjadi korban pelanggaran karena pekerjaan mereka.

Ada juga terus menjadi laporan yang dapat dipercaya dari pelanggaran HAM yang dilakukan oleh polisi di Indonesia, termasuk penyiksaan dan perlakuan buruk lainnya, penggunaan yang tidak perlu dan berlebihan kekuatan dan senjata api, pembunuhan di luar hukum, dan kegagalan untuk melindungi korban pelanggaran hak asasi manusia.

Penyelidikan laporan pelanggaran polisi yang langka, dan polisi sering pengadu tunduk pada intimidasi dan pelecehan lebih lanjut.
Mekanisme internal yang saat ini polisi disiplin tidak memadai untuk menangani tindak pidana sebesar pelanggaran hak asasi manusia dan sering tidak dikenal masyarakat. Selain itu, badan pengawasan eksternal polisi tidak memiliki wewenang yang memadai untuk membawa ke pengadilan mereka yang bertanggung jawab atas pelanggaran hak asasi manusia.

Indonesia belum sepenuhnya memasukkan kejahatan penyiksaan dalam KUHP nya, sehingga gagal memenuhi kewajibannya sebagai negara pihak Konvensi PBB Menentang Penyiksaan dan Perlakuan Kejam, Tidak Manusiawi dan Merendahkan lainnya atau Penghukuman (UNCAT). Tidak adanya ketentuan hukum yang memadai pada "tindakan penyiksaan" menciptakan celah yang memiliki konsekuensi yang menghancurkan.

Ini tidak memberikan dasar hukum yang memadai di mana agen-agen negara dapat dibawa ke pengadilan, dan akibatnya tidak menyediakan pencegah hukum yang memadai untuk mencegah negara dari agen melakukan tindakan seperti penyiksaan.

Nama: Olga Hamadi

Kelamin m / f: F

UA: 273/12 Index: ASA 21/039/2012 Tanggal Issue: 24 September 2012

Relasi Berita:

Apakah negara Indonesia, adalah negara Islam yang demokratis yang harus dicontohkan oleh dunia?

Tidak ada demokrasi, tetapi itu adalah jahat dan kekuatan Presiden sudah lebih dari hukum karena bengkok. 

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

President Yudhoyono have done combat training to see his military strenght, tools of war and capabilities of his military

Below is a biography of the President of Indonesia Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono
* Indonesian Armed Forces Academy (Akabri) in 1973

* American Language Course, Lackland, Texas USA, 1976

* Airborne and Ranger Course, Fort Benning, USA, 1976

* Infantry Officer Advanced Course, Fort Benning, U.S., 1982-1983

* On the job training in the 82-nd Airborne Division, Fort Bragg, United States, 1983

* Jungle Warfare School, Panama, 1983

* Antitank Weapon Course in Belgium and Germany, 1984

* Course Commando Battalion, 1985

* School of Army Command, 1988-1989

* Command and General Staff College, Fort Leavenwort, Kansas, USA

* Master of Art (MA) of Management Webster University, Missouri, USA
* And Tonpan Kostrad 330 Airborne Infantry Battalion (1974-1976)

* And Tonpan Kostrad 305 Infantry (1976-1977)

* And Mr. Mo 81 330 Kostrad Airborne Infantry Battalion (1977)

* Pasi-2/Ops Mabrigif Airborne 17 Kujang I Kostrad (1977-1978)

* And Kipan Kostrad 330 Airborne Infantry Battalion (1979-1981)

* Young Paban SuperOP Suad (1981-1982)

* Commandant Infantry School Coach (1983-1985)

* And Battalion 744 Dam IX / Udayana (1986-1988)

* Paban Madyalat SuperOP Dam IX / Udayana (1988)

* Lecturer Seskoad (1989-1992)

* Korspri Commander (1993)

* And Brigif Airborne 17 Kujang 1 Kostrad (1993-1994)

* Asops Military District (1994-1995)

* Danrem 072/Pamungkas Kodam IV / Diponegoro (1995)

* Chief Military Observer United Nations Peace Forces (UNPF) in Bosnia-Herzegovina (since the beginning of November 1995)

* Kasdam Jaya (1996-just five months)

* Commander II / Sriwijaya (1996 -) and Chairman Bakorstanasda

* Chairman of the ABRI faction of the MPR (People's Consultative Assembly Special Session 1998)

* Chief of Staff Territorial (Kaster Armed Forces (1998-1999)

* Mentamben (since October 26, 1999)

* Coordinating Polsoskam (government of President Abdurrahman Wahid)

* Coordinating Minister for Political and Security Affairs (Government of President Megawati Sukarnopotri) resigned March 11, 2004
Assignment: Operation East Timor 1979-1980 and 1986-1988

The background of knowledge and experience of Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono is inseparable from the political system of the Islamic government of Java / Indonesia on the military activities of terrorists in the country itself, to maintain the sovereignty of the results of historical fraud and crimes that have been made ​​or performed by the first government of Indonesia, namely: Ir Soekarno.

In this case, that you all can see the "biography" of "President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono," so "all military and political system of the country" and "military necessity" to "defense and security of the state of Indonesia" is has become "part" of the on "His work," which is also been "an experience" for Him, especially today, that Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono is the President of Indonesia, then over to Him, is the first to carry out its duties and responsibilities, and the first person in charge for everything which has been done by the "military and police action" against "his people or other nations," which was colonized under the authority of his government in Jakarta, when they (police and military) are about to perform, it is "the responsibility is President "itself, because" military rule and police "have" executed in accordance with the rules of the state in government "itself, and" every task performed by the military and the police ", is" tailored "to the" order of the Commander in Chief (President ) itself.

This "customized according to law", which applies to "legal basis in article 10 of the 1945 Constitution", which reads:

"The President is the supreme authority over the army, navy, air force and police."

So also in the "rules of the Indonesian state politics," that the President of Indonesia "has the power" in the country of Indonesia, the "adjusted on the 1945 law" to "Article 4 and Article 5, paragraph 2," which reads:

"The president is the head of the executive power in the country. To implement the law, the President has the authority to enact regulations".

The continuation of the explanation can be seen from the example related news links below, where the task of the military and the police on the orders of the President of the ABRI (Indonesian Armed Forces) in such a way on the fact that has happened in the field:

Therefore, to maintain the sovereignty of Indonesia in today's modern era, which "has a lot more in the freedom to do so is not like the limitations of the state of democracy in Indonesia regime itself", the result of abusive acts are always done by the police and military to limit democracy in politics, and therefore of democratic freedom in a foreign land was secured in the law of democracy, thus making government Islamic Java / Indonesia became fearful over indecency in lies and crimes are being taken by the government in Jakarta, let alone add to the rampant in "foreign country" for "foreign activists", which "supports the movement of Maluku and West Papua", even from each "rule concerned", which has a "support" for the "Maluku and West Papua," or even of "fighters independence from Maluku and West Papua "in" a foreign country ", where the" effort to prosecute the sovereignty of each region ", from the power of" Jakarta terrorist regime "through UN policies, which" sovereignty and territory "has been" deprived "by the government of the Islamic Java / Indonesia, where the government of Islamic Java / Indonesia had" violated provisions or international law "that has" decided "on the" Round Table Conference ", at the" Den Haag "in 1949 ( ), so that the wishes of the President of Indonesia has always tried to lobby the military cooperation with western countries, which have the capability of technological capacity which can be adequately wishes of the government of Islamic Java / Indonesia in Jakarta, to "need a tool of war" for "military and police Indonesia "can be" filled "by" foreign governments concerned "at the" diplomatic relations ", and" training of military cooperation should always be held "between them.

Examples can be seen in the news related news link below:






So we look forward to the next day, during the humanitarian problems that have occurred in Maluku and West Papua or other places in the puppet state of Indonesia is not resolved properly by the United Nations in accordance with applicable international law, in which we see clearly that the deviation from the relevant government by force military and police broke the boundaries and norms of human life unlawful democracy and so on, it needs to be stopped military cooperation between each country in which relations have military cooperation with Indonesia, given that the humanitarian and political issues among the nations in the unitary authority on terrorist government in Jakarta is not over yet (Jakarta, Maluku, West Papua, and others). If the military relationship is always enforced, it has been clear in his support for the terrorist state of Indonesia is always in place, and in itself involved in a categorical crime, it is the logic of the science of criminology, then of course who participated to make the relationship was involved in the crime.
Because of all the military and police tactics were studied by the government of the Islamic Java / Indonesia, only practiced by them (Indonesian military and police) to the activists, or prosecution only to the freedom fighters of the nation Maluku and West Papua in the power of the puppet state / terrorist Indonesia itself.
Torture of all sorts of ways are always enforced by the military and police on duty to cover the history of lies and crimes of the government of Islamic Java / Indonesia since the independence of the puppet state of Indonesia.
Hope of the nation Maluku and West Papua, of course, the problems of humanity, and in the constitutional legal in each respective region should be addressed directly by the United Nations without conditions, because the evidence has been piling up more and more and in accordance with reality.



Presiden Yudhoyono telah melakukan pelatihan tempur untuk melihat kekuatan militer, alat perang dan kemampuan militernya.

Dibawah ini adalah biografi Presiden Indonesia Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono

Pendidikan :

* Akademi Angkatan Bersenjata RI (Akabri) tahun 1973

* American Language Course, Lackland, Texas AS, 1976

* Airbone and Ranger Course, Fort Benning , AS, 1976

* Infantry Officer Advanced Course, Fort Benning, AS, 1982-1983

* On the job training di 82-nd Airbone Division, Fort Bragg, AS, 1983

* Jungle Warfare School, Panama, 1983

* Antitank Weapon Course di Belgia dan Jerman, 1984

* Kursus Komando Batalyon, 1985

* Sekolah Komando Angkatan Darat, 1988-1989

* Command and General Staff College, Fort Leavenwort, Kansas, AS

* Master of Art (MA) dari Management Webster University, Missouri, AS

Karier :

* Dan Tonpan Yonif Linud 330 Kostrad (1974-1976)

* Dan Tonpan Yonif 305 Kostrad (1976-1977)

* Dan Tn Mo 81 Yonif Linud 330 Kostrad (1977)

* Pasi-2/Ops Mabrigif Linud 17 Kujang I Kostrad (1977-1978)

* Dan Kipan Yonif Linud 330 Kostrad (1979-1981)

* Paban Muda Sops SUAD (1981-1982)

* Komandan Sekolah Pelatih Infanteri (1983-1985)

* Dan Yonif 744 Dam IX/Udayana (1986-1988)

* Paban Madyalat Sops Dam IX/Udayana (1988)

* Dosen Seskoad (1989-1992)

* Korspri Pangab (1993)

* Dan Brigif Linud 17 Kujang 1 Kostrad (1993-1994)

* Asops Kodam Jaya (1994-1995)

* Danrem 072/Pamungkas Kodam IV/Diponegoro (1995)

* Chief Military Observer United Nation Peace Forces (UNPF) di Bosnia-Herzegovina (sejak awal November 1995)

* Kasdam Jaya (1996-hanya lima bulan)

* Pangdam II/Sriwijaya (1996-) sekaligus Ketua Bakorstanasda

* Ketua Fraksi ABRI MPR (Sidang Istimewa MPR 1998)

* Kepala Staf Teritorial (Kaster ABRI (1998-1999)

* Mentamben (sejak 26 Oktober 1999)

* Menko Polsoskam (Pemerintahan Presiden Abdurrahman Wahid)

* Menko Polkam (Pemerintahan Presiden Megawati Sukarnopotri) mengundurkan diri 11 Maret 2004

Penugasan : Operasi Timor Timur 1979-1980 dan 1986-1988

Latar belakang dari pengetahuan dan pengalaman Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono tidak terlepas dari sistem politik pemerintahan Jawa Islam/Indonesia pada kegiatan militer didalam negara teroris itu sendiri, untuk menjaga kedaulatan dari hasil penipuan sejarah dan kejahatan yang telah dibuat atau dilakukan oleh pemerintahan RI yang pertama, yaitu: Ir Soekarno.

Dalam hal ini, bahwa anda semua dapat melihat "biografi" dari "Presiden Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono", jadi "segala sistem militer dan politik negara", dan "kepentingan militer" untuk "pertahanan dan keamanan negara Indonesia" adalah telah menjadi" bagian" dari pada "pekerjaanNya", yang mana juga adalah telah "menjadi pengalaman" bagiNya, apalagi saat ini, bahwa Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono adalah sebagai Presiden Indonesia, maka lebih dari padaNya, adalah yang pertama untuk melaksanakan tugas dan tanggung jawabnya, dan orang pertama yang bertanggung jawab atas segala yang mana telah dilakukan oleh "tindakan militer dan polisi" terhadap "rakyatnya atau bangsa lain", yang mana sedang dijajah dibawah kekuasaan pemerintahan Nya di Jakarta, disaat mereka (polisi dan militer) sedang melakukan tugas, maka yang "menjadi tanggung jawab adalah Presiden" itu sendiri, sebab "aturan militer dan polisi" telah "dijalankan sesuai dengan aturan negara dalam pemerintahan" itu sendiri, dan "setiap tugas yang dilakukan oleh para militer dan polisi", adalah "disesuaikan" dengan "perintah dari Panglima Tertinggi (Presiden) itu sendiri.

Hal ini "disesuaikan menurut hukum", yang mana berlaku pada "dasar hukum UUD 1945 pada pasal 10", yang berbunyi:

"Presiden memegang kekuasaan tertinggi atas angkatan darat, angkatan laut, angkatan udara, dan polisi."

Begitu juga dalam "aturan politik negara Indonesia", bahwa Presiden Indonesia "mempunyai kekuasaan" didalam negara Indonesia, yang "disesuaikan pada hukum UUD 1945" pada "pasal 4 dan pasal 5, ayat 2", yang berbunyi:

"Presiden adalah kepala kekuasaan eksekutif di negara ini. Untuk melaksanakan undang-undang, Presiden memiliki wewenang untuk memberlakukan peraturan".

Kelanjutan pada penjelasan dapat dilihat dari contoh link berita yang terkait dibawah ini, dimana tugas dari militer dan polisi atas perintah Presiden kepada prajurit ABRI (Angkatan Bersenjata Republik Indonesia) demikian rupa pada kenyataan yang telah terjadi dilapangan:

Oleh sebab itu, untuk menjaga kedaulatan negara Indonesia di jaman moderen saat ini, dimana "telah lebih banyak dalam kebebasan untuk melakukan hal itu adalah tidak seperti pada keterbatasan demokrasi didalam negara rejim Indonesia itu sendiri", akibat dari perbuatan kasar yang selalu dilakukan oleh polisi dan militer untuk membatasi demokrasi dalam bidang politik, dan karena kebebasan demokrasi di negeri asing itu dijamin dalam hukum demokrasi, sehingga membuat pemerintah Jawa Islam/Indonesia menjadi takut atas perbuatan keji dalam kebohongan dan kejahatan yang nyata telah dilakukan oleh pemerintahan di Jakarta, apalagi tambah dengan merajalelanya di "negeri asing" bagi "para aktifis asing", yang mana "mendukung pergerakan Maluku dan Papua Barat", bahkan dari tiap "pemerintahan bersangkutan", yang mana mempunyai "dukungan" untuk "Maluku dan Papua Barat", atau bahkan dari "pejuang kemerdekaan yang dari Maluku dan Papua Barat" di "negeri asing", dimana dalam "upaya melakukan penuntutan kedaulatan pada masing-masing wilayah", dari pada kekuasaan "rejim Jakarta teroris" melalui kebijakan PBB, yang mana "kedaulatan dan wilayah" telah "dirampas" oleh pemerintah Jawa Islam/Indonesia, dimana pemerintah Jawa Islam/Indonesia telah "melanggar ketentuan atau hukum internasional" yang telah "diputuskan" pada "Konfrensi Meja Bundar", di "Den Haag" pada tahun 1949 ( ), sehingga keinginan dari Presiden Indonesia selalu mencoba lobi dalam hubungan kerjasama militer dengan negara-negara barat, yang mana mempunyai kemampuan kapasitas teknologi yang mana dapat memadai keinginan dari pada pemerintahan Jawa Islam/Indonesia di Jakarta, untuk "kebutuhan alat perang" bagi "militer dan polisi Indonesia" dapat "dipenuhi" oleh "pemerintahan asing yang bersangkutan" pada "hubungan diplomatik" tersebut, dan "pelatihan kerjasama militer boleh selalu diadakan" diantara mereka.

Contoh berita dapat dilihat pada berita link yang terkait dibawah ini:






Jadi kita berharap pada hari mendatang, selama permasalahan kemanusiaaan yang telah terjadi di Maluku dan Papua Barat atau dilain tempat didalam negara boneka Indonesia belum teratasi dengan baik oleh PBB menurut hukum internasional yang berlaku, dimana kita melihat secara nyata bahwa penyelewengan dari pemerintah bersangkutan dengan menggunakan kekuatan militer dan polisinya melanggar batas-batas norma hidup kemanusiaan dan melanggar hukum demokrasi dan sebagainya, maka perlu untuk hubungan kerjasama militer harus dihentikan diantara tiap negara yang mana mempunyai relasi kerjasama militer dengan Indonesia, mengingat bahwa permasalahan kemanusiaan dan politik diantara bangsa-bangsa dalam satu-kesatuan kekuasaan pada pemerintahan teroris di Jakarta adalah belum berakhir (Jakarta, Maluku, Papua Barat, dan lainnya). Apabila hubungan kemiliteran selalu diberlakukan, maka telah jelas dalam dukungan terhadap negara teroris Indonesia selalu diberlakukan, dan dengan sendirinya terlibat dalam kategoris kriminal, hal itu adalah logika dalam ilmu kriminologi, maka tentunya yang berpartisipasi untuk melakukan dalam hubungan tersebut adalah terlibat dalam kriminalitas.

Sebab dari segala taktik militer dan polisi yang dipelajari oleh pemerintah Jawa Islam/Indonesia itu, hanya dipraktekan oleh mereka (militer dan polisi Indonesia) kepada para aktifis atau hanya kepada para pejuang penuntutan kemerdekaan dari bangsa Maluku dan Papua Barat didalam kekuasaan negara boneka/teroris Indonesia itu sendiri.

Penyiksaan dari segala macam cara adalah selalu diberlakukan melalui militer dan polisi dalam tugasnya untuk menutup kebohongan sejarah dan kejahatan dari pemerintahan Jawa Islam/Indonesia dari semenjak kemerdekaan bagi negara boneka Indonesia.

Harapan dari bangsa Maluku dan Papua Barat, tentunya dalam permasalahan kemanusiaan, dan didalam ketatanegaraan yang sah pada tiap wilayah masing-masing ini harus ditanggulangi langsung oleh PBB tanpa syarat, sebab bukti telah semakin banyak dan menumpuk sesuai dengan kenyataannya.