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Michele Bachmann: Beware of radical Islam

 Organization of Islamic Cooperation

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Flag of Organization of Islamic Cooperation

Organization of Islamic Cooperation (formerly Organization of the Islamic Conference) (OIC) is an international organization with 57 member states that have a permanent representative at the United Nations. OIC was established in Rabat, Morocco on 12 Rajab 1389 AH (25 September 1969) in the first meeting of the leaders of Islamic World, held in response to the Al Aqsa mosque arson on August 21, 1969 by fanatical followers of Christianity and Judaism in Jerusalem. OKI=Organisasi Konfrensi Islam (sort call in English is OIC) changed his name from before the Islamic Conference Organization on June 28, 2011.

OIC has 57 member countries. Some is not a Muslim-majority country.

member states join   Notes
Russia 2005
Ivory Coast 2001
Member States of the OIC Parliamentary Union 2000
Guyana 1998
Thailand 1998
Central African Republic 1997
Togo 1997
 Suriname 1996
 Kazakhstan 1995
Organisation for Economic Cooperation 1995
Uzbekistan 1995
 Bosnia dan Herzegovina 1994
 Mozambik 1994
 Zanzibar 1993 Resigned in August 1993
 Albania 1992
Kyrgyzstan 1992
 Tajikistan 1992
 Turkmenistan 1992
 Azerbaijan 1991
 Nigeria 1986
 Brunei 1984
 Benin 1982
Turkish Cyprus 1979 Status changed since 2004
 Djibouti 1978
Moro National Liberation Front 1977 Barring membership Philippines
Non-Aligned Movement 1977
African Union 1977
Iraq 1976
Comoros 1976
Maldives 1976
United Nations 1976
 Burkina Faso 1975
Cameroon 1975
Arab League 1975
 Bangladesh 1974
 Gabon 1974
 Gambia 1974
 Guinea-Bissau 1974
 Uganda 1974
 Sierra Leone 1972
 Bahrain 1970
 Oman 1970
 Qatar 1970
Syria 1970
United Arab Emirate 1970
Afghanistan 1969 Suspended 1980 - March 1989
Algeria 1969
Saudi Arabia 1969
 Chad 1969
 Guinea 1969
 Indonesia 1969
 Iran 1969
 Kuwait 1969
 Lebanon 1969
 Libya 1969
 Malaysia 1969
 Mali 1969
Morocco 1969
 Mauritania 1969
Egypt 1969 Diskors Mei 1979 - Maret 1984
 Niger 1969
 Pakistan 1969 Pakistan Blocks membership India
Palestine 1969
 Senegal 1969
 Somalia 1969
 Sudan 1969
 Tunisia 1969
Turkey 1969
Yemen 1969 since 1990 as the Republic of Yemen joined the People's Democratic Republic of Yemen
Jordan 1969


Session of the commission of the OIC conference in Palembang. TEMPO / Parliza Hendrawan

Monday, January 30, 2012 | 15:26 pm
SBY (Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono: Islamic State, Must Quick Response to Change

TEMPO.CO, Palembang - President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono warned Islamic nations to always be prepared to face a variety of changes in the international world. According to President Yudhoyono, if belated response to any development, then certainly the Islamic countries who are members of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) will be left behind.

It was submitted by Yudhoyono, in front of the participants at the conference of parliament for Islamic countries, in "Hotel Aryaduta", Palembang, Monday, January 30, 2012. President "offers two concepts" in "order" to "keep up" with "every "development" of the "global world", "There are "two options" for "two" in "response" to the "change", "close your eyes" or "anticipate."

In his "speech" at the opening "conference of Islamic countries parliament seventh" in Palembang, the President "invited" the "Muslim countries" to be "able to respond" to "changes in the international political landscape" so that "they can survive" in an "increasingly complex global problems".

President Yudhoyono said, when in "response to the change" is not "accompanied by the maximum pace", there will be "a huge shock". "If "we" can not "anticipate" the "change" and the "change" is not "accompanied by major reform", it will be "followed" by "turbulence", Yudhoyono said.

A "number" of "problems affecting change internationally", says SBY, "including political changes occurring in North Africa", and the "global economic crisis" that is "still ongoing".

The President "expects" the "results achieved" by the "members of parliament of the member countries of the Islamic state organizations" not "only contribute to each country", but also to "contribute to the advancement of the Islamic world".

President Yudhoyono "added" that "Islamic values" ​​can be "used" as a "solution" to "overcome" the "problem" so get a "good resolution for all parties". "We "have projected Islam" at its "best". "Ineffectively" But the "message" is only when "we as Muslims run Islamic values" ​​as the "most advanced civilization in the 13th century," he said.


Michele Bachmann: Beware of radical Islam

(Michele Bachmann) - I'm on the case because someone has to question Obama administration's indulgence.
I am immensely aware how vitally important it is to restore confidence in our economy and create quality jobs for Minnesotans. It is also clear that life is becoming increasingly unaffordable for average Americans.

And while I am working tirelessly every day to promote progrowth policies so Minnesota's small businesses will once again invest and hire new workers, I cannot ignore the national-security threats facing our nation.

In a recent interview, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair said "the West is asleep on the issue of Islamist extremism."

Sadly, he's right. The panic-stricken reaction to the letters that four of my congressional colleagues and I recently wrote to the Inspectors General of five government agencies, asking them to simply investigate the premise of our concerns, is an illustration of exactly how unwary many of our leaders are here in the United States.

Whatever the reasons for it, Washington's political and media establishment fears an honest discussion about the real threat to this country posed by radical Islam. They are reluctant to initiate an honest assessment as to whether the Obama administration has subordinated national security to political correctness.

Our letters asked a set of important questions -- based upon publicly available information -- about the Obama administration's policy concerning radical Islam.
Consider these examples.

  •  A two-year study by the FBI on the Fort Hood shooting concluded that intelligence officials knew that Maj. Nadal Hassan was communicating with terrorist leader Anwar al-Awlaki. These officials nevertheless refused to launch an investigation out of fear of being labeled insensitive or bigoted. Fourteen Americans, including an unborn child, were murdered because political correctness inhibited efforts that might have prevented their murder by a radical Islamist. We want to know why.
  •  Last month, the State Department granted a visa -- in violation of federal law -- to a member of an U.S.-designated Egyptian terrorist group. This terror group member, Hani Nour Eldin, was then welcomed into the White House to meet with National Security Council officials, where he proceeded to lobby for the release of the "Blind Sheikh," Omar Abdel Rahman, who is serving a life sentence for his involvement in terror plots, including the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center. We want to know why.
  • The U.S. State Department organized a Global Counterterrorism Forum and invited 29 countries to take part. But it excluded Israel, the country that is arguably under the greatest threat of terrorist attack. We want to know why.
  • While we remain dangerously asleep here at home about domestic threats from radical Islam, the Muslim Brotherhood and other radical Islamist groups are abundantly clear about their desire to destroy America and her allies.

During the 2007-08 Holy Land Foundation trial -- the largest terror finance trial in U.S. history -- the federal government established in court that the Muslim Brotherhood's mission in the United States is "destroying Western civilization from within." The mastermind of the 9/11 attack, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, had significant documented ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Despite these alarming truths about the Muslim Brotherhood, the Obama administration has embraced the group at nearly every turn, starting with President Obama's 2009 speech in Cairo. Against the wishes of the Mubarak government, President Obama invited banned Muslim Brotherhood leaders to attend his speech.

Since then, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton personally intervened to reverse a previous ruling that barred a prominent Muslim Brotherhood leader, Tariq Ramadan, from entering the United States. Secretary Clinton also waived congressional restrictions in order to send $1.5 billion in aid to Egypt after the Muslim Brotherhood's victory in the parliamentary elections.

It is my duty as a member of Congress to ask why the Obama administration has repeatedly undermined America's national security and bows to political correctness on issues related to radical Islam. The safety and security of every person in my district, as well as all Americans, is of preeminent importance and concern to me.

The Washington establishment has two choices: It can either remain asleep about the threat of radical Islam, or it can do everything possible to rally the country to a defense and preservation of American values and our way of life. We owe that to the American people.


Fatwa On Islam
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(Video) Backing up Bachmann & Beck

Michele Bachmann is one of the very few politicians who knows anything about the Muslim Brotherhood. Along with a few others, she's trying to get people in high places to sit up and take notice of the Jihad that has consumed America.

Bachmann and company are pushing for far reaching investigations into the Brotherhood's subversive operations in America. It's a real effort to wake the slumbering masses of know-nothings to the ever-increasing threat coming from the MB and "civilization-Jihad".

Recently, Glenn Beck had Bachmann on to discuss the latest in the effort to expose the Muslim Brothers. And during the interview Beck said something that is worth repeating and acting upon. If people don't back up Bachmann and crew, CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood are going to eat them alive.

Presented in this video is an array of evidence which proves the seemingly ludicrous claims (ludicrous in the minds of the uninformed) made by Bachmann are NOT the incoherent ramblings of some tinfoil-hat-wearing conspiracy theorist. Her statements are accurate and in need of immediate attention.


Fatwa On Islam 

Scooped by Jarrad Winter

Petition: Congress, DHS, FBI, CIA, local law enforcement, et al.: Investigate the Muslim Brotherhood

Founded in Egypt during the late 1920's, the Muslim Brotherhood is the largest Islamic movement in the world today—with estimates of their global reach ranging between 80 and 100 countries.

The stated goals of Muslim Brotherhood include reestablishing the Caliphate, the imposition of Sharia Law, and the destruction of Israel, America, and the western world as a whole—very literally the same goals as Al-Qaeda (a group which owes its existence to the Brotherhood)

In very specific terms, the Muslim Brotherhood outlined their plans for America in a 1991 memo presented as evidence during the successfully prosecuted Holy Land Foundation (HLF) trial.

  • "The Ikhwan (Muslim Brotherhood) must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and "sabotaging" its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God's religion is made victorious over all other religions." (more on this excerpt)

The genesis of Muslim Brotherhood activity in America can be traced to the 1960's with the founding of the Muslim Student Association (MSA). Today, the MSA has a presence at hundreds of colleges across America.

The most vocal Muslim group in America, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), was years ago designated as an unindicted co-conspirator in the HFL's Hamas funding scheme. For its part, Hamas was originally created as an "armed wing" of the Muslim Brotherhood. And even with direct ties to Hamas and its parent organization the Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR has amassed the political power required to make our military and FBI act upon their every contrived whine and manufactured complaint.

One of the most disturbing trends in America is the political establishment's embrace of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt (and elsewhere) as a result of the disastrous Arab Spring. Given what the world knows about the Muslim Brotherhood, that is a miscalculation which can only be explained through the lens of extraordinary Islamist influence in Washington.

The mountain of evidence against the Muslim Brotherhood in America truly boggles the mind. It is not a question of whether or not Brotherhood operatives have infiltrated and have influence, the question is to what extent. Congresswoman Bachmann and few others have asked this very question. And it is the constitutional obligation of elected and appointed officials, intelligence agencies, and law enforcement organizations across America to determine the answer.


Fatwa On Islam

Scooped by Jarrad Winter

Ahmadinejad: World forces must annihilate Israel

(JPost) - In Ramadan speech to Islamic country ambassadors, Iranian president says liberation of Palestine will solve all world problems.

n a speech published on his website Thursday, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said the ultimate goal of world forces must be the annihilation of Israel.

Speaking to ambassadors from Islamic countries ahead of 'Qods Day' ('Jerusalem Day'), an annual Iranian anti-Zionist event established in 1979 by Ayatollah Khomeini and which falls this year on August 17, Ahmadinejad said that a "horrible Zionist current" had been managing world affairs for "about 400 years." 

Repeating traditional anti-Semitic slurs, the Iranian president accused "Zionists" of controlling the world's media and financial systems.

It was Zionists, he said, who were “behind the scene of the world’s main powers, media, monetary and banking centers.” 

"They are the decision makers, to the extent that the presidential election hopefuls [of the USA] must go and kiss the feet of the Zionists to ensure their election victory,” he added.

Ahmadinejad added that "liberating Palestine" would solve all the world's problems, although he did not elaborate on exactly how that might work.

“Qods Day is not merely a strategic solution for the Palestinian problem, as it is to be viewed as a key for solving the world problems," he said.

He added: "Anyone who loves freedom and justice must strive for the annihilation of the Zionist regime in order to pave the way for world justice and freedom.”

The Iranian president said that Israel reinforced "the dominance of arrogant powers in the region and across the globe" and that Arab countries in particular - he cited Bahrain, Yemen, Libya, Syria and Turkey - were affected by Israel's "plots."

Ahmadinejad, who has called the Holocaust a myth, has previously called for Israel's annihilation, in a 2005 speech in which he used a Persian phrase that translates literally as "wiped off the page of time." 


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GOP Leaders Ignorant of Muslim Brotherhood's American Influence

(John Guandolo) - It has been said that the truth offends those who don’t have it. It would appear Senator John McCain and Speaker John Boehner do not have the truth and the facts showing the danger the Muslim Brotherhood’s Movement in America's government poses today. Americans should be very concerned about this.

In letters dated June 13, 2012, five Members of Congress – Representatives Michele Bachmann (R-MN), Louie Gohmert (R-TX), Tom Rooney (R-FL), Trent Franks (R-AZ), and Lynn Westmoreland (R-GA) -- requested that Inspector Generals from the Departments of Defense, Homeland Security, Justice and State, as well as the IG from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, investigate the penetration of senior Muslim Brotherhood operatives into our national security decision-making apparatus in America.

This is a reasonable request, since a massive amount of factual evidence exists which specifically identifies individuals and organizations which are a part of the Muslim Brotherhood Movement in America directly involved in key positions inside our security agencies.

Yet, American political leaders from both parties continue to disparage this request in personal terms, giving clear indication they are completely ignorant of the facts in this matter. The latest blast came from leaders in the GOP, publicly defending a senior advisor and Deputy Chief of Staff to the U.S. Secretary of State, Huma Abedin. This individual's immediate family founded a Muslim Brotherhood front group which, at a minimum, raises questions about Abedin’s position inside the government. If her parents were in leadership positions in organizations the U.S. government knew were fronts for the KGB or Chinese Intelligence, we would not be having this discussion. But because it is the Muslim Brotherhood, which many American leaders have either coddled, worked with, or ignored, these five Members of Congress who are abiding by their oaths of office and asking for a legitimate investigation into this potentially damaging espionage issue, are being attacked by Senator McCain and Speaker Boehner. Shoot the messenger.

As a point of reference, three years ago Congresswoman Sue Myrick (R-NC) called on the Department of Justice to brief all members of Congress on the implications of the US v. Holy Land Foundation trial, which revealed many of the prominent Islamic organization in America today, including the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), are a part of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Jihad here. DOJ never fulfilled this request.

Speaker Boehner said in defense of Abedin, “From everything that I do know of her, she has a sterling character. Accusations like this being thrown around are pretty dangerous.” What is actually dangerous is that the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives remains so grossly ignorant about a threat inside our nation nearly eleven years after 9/11.

For his part, Senator McCain came to Abedin’s aide by saying that the comments made about her “rest solely on a few unspecified and unsubstantiated associations of members of Huma's family." This necessarily means that Mr. McCain did no study at all of the facts of the matter, because they clearly and specifically reveal the organizations in which her parents and family are involved and their ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. He also criticized the Congressional letter for lacking any “instance of an action, a decision or a public position that Huma has taken while at the State Department or as a member of then-Sen. Clinton's staff that would lend credence to the charge that she is promoting anti-American activities within our government." This will require a lengthier retort.

Are Senator McCain and Speaker Boehner aware of the following facts?

  • The Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) is the largest Muslim Brotherhood (MB) organization in North America, created to be the “nucleus” for the Islamic Movement, according to MB documents seized by the FBI in Annandale, Virginia in 2004.
  • Because of the evidence ISNA is a Brotherhood front, as well as the numerous financial documents detailing money going directly from ISNA and their banks to Hamas entities overseas, ISNA is an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest Hamas trial ever successfully prosecuted in U.S. history (US v. Holy Land Foundation), which was adjudicated in 2008 in Dallas, Texas.
  • When ISNA filed a motion with the federal court to have their name removed from the unindicted co-conspirator list, the government stated that ISNA exists to be a financial support entity for Hamas. The federal judge agreed stating the government provided “ample evidence” and left ISNA on the list. A three-judge appellate panel unanimously agreed and left ISNA on the unindicted co-conspirator list.
  • ISNA’s two key directors and its President, Mohamed Magid (pictured above), all work with Secretary Clinton and her office. So, the leaders of a Hamas-supporting entity are advising the U.S. Secretary of State.


Fatwa On Islam

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Why Is the Pentagon Listening to Hamas-Linked CAIR?

(Robert Spencer) - Recently the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) asked the Defense Department to drop yet another counter-terror trainer: the Iranian ex-Muslim Reza Kahlili. Surprisingly enough in this hyper-politically correct age, when it seems as if the Obama administration cannot accommodate Islamic supremacist demands fast enough, the Pentagon refused to budge. This was widely hailed as a rare defeat for CAIR; unfortunately, it is nothing of the kind, and manifests the deeper problem that currently besets the Defense Department and the entire Washington establishment.

Pentagon spokesman James Gregory responded to an inquiry from the Daily Caller about CAIR’s demand:

  • We can confirm that Mr. Reza Kahlili, who has specialized counterintelligence expertise, occasionally lectures at the Joint Counterintelligence Training Academy (JCITA). He’s one of many guest lecturers called upon by JCITA for specific subject matter knowledge. His experiences provide valuable insight to trainees, and he keeps his personal religious beliefs out of the classroom. He does not lecture on or about Islam or any religious treatise, and his personal beliefs are his own.

This was indeed a victory in a certain sense: instead of caving to Hamas-linked CAIR’s demands and dropping the speaker as it has so many times in the past, the Pentagon stood firm and declared that Kahlili was going to speak as planned. However, Gregory was careful to note that Kahlili “does not lecture on or about Islam or any religious treatise, and his personal beliefs are his own.”

Why was this necessary? Why did the Pentagon feel it necessary to assure Hamas-linked CAIR that even though Kahlili was going to speak, he would not be speaking about Islam, and that “his personal beliefs are his own,” i.e., not shared by Pentagon brass? Why can’t Reza Kahlili or others who have discussed the ways in which Islamic jihadists use the texts and teachings of Islam to justify violence and supremacism be allowed to speak to the Pentagon?

At a time when Muslims worldwide believe that the Qur’an and Sunnah command them to wage war against the United States, why should Defense Department analysts be studying anything but the texts and teachings of Islam in order to understand the motives and goals of those who have vowed to destroy us? But of course, in this age of Obama such investigations are forbidden. And the Pentagon hastened to assure CAIR that Kahlili would not cross that red line.

I must therefore respectfully disagree with my friend Michael Ledeen, who has trumpeted this as a victory over CAIR, since Kahlili is going to speak as scheduled. (David Frum has done so as well.) They didn’t say, “A Hamas-linked Muslim Brotherhood front group is not going to dictate our choice of speakers,” which is what they should have said when CAIR first started complaining about counter-terror trainers who spoke about Islam (including me). The Pentagon should have pointed out that CAIR is an unindicted co-conspirator in a Hamas terror funding case— so named by the Justice Department – and that CAIR operatives have repeatedly refused to denounce Hamas and Hizballah as terrorist groups. Gregory might also have noted that several former CAIR officials have been convicted of various crimes related to jihad terror, and that CAIR’s cofounder and longtime Board chairman (Omar Ahmad), as well as its chief spokesman (Ibrahim Hooper), have made Islamic supremacist statements. Above all, Gregory could have mentioned that CAIR’s California chapter distributed posters telling Muslims not to talk to the FBI.

continue reading


Fatwa On Islam

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In Egypt, Panetta Declares Support for Islamofascism

  • "...a favorite theory of mine -to wit, that no occurrence is sole and solitary, but is merely a repetition of a thing which has happened before, and perhaps often" -Mark Twain

America has witnessed the results of Islamist promises of democracy in the past. And given the threat posed by Iran still today, it seems impossible that the lessons of the Iranian revolution could have been lost. Sadly, that appears to be exactly what has happened at the highest levels of the US government.-----

(NY Times) — Leon E. Panetta, the United States defense secretary, said on Tuesday that President Mohamed Morsi of Egypt was “his own man,” a strong declaration of American support for Mr. Morsi, a former leader of the Muslim Brotherhood whose future course in Egypt remains a great unknown to the Obama administration.
Mr. Panetta, who was heading from the Egyptian capital to Jerusalem later on Tuesday, also said his meetings with the Israeli leadership would not focus on any possible Israeli or American military strike on Iran.

“It’s the wrong characterization to say that we’re going to be discussing potential attack plans,” Mr. Panetta told reporters after talks with Mr. Morsi and Egypt’s top military commander, Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi.

Instead, Mr. Panetta said he and Israeli leaders would share information and intelligence about what is known about Iran’s nuclear program and its threat to Israel. The United States has developed highly classified plans for attack scenarios on Iran’s nuclear facilities — as a matter of business, the Pentagon prepares military plans for potential crises all over the world — but is for now arguing that diplomatic pressure and tough economic sanctions on Iran should be given a chance to persuade the Iranian leadership to stop moving forward with a nuclear weapons program. Iran says its efforts are peaceful.

“We don’t talk about, obviously, what specific military plans that we have,” Mr. Panetta told reporters. “We obviously continue to work on a number of options in that area.”

In Cairo, Mr. Panetta met with both Mr. Morsi and Field Marshal Tantawi in an ornate room at the presidential palace, which had been the home of the ousted president, Hosni Mubarak, for decades. The fact that Mr. Morsi and Field Marshal Tantawi were in the same room was significant because the president and the military have been struggling over who wields authority in Egypt.

The Egyptian military, which has long and deep ties with the Pentagon, has been reluctant to give up the power it seized after Mr. Mubarak was forced to step down last year. The Obama administration has regularly prodded the military to hand the reins to Mr. Morsi, even as American officials are unsure of what they are getting with him. At this point, Mr. Morsi has made no moves toward creating an Islamist government, although Christian and secular Egyptians remain deeply suspicious. Defense officials on Mr. Panetta’s trip said that it was still early to know Mr. Morsi’s true intentions and that he will probably move slowly.

Mr. Panetta’s endorsement, after meeting with Mr. Morsi for about an hour, was the most positive so far from a senior member of the Obama administration. “I was convinced that President Morsi is his own man, and that he is the president of all the Egyptian people and that he is truly committed to implement democracy here in Egypt,” Mr. Panetta said.

Notably, the defense secretary also said, “President Morsi and Field Marshal Tantawi have a very good relationship and are working together toward the same ends.”

At the beginning of Mr. Panetta’s meeting with Mr. Morsi, when a few reporters were briefly allowed into the room, the two sat chatting amiably about the weather — Mr. Panetta noted accurately that it was “very warm” in Cairo in July — and their shared ties in California.

“You spent time at the University of Southern California,” Mr. Panetta said to Mr. Morsi, who nodded assent. “My home is Monterey. 



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FBI, DOJ Sued for Info on Mueller’s Secret Meeting with Radical Islamic Organizations

(Breitbart) - Political correctness puts our national security at risk. Case in point: The FBI’s persistent kowtowing to radical Muslims in its approach to terrorism investigations.

I’ve written previously about the FBI’s Muslim sensitivity training programs.WorldNetDaily has done some outstanding reporting on workshops run by the FBI that “educate” agents about Muslim customs and beliefs in an attempt to help them to “break down barriers” and foster “mutual understanding.”

Well, now it appears the FBI has taken another giant step down a very dangerous path with FBI Director Robert Mueller’s secret meeting with radical Islamic organizations and allowing them effectively to “edit” the FBI’s training manuals.

Last week we filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the Obama Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) seeking access to records detailing a February 8, 2012, meeting between FBI Director Robert Mueller and Muslim organizations. Judicial Watch is also investigating the FBI’s subsequent controversial decision to purge the agency’s training curricula of material deemed “offensive” to Muslims.

On March 7, 2012, Judicial Watch submitted FOIA requests to the FBI and the DOJ seeking access to records regarding the meeting. We’re after “any and all records setting criteria or guidelines for FBI curricula on Islam or records identifying potentially offensive material within the FBI curricula on Islam,” and any directives to withdraw FBI presentations and curricula on Islam.

We’ve also asked for records of communications between the Office of the Attorney General and several entities, including the Obama White House, the Executive Office of the President, and Muslim organizations, such as the Muslim Brotherhood, the Islamic Society of North America, and the Council for American-Islamic Relations regarding the FBI’s curricula on Islam.

The FBI acknowledged receipt of our FOIA request on March 20, 2012, and was required to respond by May 1, 2012. The DOJ acknowledged receiving Judicial Watch’s FOIA request on March 14, 2012, and was required to respond by April 11, 2012. But so far, after months, we’ve received nothing from either agency.

According to the press, Mueller reportedly met secretly on February 8, 2012, at FBI headquarters with a coalition of Islamist organizations, some with radical ties to terrorist organizations.

For example, per The Washington Examiner, one group that reportedly met with Mueller – the Islamic Society of North America – “was tied to the terror groups Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood in federal court documents.” The government named the Islamic Society of North America as an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation terrorist financing lawsuit, along with the Council on American-Islamic Relations and the North American Islamic Trust.

During the February 8 meeting, Mueller reportedly assured the Islamic groups in attendance that the agency had ordered the removal of presentations and curricula that were deemed “offensive” from FBI offices around the country. As reported by NPR, overall, “The FBI has completed a review of offensive training material and has purged 876 pages and 392 presentations, according to a briefing provided to lawmakers.”

The material purge was allegedly initiated in response to a letter of complaint sent by Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL). However, other members of Congress, including Rep. Allen West (R-FL), object to allowing radical Muslim organizations the opportunity to dictate U.S. counterterrorism policy and want the material to be reinserted into the documents: “Now you have an environment of political correctness which precludes these agents from doing their proper job and due diligence to go after the perceived threat,” Congressman West said.

I couldn’t agree more. There is no question that the country is less safe when we allow radical Muslim organizations to tell the FBI how to train its agents and do its job. The Obama administration owes the American people a full accounting of how and why this terrible decision was made.


Fatwa On Islam

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American Islamist Groups Shape Arab Revolutions

(FrontPage) - Illustrating that the jihadist enterprise transcends all borders, American Islamist groups typically preoccupied with remaking the U.S. have been leaving their fingerprints on the campaign to exchange secular authoritarianism for religious authoritarianism in the Middle East. As these organizations labor stateside to nudge the governing class to embrace Arab Islamists at the expense of liberals — prompting Egyptian intellectual Essam Abdallah to lament that “the most dramatic oppression of the region’s civil societies and the Arab Spring … is led by the powerful Islamist lobbies in Washington” — several of the groups’ past and current officials have emerged as key players in the Middle East’s new political landscape. The connections underscore that Islamists everywhere are united by a single goal: the imposition of Shari‘a.

One of the prominent figures to embody these ties is Bassem Khafagi, who in March announcedhis intention to run for president of Egypt on behalf of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood, which seeks to resurrect the caliphate and achieve “mastership of the world.” He failed to get the nod, but his back story is intriguing nonetheless. Jihad Watch’s Robert Spencer has pointed out that Khafagi once worked for the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and is among its most notorious alumni. While serving as CAIR’s community affairs director, Khafagi was arrested in 2003 as part of a terrorism support and recruitment probe targeting the Islamic Assembly of North America (IANA), of which he was a founder. The government deported Khafagi after he pleaded guilty to bank and visa fraud.

Khafagi’s election platform was the essence of Islamism: “complete the implementation of Islamic law in Egypt.” He also remarked that he “never loved” America, an “infidel country” that “constitutes a criminal element in this world.” Moreover, Khafagi boasted about being “the first to expose the notion of ‘moderate Islam,’ which is used as a means to canonize a ‘non-Islamic Islam.’ … This ‘moderation’ means violation [of the laws] of Islam.” Khafagi’s views help explain his attraction to CAIR, with its Muslim Brotherhood originspromotion of Islamic rule,criticism of America, and links to terrorism, especially through its status as an unindicted co-conspirator in the successful trial of the Hamas-funding Holy Land Foundation (HLF). Indeed, his words would be an embarrassment for CAIR if the mainstream media deigned to notice. Though Khafagi has faded from the spotlight for now, there is no telling what impact he could have on Egypt’s undoubtedly turbulent future.

Tentacles from American Islamist organizations also reach into the Syrian National Council (SNC), the U.S.-favored civilian umbrella group opposing dictator Bashar al-Assad. The SNC is widely understood to be stacked with Islamists, so these radicals fit right in.

Heading the roster is Louay Safi, a central figure in the SNC and increasingly its public face. Safi may be most familiar, however, as a longtime official with the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), serving as executive director of the ISNA Leadership Development Center from 2004 to 2008 and becoming ISNA’s director of communications and leadership development in 2009. Adocument composed by the Brotherhood lists ISNA as one of “our organizations and the organizations of our friends” that can advance the “grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within.” Like CAIR, it was designated as an unindicted co-conspirator in the HLF case. Safi’s résumé also includes past senior positions with the Virginia-based International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT), which has been the focus of investigations into terror funding, and the D.C.-based Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy (CSID), which reformist Muslims have dubbed “a front for some of the most obnoxious members of the ‘Wahhabi lobby’ in America.”

An excellent Dallas Morning News piece, published amid the controversy over Safi’s training of U.S. military personnel at Fort Hood, compiles further evidence of his radicalism. For example, Safi was an unindicted co-conspirator in the prosecution of Sami al-Arian, the professor who pleaded guilty in 2006 to conspiring to aid Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ). Al-Arian’s think tank reportedlyreceived considerable funding from IIIT, where Safi was executive director and later research director. The FBI intercepted a 1995 conversation between Safi and al-Arian in which theydiscussed whether an executive order banning financial transactions with terrorists would inhibit al-Arian’s work with PIJ. In the course of the call, Safi agreed with al-Arian that “Zionists” were controlling Washington.

Equally troubling are Safi’s musings on the Shari‘a-mandated execution of those who leave Islam. On the one hand, during the international uproar over charges levied against Afghan convertAbdul Rahman in 2006, Safi wrote an article voicing platitudes about individual religious liberty under Islam while laughably blaming Western imperialism for the barbaric apostasy laws in various Muslim countries, where converts can face penalties that include death. Middle East Forum president Daniel Pipes described himself as “surprised, even wondrous, at the lack of shame.” On the other hand, a monograph published by Safi a few years earlier, when there was much less media scrutiny of the subject, takes a harder line, concluding that although “a quiet desertion of personal Islamic duties is not a sufficient reason for inflicting death on a person,” execution is “just punishment” if “the individual’s desertion of Islam is used as a political tool for instigating a state of disorder, or revolting against the law of Islam.” Along with the rest of his radical history, these contradictory pronouncements — standard fare whenever Islamists address the public on uncomfortable matters — should cast doubt on any claims made by Safi, particularly his soothing assurances that Syria’s future will be characterized by “equal rights and freedoms of all people.”

CAIR has its own man in the SNC: Yaser Tabbara, a founding member of the Syrian resistance group. After helping launch CAIR’s Chicago office, Tabbara served as its executive director until 2006; he currently sits on its board. Tabbara’s time at the helm of CAIR-Chicago was marked by multiple controversies. He played a major role in the successful drive to get Thomas Klocek dismissed from his post as an adjunct professor at DePaul University, following an out-of-classroom argument in which Klocek defended Israel against the smears of pro-Palestinian students. Tabbara also led CAIR-Chicago’s efforts to circle the Islamist wagons when the family of an American teenager murdered by Hamas sued U.S. charities believed to fund such terrorists. Hecalled the trial a “lynching and a mockery of justice,” but a jury awarded the plaintiffs $156 million. Around the same period, the FBI accused CAIR-Chicago of having “compromised or impeded” an investigation into an alleged hate crime by ignoring the bureau’s request not to issue a premature press release about it.

Yet another important SNC member is Najib Ghadbian, a University of Arkansas professor whorecently sat on the CSID board. Ghadbian’s 1997 book classifies Muslim Brotherhood theorists, including Hasan al-Banna and Sayyid Qutb, as “moderate” Islamists who favor democracy, inspiring Daniel Pipes to observe that “there are no ‘moderate’ Islamists, only deluded analysts who try to convince of their existence.” As the Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Report notes, Ghadbian has long advocated that the U.S. government reach out to Syria’s Brotherhood, desiringit to have a place at the post-Assad table. Wielding significant influence these days as part of the SNC’s inner circle, Ghadbian was among its representatives at a meeting with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Geneva last December.

Three months prior, he spoke at an Anaheim town hallbeside a State Department official; the event was endorsed by CAIR and hosted by the Syrian American Council (SAC), in which both Safi and Tabbara have held leadership positions.

continue reading


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Chicago man pleads guilty to plan to fight for Al-Shabaab terror group

(CNN) - A Chicago man who planned to travel to Somalia to fight for a terrorist group pleaded guilty on Monday to terrorism-related charges.

Shaker Masri, a 28-year old U.S. citizen, pleaded guilty to attempting to provide material support for Al-Shabaab, a group he knew the United States had designated as a foreign terrorist organization, according to prosecutors.

In his plea agreement, Masri said that on July 19, 2010, he told an associate he "wanted to travel to a conflict zone to engage in jihadist fighting" and that he had the choice of going to Afghanistan to help al Qaeda or travel to Somalia to aid Al-Shabaab. Masri told his associate he had decided to go to Somalia but he needed money.

The associate - who was actually a source assisting law enforcement - said he would help Masri but insisted on going to join Al-Shabaab as well. Masri agreed, according to the plea agreement.
Over several weeks Masri and his associate worked on their travel plans including "how to conceal their departure, the financial costs of the journey, the necessity of supplies, and the weapons they would need to acquire in Somalia."

Masri explained that they would be traveling to a part of southern Somalia that was controlled by Al-Shabaab and said "he expected that they would be placed with a brigade of al-Shabaab's militia comprised of foreign fighters."

According to the plea agreement, Masri said to avoid suspicion they should not travel directly to East Africa. Instead Masri decided on a route through California, Mexico, and then a "Latin or South American country that did not work with United States' law enforcement" and then on to East Africa. Masri told his associate that once they left for Somalia they would be "wanted men."

Masri also told his associate that he needed to get rid of his laptop because it had information that could be incriminating, and buy a new one.

In late July Masri and the man he believed to be his co-conspirator purchased one-way tickets to California to begin their circuitous journey. On August 3, 2010 - the day before their scheduled departure - Masri and his associate drove to a liquor store where the associate allegedly picked up $18,000 to fund their trip. Next they went to a store to buy a new laptop. Masri was arrested when he left the store.

Earlier in his case Masri also was charged with attempting or conspiring to use a weapon of mass destruction outside the United States. A criminal complaint charged he wanted to wear a suicide vest and become a martyr with an attack on "infidels." Under the terms of the plea agreement that charge was dropped.

Masri is scheduled to be sentenced on October 16, and his plea agreement calls for a sentence of nine years and 10 months in prison on the conspiracy to provide material support charge.


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In defense of Michele Bachmann, Muslim probes

(Newt Gingrich - Politico) The recent assault on the National Security Five is only the most recent example of the fear our elites have about discussing and understanding radical Islamists.

When an orchestrated assault is launched on the right to ask questions in an effort to stop members of Congress from even inquiring about a topic — you know the fix is in.

The intensity of the attack on Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) as well as Republican Reps. Trent Franks of Arizona, Louie Gohmert of Texas, Tom Rooney of Florida and Lynn Westmoreland of Georgia is a reminder of how desperate our elites are to avoid this discussion. Yet consider this rush to silence questions in light of our history of unpleasant surprises during the Cold War.

Given all the painful things we learn about people every day and the surprises that shock even the experts (the head of the FBI anti-spy effort was a Russian spy, for example), you have to wonder why people would aggressively assert we shouldn’t ask about national security concerns.

Remember the shock in 2001 when we learned that FBI agent Robert Hanssen had been spying for 22 years — first for the Soviet Union and then the Russian Federation. This disaster came just seven years after the 1994 arrest of Aldrich Ames, a CIA counterintelligence officer who was a Soviet spy for eight years.

Why should we assume we’re in better shape today, when political correctness is passionately opposed to tough counterintelligence screening? It’s as though our leaders have forgotten every lesson of the 1930s about fascism, Nazism and communism and every lesson from 1945 to 1991 about communism.

We have replaced tough mindedness about national security with a refusal to think seriously and substituted political correctness and a “solid” assurance that people must be OK because they are “nice” and “hard working” for the systematic, intense investigations of the past. I’m not suggesting that our primary threat is espionage. Our greatest problem is getting the wrong analysis, advice and policy proposals. It is the bias of the advisers and the disastrous policies they propose that are our gravest danger at this stage of the long struggle with radical Islamists. Our elites refuse to even consider that the advice they are getting is biased, tainted, distorted — or just plain wrong.

The underlying driving force behind this desperate desire to stop unpleasant questions is the elite’s fear that an honest discussion of radical Islamism will spin out of control. They fear if Americans fully understood how serious radical Islamists are, they would demand a more confrontational strategy.

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair warned last week, “The West is asleep on this issue.” Islamist extremists, Blair asserted in an interview with The Telegraph, seek “supremacy, not coexistence.”

A young John F. Kennedy wrote “Why England Slept” to try to understand how the leadership of a nation could ignore, repress and reject warnings about Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany.

A future JFK may write “Why Washington Slept” to explain our current period. The case of the National Security Five would be a good chapter on the desperation of the elites to avoid reality and their determination to smother any wake-up call, which might make them come to grips with Blair’s warning.

This desperate avoidance of reality is not new. After Maj. Nidal Hasan shouted, “Allahu Akbar” (“God is great”) in Fort Hood, Texas, and killed 12 soldiers and one Army civilian while wounding 29 others, there was pressure to avoid confronting his acts as inspired by his support for radical Islamism.

An American of Palestinian descent, Hasan had been in touch with a radical American cleric in Yemen, Anwar al-Awlaki. He declared Hasan a hero. Al-Awlaki was himself declared a “specially designated global terrorist” and, with presidential approval, was killed by a predator missile.

Yet, despite the evidence, Wikipedia reports, “One year after the Fort Hood shooting, the motivations of the perpetrator were not yet established.”

It did offer suggestions about motivation, however. For example, “A review of Hasan’s computer and his multiple email accounts has revealed visits to websites espousing radical Islamist ideas.” Talking about Islam, he said, “Nonbelievers would be sent to Hell, decapitated, set on fire and have burning oil poured down their throats.”

A rational person would have some hints about what motivated a terrorist killing spree. If even Wikipedia could reach some conclusion about motivation, you would think the national security system could do the same. Not so.

The Defense Department official report instead focused on Hasan’s actions as though they were “workplace violence” rather than terrorism. President Barack Obama, in his speech at Fort Hood, described the attack as “incomprehensible.”

Despite every effort by our enemies to communicate why they hate us and why they want to replace our world with theirs, our leaders find their motives “incomprehensible.” Clearly, Obama hasn’t understood Blair’s warning.

An even more bizarre example of ignoring reality was New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s initial response to news that a car bomb had been found in Times Square. Bloomberg is mayor of the city attacked on Sept. 11 — so did he shrewdly identify the probable perpetrator? Of course not. continue reading 


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(Video) Rep Gohmert on MB letters, DHS, and Muslim terrorists in the White House (7/27)

Scooped by Jarrad Winter

House GOP lawmakers double down on Muslim Brotherhood comments

(The Hill) - Republican lawmakers who demanded an investigation into whether Hillary Clinton's deputy chief of staff is a covert agent for the Muslim Brotherhood said this week they have no regrets.

Former presidential candidate Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) and four other House members sent several letters over the past few weeks to government agencies asking them to make sure they were properly vetting federal workers. 

Their letter to the State Department's deputy inspector general, however, ignited controversy for singling out Huma Abedin, a longtime Clinton aide and former Rep. Anthony Weiner’s (D-N.Y.) wife, who they said had family ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Rep. Trent Franks (R-Ariz.) told The Hill that the media's focus on Abedin was a “deliberate effort to change the subject.”

“The focus in the media has been on one sentence in one of those letters, and ... they have the right to do that,” Franks said. “But it certainly doesn't serve the American people when they overlook the central focus of the letters to try to take out of context one element of it that seems to be the only thing the left can aim at.”

Rep. Tom Rooney (R-Fla.) made the same point in an emailed statement to The Hill.

“As a member of the House Armed Services and Intelligence Committees, my top priority is ensuring the security of our nation,” Rooney said. “The tragic events at Fort Hood in 2009 [when 12 service members and a civilian were killed by a Palestinian-American with ties to radical Islam] proved that our enemies will go to great lengths, including infiltrating and recruiting members of our military, to commit acts of terror against American citizens. I regret that Mrs. Abedin has become the media focus of this story, because the intention of the letters was to bring greater attention to a legitimate national security risk.”

Rep. Lynn Westmoreland (R-Ga.), when asked if he would consider apologizing, unequivocally said, “No.” “I think the letter speaks for itself,” he told The Hill. “We didn’t accuse anybody or anything else.”

The debate has erupted as the United States is forced to reassess its relationship with long-time allies in the Middle East, especially Egypt where Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohammed Morsi won the presidency last month. The brotherhood, the Arab world's most influential Islamist movement, officially condemns violence but believes that Islam should be the guiding principle behind government.

The other two letter signers have also doubled down.

"I hope and pray that the mainstream media will get past the enjoyment of vilifying and trying to destroy the messenger and look at the message," Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) said on the House floor on Thursday.

Bachmann has not only stood by the letter but told conservative talk show host Glenn Beck on Thursday that Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.), the first Muslim elected to Congress, has a “long record of being associated with ... the Muslim Brotherhood.”Ellison has denied the allegation, saying Bachmann just “wanted attention.”

Some Republicans have ripped the effort by the handful of House legislators, most notably Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), a friend of Abedin's, who called them “ugly” and “sinister.”
House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) said the accusations were “dangerous.”

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee launched an online petition on Friday demanding Bachmann and her colleagues retract the letter. And the pro-Obama People for the American Way has a sign-on letter to Boehner asking him to remove Bachmann, Rooney and Westmoreland from the House Intelligence Committee, whose chairman has rejected the allegations.

"That kind of assertion certainly doesn't comport with the Intelligence Committee, and I can say that on the record," Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Mich.) told USA Today. "I have no information in my committee that would indicate that Huma is anything other than an American patriot."
Others have refrained from criticizing Bachmann and the other members.

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) told CBS on Friday that Bachmann's “concern was about the security of the country” when asked if the letter was “out of line.”

Former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton said he was “mystified” by the criticism.

“What is wrong with raising the question? Why isn’t even asking whether we’re living up to our standards a legitimate level of congressional oversight?” Bolton asked on the Frank Gaffney radio show. “Why has that generated so much criticism? I’m just mystified by it.”

Westmoreland told The Hill there's been some blowback in his district, though nothing out of the ordinary.

“We haven’t really gotten that much reaction from our district,” he said. “First of all, you don’t know where the calls come from. But I mean, really, not any different from any other issue — whether you’re voting on horse slaughter or right to life, you’re going to get a certain number of phone calls…”

Franks said the criticism from some in the GOP is nothing out of the ordinary.
“I think that that is a routine reality,” he said. “There are always going to be differences even within the party. In this case, I'm finding that the more people actually read the letters, the more support we can be coming to see.”

Asked to elaborate, he told The Hill that “we've seen a lot of shift here recently, and that's just the simple truth.” Still, he acknowledged, the situation could have been handled a little better.

“There are things that I would certainly do differently if I had it to do over again,” Franks said. “There were certainly no accusations in the letter and there were no inaccuracies in the letter. That said, you can tell the truth in ways that are awkward — in which there are better ways to say it.

“There was never an attempt on my part to cast any negative aspersions toward an individual,” he said. “It was all aimed at the Muslim Brotherhood, which I am convinced remains a major national security concern for this country.”


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CAIR's Information Momentum Warfare

(American Thinker) - There have recently been demands by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR -- twice named an unindicted co-conspirator in the proceedings of federal terrorism trials) on the Department of Defense to drop Reza Kahlili (pseudonym) -- a former CIA spy within the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps and the most credible and accurate source of information and intelligence training regarding the current Iranian regime -- as a lecturer for the Department of Defense.  Almost simultaneously, CAIR singled out Congresswoman Michele Bachmann in protest over the legitimate concerns raised by Representative Bachmann and four other members of Congress (Rep. Louie Gohmert, Rep. Trent Franks, Rep. Lynn Westmoreland, and Rep. Tom Rooney) about undue influence and possible infiltration of U.S. government entities by individuals with adversarial linkages. 

These complaints indicate a bold rise in the level of personal attacks lodged by CAIR and other Muslim Brotherhood organizations. 

It's rather easy to target people who risked their own and family members' lives, while operating within one of the most tyrannical regimes in history.  And quite astonishing that CAIR should use Mr. Kahlili's conversion to Christianity as the main argument against him!  Are they attempting to strip Mr. Kahlili of his rights as a U.S. citizen as well as his ability to provide expertise that is currently so vital to our nation's defense?  Or is CAIR using this complaint as a means to threaten his life because he dared to convert?

It's also an incredible achievement when those who consort with or are linked in close relationships to individuals and organizations that openly call for the downfall of Western civilization are not only provided with high-level positions and the professional respect that accompanies such employment within the U.S. government (occasionally at the expense of those who express concerns), but also protected against any challenges from elected members of Congress by the challengers' own colleagues! 

Amazingly, many of those who not only succumb to the pressure of the payoff, but join in on attacking those who don't conform to their version of "tolerance" are themselves condoning an intolerance of all they claim to have the "high ground" on.  Do they really think that they would be given safe haven to practice their freedoms under any form of sharia?  Do they have the slightest idea that conformance to sharia isn't merely a matter of veiling?  The practice of multiculturalism and cultural relativism may seem utopian, but when it's viewed only as a one-way responsibility by cultures with totalitarian mindsets,'re not in Kansas anymore, Toto.  The United Kingdom's Prime Minster David Cameron, former French President Nicolas Sarkozy, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel have all recently attempted to reevaluate multicultural programs and state responses that have developed over decades for the purpose of avoiding social confrontation.  Perhaps we should be following their example.

The manipulation of our society isn't an overnight process -- it has been a long-term, "strategic use of information operations ... embedded with and emboldened by self-perpetuating elements that are both incremental and inescapable" -- a.k.a. "Information Momentum Warfare."  The weapons of choice are "'lawfare,' media manipulation, indoctrination, subversion, 'truthful disinformation' and demographic expectation management."  As a result of their use, we've been conditioned, as a nation, to either adhere to political efficacies and one-sided definitions of politically correct "norms," or be abandoned by society as "radicals" and "extremists."  This conditioning has evolved into a willful acceptance of adversarial demands on our society -- amazingly to the extent that our enemies are allowed to define themselves.  They have also been allowed to call the shots on what information law enforcement and military officials are given to "know" the enemy.  When we areunable to define an adversary who is obviously at work within our society, we instinctively default to those we are allowed to know about.  Thus, recently, the quest to understand enmity was turned inward.  "The enemy is us" -- those who question the nature of true adversarial intent.  In effect, our attention has been drawn away from real dangers, the real enemies, and placed on a more socially palatable network of "violent extremists."  Information Momentum Warfare is being used to "divide and conquer" us -- theologically, philosophically, ideologically, economically, and politically.

It is succeeding.  The long-term nature of Information Momentum Warfare makes it difficult to perceive, especially for inhabitants of Western cultures who are used to sound-bites and quick results.  Its tactics or "weapons" are extremely effective.  "Any opponent who can use these tactics subtly enough to keep the host nation from rising up in mass rebellion against them will eventually achieve victory."

The questions we have to ask ourselves are: will we allow our adversaries to divide us and conquer us in the manner and time period of their choosing?  Are we going to stand up for extraordinary individuals like Reza Kahlili, who has risked his own and his family's lives in defense of freedom?  Will we stand by the five brave members of Congress -- Rep. Michelle Bachmann of  Minnesota, Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas, Rep. Trent Franks of Arizona, Rep. Lynn Westmoreland of Georgia and Rep. Tom Rooney of Florida -- who have risked their positions and the approval of colleagues as well as constituents to speak the truth?  Or have we already sold our souls for the sake of "tolerance?"

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Dubai police chief 'accuses Brotherhood of plots'

The Muslim Brotherhood's stated goals are to implement Sharia law, recreate the Caliphate, and fight to make Islam triumphant over every belief-system and all people.

In pursuit of those ends, the Ikhwan are working to overthrow governments all over the world. In fact, eventually overthrowing the US government is the Brotherhood's strategy for America.  And that's why the Muslim Brothers can NEVER be trusted. They are deceptive, subversive, and rabidly committed to global Jihad. They are no different than Al-Qaeda--except they are far more organized, strategic, and dangerous.

The MB realized a long time ago that they'd never bring victory for allah
 using only the sword


(AFP) - Dubai police have stepped up accusations against the Muslim Brotherhood of plotting to topple Gulf monarchies, saying a group of UAE activists arrested for threatening state security was linked to the organisation, a report said Friday.

The Brotherhood, which is the emerging force in the Arab world after the Arab Spring uprisings, "met people from the Gulf and discussed toppling Gulf regimes," Dubai police chief Lieutenant General Dahi Khalfan was quoted as saying by the Emarat al-Youm daily.

Khalfan warned that the Muslim Brotherhood "would lose a lot if they challenge Gulf states," and that the oil-rich region is a "red line."

"The Gulf is not a red line for Iran only. It is also for the Muslim Brothers," he was quoted as telling a forum in Dubai, referring to traditional tension between Sunni monarchies and Shiite foe Iran.

Khalfan has repeatedly accused the Muslim Brotherhood, which is the most influential Islamist group in the Arab world, of plotting to take over the Gulf states.He also said that a group of UAE activists arrested recently was also linked to the Brotherhood and accused it of pledging allegiance to the supreme guide of the Islamist organisation.

"It is a small group that has deviated from the right path and declared allegiance to the (supreme) guide, who appointed one of them as an emir (local leader)," he said.

Egyptian Mohamed Badie is the supreme guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, founded in Egypt 84 years ago.

The UAE had earlier this month announced it has dismantled a group plotting against state security without identifying their affiliation or the number of arrests.

The UAE, a federation of seven emirates led by oil-rich Abu Dhabi, has not seen any pro-reform protests like those which have swept other Arab countries, including Gulf neighbours Bahrain and Oman since last year.But the government has increased its clampdown on voices of dissent and calls for democratic reforms.



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(Video) Islamic blasphemy laws coming to America—if the Obummer administration can manage it

"If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter." -George Washington

For quite some time, the counter-jihad has been screaming bloody murder about the OIC and Islamist push to criminalize blasphemy of Islam worldwide.

It doesn't take a brilliant detective to figure out what this non-answer from Tom Perez implies.

Wake up, America!------

(Daily Caller) - Barack Obama's top civil rights official repeatedly declined to support religious free speech during a July 27 congressional hearing, despite repeated questioning from Arizona Republican Rep. Trent Franks, who chairs the House's constitution subcommittee.

Tom Perez, the progressive who runs the Justice Department's civil rights office, refused to answer the questions posed by Franks.

"Will you tell us... that this administration's Department of Justice will never entertain or advance a proposal that criminalizes speech against any religion?" Frank asked four times.

Perez refused to answer, saying "it is a hard question, in the sense that when you make threats against someone." Perez then suggested he would respond to draft legislation from the committee, but again refused to answer Frank's question about free speech rights.

Franks' questions were prompted by an October 2011 Daily Caller report, which described a D.C. meeting between Perez and hardcore Islamists, including Mohamed Magid, the Sudan-born, Saudi-trained head of the Islamic Society of North America.

At the end of the public meeting, Perez complimented the Islamists, even though he had watched while Magid called for legal punishment of people who criticize Islamic calls for violence against non-Muslims and subordination of women to men.

In 2009 a federal judge approved the FBI's decision to describe the society as an co-conspirator of a group that was convicted of smuggling money to Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood' affiliate in Palestine. Hamas has repeatedly funded, supported and endorsed attacks on Jews.

During the meeting, Perez also complimented the Islamists for lobbying against airline security measures.Perez also listened while another Islamist called for the Justice Department to redefine religious free speech as illegal discrimination.

The department's "civil rights lawyers are top of the line — I say this with utter honesty — I know they can come up with a way" to redefine criticism as discrimination, said Sahar Aziz, a female Egyptian-American lawyer who spoke at the event.

"I'd be willing to give a shot at it," said Aziz, who spoke for the Institute for Social Policy & Understanding, a Michigan-based advocacy group.

"We must continue to have the open and honest and critical dialogue that you saw in the robust debate," Perez said just a few minutes after Aziz made her demand for Saudi-style blasphemy laws.

As the meeting session ended, Perez — a Maryland resident, and a former staffer to Sen. Ted Kennedy — climbed the stage to embrace Magid.When the event was over, Perez refused to answer questions from The Daily Caller.

Dwight Holton, another Justice Department official who spoke at the event, also refused to answer questions from TheDC. Holton even threatened to charge TheDC's reporter with a crime for following him while asking questions.

Perez's welcome mat for the Islamists may be part of an administration-wide effort to cultivate 2012 election support among Muslim lobbies, such as Magid's ISNA.

Most of the immigrants' lobby groups are Islamist, partly because few non-religious Muslim immigrants participate in Islamic advocacy.

Perez, who worked as a ethnic lobbyist and amnesty supporter in Maryland, is one of President Barack Obama's most aggressive advocates.

For example, during a October meeting in Alabama intended to rally opponents to the state's successful enforcement of immigration laws, Perez suggested that Alabama residents score lower on education tests than poorly educated immigrants from Mexico and other Latin American countries.

"State school performance may decline," he said, because "some of the [illegal immigrant] kids who are leaving [the state] are some of the highest performing kids," he told reporters.

(h/t Counter Jihad Report)



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CAIR strikes out on Reza Kahlili


(PJ Media) - It’s always a happy day when would-be censors fail to silence voices they don’t agree with, and it’s particularly satisfying when the losers are a well-known crowd of politically correct anti-1st Amendment vigilantes.  The losers in this case are the hyperactive folks over at CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, and their intended victim is “Reza Kahlili,” the former member of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps who for some years worked inside that murderous organization on behalf of the Central Intelligence Agency.  He’s well known to PJ Media readers, having posted here on many occasions, and his book, A Time to Betray, is a must-read for anyone who wants to get an accurate picture of life inside the Islamic Republic’s praetorian guards.

Reza is inevitably controversial, as you would expect.  Some even doubt that he was really a CIA agent inside the IRGC (I was able to get confirmation of his bona fides, as was David Ignatius of the Washington Post), and CAIR got very annoyed with him, above all when he wrote that American mosques are being used to recruit and organize terrorists, in preparation for potential attacks inside the United States.  And they were openly furious when he described his conversion from Islam to Christianity, saying that the “unimaginable” Islamic practices he witnessed in Iran “misrepresented Islam,” leading him to search for a faith that better presented his vision of the Almighty.

Worse yet, from CAIR’s standpoint, was that Reza was employed by the American government to lecture its intelligence specialists on Iran at the Joint Counterintelligence Training Academy in Maryland.  CAIR demanded he be fired.  The head of CAIR wrote directly to Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta to make the request, as reported in a press release from the organization.

It didn’t work.

Late on Wednesday, the Pentagon bluntly said:

“We can confirm that Mr. Reza Kahlili, who has specialized counterintelligence expertise, occasionally lectures at the Joint Counterintelligence Training Academy (JCITA). … His experiences provide valuable insight to trainees, and he keeps his personal religious beliefs out of the classroom. He does not lecture on or about Islam or any religious treatise, and his personal beliefs are his own.” continue reading


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Shifting Egypt's stance, Mursi meets Hamas PM in Cairo

(JPost) - Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh met Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi on Thursday in an official visit that signaled a big shift in Cairo's stance toward the Hamas movement after the election of a Muslim Brotherhood head of state in Egypt.

A Palestinian official said the head of Egyptian intelligence had promised measures to increase the flow of fuel supplied by Qatar to Gaza via Egypt and needed to ease the small Palestinian territory's power shortages.

But there was no immediate sign that Cairo was ready to open up its border with Gaza to the extent sought by Hamas, something analysts partly attributed to the influence still wielded by the Hosni Mubarak-era security establishment.

"Mursi's heart is with Hamas but his mind is elsewhere," said Hany al-Masri, a Palestinian political commentator. "He will give them as much as he can but he won't be able to give them much because his powers are restricted," he said.

Mursi's victory was celebrated in Gaza as a turning point for a territory whose economy has been affected by a blockade imposed by Israel and in which Egypt took part by stopping everything but a trickle of people from crossing the border.

Mursi's spokesman said the meeting had touched on subjects including "lifting the siege and the suffering of the people in Gaza" and reconciliation with the Ramallah-based Palestinian Authority, led by Mahmoud Abbas.

Sworn in on June 30, Mursi is trying to stamp his authority on an Egyptian state still influenced to a large degree by a council of military generals led by Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi, Mubarak's defense minister for two decades.

Mursi, Haniyeh share Ramadan meal

Mubarak had regarded Gaza's Islamist rulers with suspicion bordering on outright hostility reflecting his enmity towards the Brotherhood, the ideological parent of Hamas that was outlawed for decades in Egypt until last year's uprising.

Mubarak never recognized the Hamas administration which has governed Gaza since 2007, when its forces defeated Abbas' Palestinian Authority. Earlier this month, Mursi received both Abbas and Khaled Mashaal, the Hamas leader in exile.

On Thursday, Haniyeh and Mursi shared a Ramadan iftar - the meal with which Muslims break their fast during the holy Islamic fasting month. Earlier, Haniyeh had met chief of intelligence Murad Muwafi, reflecting the role still played by the Egyptian security establishment in managing Palestinian affairs.

The Egyptians said the quantity of fuel supplied via Egypt to Gaza would be more than doubled next week, a Palestinian official familiar with the talks told Reuters.

The fuel supplied by Qatar goes from Egypt into Israel, from where it passes through a crossing into Gaza in accordance with the existing arrangements on how goods pass into the territory that was captured by Israel from Egypt in the 1967 Six-Day War.

Israel withdrew all its settlers and soldiers from Gaza in 2005.
Earlier this year, Brotherhood officials had lobbied for the fuel to be sent straight across Egypt's border with Gaza - a move sought by Hamas and which would have marked a major step towards opening the border to trade and commerce.

In another apparent gesture triggered by Mursi's election victory, Egypt is to ease restrictions on Palestinians traveling through Egyptian territory on their way in and out of Gaza, Egyptian border officials said this week.

A diplomat familiar with Cairo's policies on Gaza did not expect Mursi to open Rafah to trade. But all else could be discussed, he said, including "improving conditions at crossings and increasing the number of passengers and Egyptian aid."


Fatwa On Islam 

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Nigeria’s Boko Haram: An Overlooked Threat to U.S. Security

(Heritage) - Abstract: Since 2009, the jihadist insurgency in Nigeria known as Boko Haram has been escalating its attacks across the country, targeting security forces, politicians, and civilians. Assuming that Boko Haram will refrain from targeting U.S. interests in Nigeria (a country of strategic significance) or in the U.S. homeland is a dangerous gamble—as was the case with other terror groups that were badly underestimated as posing only limited threats.

Representative Patrick Meehan, who chairs the House Subcommittee on Counterterrorism and Intelligence, explains the need for increased U.S.–Nigerian security cooperation and for U.S. vigilance. Boko Haram’s sheer brutality, its expanding list of targets, and its relationships with al-Qaeda affiliates pose an enormous counterterrorism and intelligence challenge for the American government.

It is great to be here at The Heritage Foundation, which is an asset to all Members of Congress and their staffs.

I want to begin by thanking Morgan Roach and The Heritage Foundation for inviting me to speak on this very timely topic. I commend Heritage for organizing this discussion to examine the security challenges posed by the terrorist group Boko Haram.

I also look forward to hearing again from my fellow panelists, Dr. Peter Pham and Dr. Ricardo Larémont. Both of these experts offered insightful testimony at my November 2011 hearing on Boko Haram, and their work in this area is ahead of the curve and unparalleled. I thank them for their contributions.

A Threat-Focused Agenda

The rise of Boko Haram in Nigeria is an issue I have been monitoring closely. As I mentioned, the Homeland Security Committee’s Subcommittee on Counterterrorism and Intelligence, which I chair, held a hearing on Boko Haram in November of last year.

This hearing featured the release of our bipartisan subcommittee report that examined the threat to the U.S. homeland posed by Boko Haram. As Chairman, I have tried very hard to focus on current homeland threats and, perhaps more important, emerging threats to the homeland.

To that end, I have attempted to employ a sober imagination in analyzing the myriad of threats to our homeland. In my first year as Chairman, we examined al-Qaeda’s affiliate networks in places like Yemen and their efforts to attack the United States. We also looked at how the shifting landscape of the Arab Spring was affecting the war on terror and how al-Qaeda could use it to its advantage. We shed light on Hezbollah’s activities in Latin America, including its fundraising operations and its potential to mobilize an attack on American soil. The subcommittee also held the first congressional hearing examining Iran’s capabilities to attack the homeland following revelation of a plot to kill the Saudi ambassador to the United States in Washington, D.C.

Underestimating the Threat

We have done all this in an effort to stay ahead of the curve because the threat has changed. In recent years, we have repeatedly seen the similar patterns emerge—where so-called regionally focused terrorist organizations “suddenly” target the U.S. homeland.

Throughout 2009, the assessment by the U.S. Intelligence Community was that the al-Qaeda affiliate Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) would target only Saudi Arabia and Yemen and lacked the intent and capability to conduct a strike against the U.S. homeland. This assumption was proved wrong on Christmas Day 2009, when Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab attempted to blow up a U.S. airliner over Detroit while hundreds of millions of Americans were gathered together with their family enjoying Christmas dinner.

Similarly, the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) was supposedly interested only in the local insurgency against the government of Pakistan until it recruited, trained, and deployed U.S. national Faisal Shahzad to drive a car bomb into Times Square. Had Shahzad been successful it would have killed hundreds of innocent Americans and foreign tourists.

Perhaps most important, the U.S. Intelligence Community has long assessed that Iran and its terrorist proxies would not conduct attacks on the U.S. homeland. This assessment was proven wrong late last year when it was revealed that Iran had planned an attack in Washington, D.C.
Some may argue that I am being overly critical of the Intelligence Community, but I disagree.

As someone who was sworn in as the United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania one week after 9/11, and prosecuted terrorists—including assisting my good friend and then-fellow U.S. Attorney Chris Christie in convicting the Fort Dix Six—I fully understand from an operational perspective how the Intelligence Community has evolved, and appreciate the tremendous work it does to keep us all safe. Just as one example, I encourage everyone to study closely the intelligence collection, analysis, dissemination, and planning that went into the raid that killed Osama bin Laden. The American people received enormous return on investment that night and we are all grateful continue reading


Fatwa On Islam

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Backing Up Bachmann on Facebook

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(Video) Feinstein: National security leaks are coming from the White House

Since the very beginning of the leak debacle, it's been quite clear that the wretched Marxist Obummer is behind it. Given the information that was leaked, it couldn't have come from anywhere else - only a small group was privy to the "secrets" that ultimately became public knowledge.

The fact of the matter is Obummer's administration has been using national security as a tool to score personal political points for him. In doing so, they've endangered America, our ally Israel, and others for selfish political reasons. That's treason so far as I'm concerned.

On every imaginable level, Obama has been nothing short of a complete disaster for America. His pink slip signing & eviction ceremony can't get here fast enough!

Fatwa On Islam

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CAIR targets Reza Kahlili

Reza Kahlili is the most authoritative voice speaking out on Iran, the Revolutionary Guard, Hezbollah, and all the rest of the insanity coming from the Mahdi Madmen. This can't be allowed to happen. 

How is it that the clueless FBI & CIA haven't caught onto CAIR's game?

Besides all the evidence from criminal cases in America, just by observing their actions it becomes beyond obvious what the Muslims of CAIR are doing.  

(CAIR) -- The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) today called on the Department of Defense (DoD) to drop an anti-Islam lecturer at the Joint Counterintelligence Training Academy (JCITA) in Elkridge, Md., who wrote on an Islamophobic hate site that he "renounced Islam and began the quest to find the real God." (reza kahlili:"Why I Renounce Islam and Choose Christ)(reza kahlili:" WND)(reza kahlili:8/24/11)

That lecturer, "Reza Kahlili," a pseudonym for a man who says he is a former CIA operative in Iran, also claims that Iranian agents are "coordinating operations out of [American] mosques and Islamic centers," that Iran already has nuclear weapons, and that Iranian agents have infiltrated the United States through the "Muslim Brotherhood's Muslim Students Association." (Daily Caller, 7/22/12; Washington Times, 10/27/11, Los Angeles Times, 7/6/12, American Thinker, 2/23/12)

A program coordinator for Iran instruction at JCITA confirmed to the Los Angeles Times that Kahlili is a paid lecturer for the DoD-chartered academy. His lectures are audio-only, allegedly to protect his identity. The newspaper called Kahlili "one of the most influential and outspoken voices in the U.S. advocating the overthrow of the Iranian government."

"This is yet another unfortunate example of our nation's military and counterterrorism personnel being trained by individuals who weaken America's security by promoting their own religious and political agendas," wrote CAIR national Executive Director Nihad Awad in a letter sent to Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta.

CAIR chapters in Florida recently held news conferences in Tampa and Pembroke Pines to ask the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) to stop using a notorious anti-Muslim bigot as a counterterrorism trainer. continue reading



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Listen carefully and see all that has happened around the world and involved American on this case, this is not a joke.
President Obama has stated that he is with President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono will be the role of the world in democracy, economics, and the relationship with the Islamic world, more than that, because Obama has been living in Indonesia, so the commitment expressed by him is that: "Indonesia is a part of himself (Indonesia bahagian dari diri saya)".

Political position would do the same as done by Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in Indonesia country, but the political procedures that would have been different in the perspective taken by President Obama, because the rule of law and American countries are slightly different from Indonesia. But I say to you that the system politic was plagiarized by President Obama for America.

We know that President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono gave support to the Jihad, and we know that jihad is categorical as terrorists in the international knowledge forum.
Is President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in contrast to the activities of a terrorist organization or individual who has committed an act that violates the norms of humanity?

No different, as all acts involved, either in support of speech, is included in the attitude in action for something to be done or has been done it is the same in the "action attitude".

Why President Obama did not take a position as head of the USA, which has the position as the "World Police", to take action, as the USA has the right facto to the United Nations?

Because President Obama has become a part of the political and diplomatic relations have the same ideology as President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, recall the words of President Obama, that President Obama said in his statement that "Indonesia is part of me (Indonesia adalah bahagian dari diri saya)", meaning in this case is extensive in politics to be done by both of them to the world according to their statements in bilateral diplomatic relations in politics.

Back again, do not forget that President Obama is more concerned on the basis of Islamic ideology, so that each step can not be separated from political Islam itself. So every task and responsibility as President to obligations at work as President of the USA is biased, that is: "More preserve, protect crime, and so on which has been done by their political Islamization. Thing incidence of some elements about it like this is in the real world events of the Islamic revolution around the world, and not a dream.
We out of the Indonesia country to expose to the world and we know clearly, how good Indonesia Government have role in the international forum, behind their closed doors, remember that International community and even for the whole governments around the world known about Indonesia as largest Islamic country in the world.

Libya Cover-Up Vindicates Bachmann
by FRANK J. GAFFNEY, JR. October 11, 2012

Read more: Family Security Matters

 You remember the debate between Obama and Mitt Romney on the question of Mitt Romney to Obama on a "terrorist attack on the U.S. Consulate", in the "Benghazi"!.

"The logic of the international regulations for the governance of the world" is, when "American Consulate or Ambassador" for example, in the country of Indonesia. So "in the" on "American Consulate or the Ambassador", it is "the right of the territory of the U.S.", and "not allowed" to "Indonesian authorities," whether it's from "the people of Indonesia", and for "the Indonesian government," which which "in and out casually" course, in the "American Consulate or the Ambassador", although "American Consulate or the Ambassador", which is "in" the power of the state of Indonesia. All of them have "rules", every person who entered into the consulate or Ambasador should "have a license," or "permitted" to enter into related matters. All who work in the consulate or Ambasador is a "civilian workers", but "they are still in the shade of the American administration," logic. At the Consulate or Ambassador in each country and so there must be military, but in civilian dress, and also depending on the procedure and the constitutional government itself.

More than that, when the attack is done, and the attackers were "beyond the fence", which has "determined" for the region's Consulate or American Ambassadors "was established in the relevant place", then certainly in the "international rules" that "anyone ", which entered into it, it certainly has" entered into territorial "America, like this example, if one of the" citizen of Indonesia ", he" entered into the consulate or the American Ambassador, "which" is "in" the power of the state of Indonesia " for "political asylum", of course, that "automatically" that the person is in the shade or a "responsibility and obligation" of the "American government's duty to protect that person," because "the political situation for the safety of the people concerned", and where in it, had "the support of international law" for him, so that "the American government" to be "responsible" for the safety of the person concerned.

Examples of the matter has been describing of "rules of life and reality", that "the consulates or Ambasador" is "a legitimate state agency" to "specified location" and "inviolable", "despite being on one territory in the country concerned. "

If the "attack" was performed on "American Consulate or Ambasador" in "state of Indonesia", while the "attacker" who have cultivated it "still be outside the fence" of the "Ambasador Consulate or U.S. territory," then things: it's been "a duties and responsibilities "for" the Indonesian government "to" stop "the attack was to" use the Indonesian security forces ", in order to" maintain bilateral relations ", which" has accumulated a good "in" relations between the two countries "is. But when "the attacker had entered through the fence or Ambasador American Consulate," then certainly "be right" for the "American government" to "take decisive action", to "ensure the safety", and also to "preserve the dignity" of the "one legitimate American government "in" bilateral relations "which had been going on" under the auspices of international law "itself.

This is "applicable to each of any state" in "position Consulate and Ambassador" of each country, in "other countries", and "the situation is no different." Just depends on the approval of the two countries on bilateral relations are concerned in the keeping of the things that are not desirable in the bilateral relations between the two countries concerned itself.

So problems in Benghazi is one of ignorance, recklessness, and a big mistake for "the attitude and actions of Obama and Hilary Clinton" to "duties and responsibilities", in the "American rule" to "protect its citizens in the government itself," as workers' Consulate and Ambassador "is part of the" delegation of government ", and" show "that" the Consulate and Ambassador "is" a symbolic state ", which is domiciled in the territory concerned, because" partnership "between" two countries " itself.

Did you not get the goals and objectives of the resettlement issues mentioned in the debate of Obama's political principles?

It has become a model for Obama's political character and attitude which was taken by him of the nature of government and political attitudes of Islamic Java / Indonesia, and we are in Maluku, West Papua, East Timor, and others, have been and are facing problems in our life as a country which is different from Indonesia. We know that it is a long-term program for international co-operation is being run by them.

That's because, from experience, I share the experience here, for the sake of American States, which has the state in Christ, and for the sake of "friendship and brotherhood in Christianity" and also in this explanation, it can be "input" to every nation , which is different, which is facing unrest from Islamic deeds, and which the state is still "regardless of the ideology of Islamic revolution".

Given that the "transmigration parts of the world", is "mostly foreigners" in which "religion of Islam", ie the "transmigration of Islam to Australia", when they "have been living in Australia", which comes from the Middle East to Indonesia , and headed to Australia, of course, automatically in the "social life", that "civilization of life" from "generation to generation will change" by itself, is not intended by me here in the "category racist", but rather "" Islamisation "because "basic political domination of Islam" which has been "disturbing human rights" in others, where it is already evident at this time parts of the world, that we "deal with the change of the world revolution of Islam" with "the nature and force of the Islamic attitude" to "enforced Islamic sharia law", and in Australia "has been declared" by the "Islamic citizens" to request / suggest to the Australian government for the "rule of the law of Australia" need "replaced" with "Islamic sharia law", on Australia's national news.

So what was said in the statement, and the deeds of "the nature and attitude of the Obama political Islamic world", is to "influence the subtle to the world", that "no threat", or the "question of the presence of Islam in the midst of our lives ", and this is real has" done of deeds of Islam "itself, in the" coercion, and all evil, which has been declared by them, and of course this is has been "breaking the boundaries of the norm humanitarian hemisphere ", and you yourself know about it, and instead of a dream.

Politics like this should be stopped, anyone who tries to commit acts that violate human rights in their individual choice, whether it is coming from an organization or state in the nation, it needs to be followed up in accordance with international law, to establish justice, peace, salvation from all threats in a common life as the world's children, and so on.

Do not forget that the Government of the Islamic Java / Indonesia is the world's largest Muslim country, and which the effect is of the government's Islamic Java / Indonesia with Muslim countries in the world itself, so that the Middle East issues on human rights, that the Government of Javanese Islam / Indonesia was busy helping with the linkage of human rights as their reason, while human rights are ignored in the state of Indonesia. Given that President Obama had been living in Indonesia and President Obama has stated that Indonesia is a part of himself. Surely in this problem is to have dominated the political relevance in the global Islamic basis.

Not a new thing for us inside the country of Indonesia when I were there, for Indonesia Government has plan in the long term, and finally open up on this future.

Holland C. Tylor and the Illusion of a Moderate Islam

Indonesian: - Hari ini, 7:59 AM

Michele Bachmann: Waspadalah terhadap Islam radikal

Michele Bachmann: Waspadalah terhadap Islam radikal | Kuffar Berita |

( Michele Bachmann ) - Saya pada kasus ini karena seseorang harus mempertanyakan kegemaran Obama administrasi.
Saya sangat menyadari betapa pentingnya adalah untuk memulihkan kepercayaan dalam perekonomian kita dan menciptakan lapangan kerja berkualitas untuk Minnesotans. Juga jelas bahwa kehidupan menjadi semakin tidak terjangkau bagi orang Amerika rata-rata.
Dan sementara saya bekerja tanpa kenal lelah setiap hari untuk mempromosikan kebijakan progrowth sehingga usaha kecil Minnesota akan sekali lagi berinvestasi dan mempekerjakan pekerja baru, saya tidak dapat mengabaikan ancaman keamanan nasional yang dihadapi bangsa kita.
Dalam sebuah wawancara, mantan Perdana Menteri Inggris Tony Blair mengatakan "Barat adalah tidur pada isu ekstremisme Islam."
Sayangnya, dia benar. Reaksi panik dengan surat bahwa empat dari rekan kongres saya dan saya baru-baru ini menulis kepada Inspektur Genera l lima instansi pemerintah, meminta mereka untuk hanya menyelidiki premis keprihatinan kami, ini adalah contoh tepat bagaimana waspada banyak pemimpin kita di sini di Amerika Serikat.
Apapun alasan untuk itu, pendirian Washington politik dan media takut diskusi jujur ​​tentang ancaman nyata terhadap negara ini ditimbulkan oleh Islam radikal. Mereka enggan untuk memulai penilaian yang jujur ​​tentang apakah pemerintahan Obama telah subordinasi keamanan nasional untuk kebenaran politik.
Surat-surat kami meminta sejumlah pertanyaan penting - didasarkan pada informasi publik yang tersedia - mengenai kebijakan pemerintahan Obama tentang Islam radikal.
Pertimbangkan contoh ini.
  • Sebuah studi dua tahun oleh FBI pada penembakan Fort Hood menyimpulkan bahwa para pejabat intelijen tahu bahwa Mayor Nadal Hassan berkomunikasi dengan Anwar pemimpin teroris al-Awlaki. Para pejabat tetap menolak untuk melakukan penyelidikan karena takut dicap tidak sensitif atau fanatik. Empat belas orang Amerika, termasuk anak yang belum lahir, dibunuh karena kebenaran politik menghambat upaya yang mungkin telah mencegah pembunuhan mereka oleh Islam radikal. Kami ingin tahu mengapa.
  • Bulan lalu, Departemen Luar Negeri diberi visa - yang melanggar hukum federal - untuk anggota kelompok teroris yang ditunjuk AS-Mesir. Kelompok teror anggota, Hani Nour Eldin, kemudian disambut ke Gedung Putih untuk bertemu dengan Dewan Nasional Para pejabat keamanan, di mana ia melanjutkan untuk melobi pembebasan dari "Sheikh Buta," Omar Abdel Rahman, yang menjalani hukuman seumur hidup untuk nya terlibat dalam rencana teror, termasuk pemboman 1993 dari World Trade Center. Kami ingin tahu mengapa.
  • Departemen Luar Negeri AS menyelenggarakan Forum Terorisme Global dan mengundang 29 negara untuk ambil bagian. Tapi itu tidak termasuk Israel , negara yang bisa dibilang di bawah ancaman terbesar dari serangan teroris. Kami ingin tahu mengapa.
  • Sementara kami tetap berbahaya tidur sini di rumah tentang ancaman domestik dari radikal Islam, Ikhwanul Muslimin dan kelompok-kelompok Islam radikal yang sangat jelas tentang keinginan mereka untuk menghancurkan Amerika dan sekutunya.

Selama 2007-08 Tanah Suci Yayasan percobaan - teror terbesar keuangan percobaan dalam sejarah AS - pemerintah federal didirikan di pengadilan bahwa misi Ikhwanul Muslimin di Amerika Serikat ". menghancurkan peradaban Barat dari dalam" Dalang serangan 9/11, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, memiliki hubungan terdokumentasi signifikan terhadap Ikhwanul Muslimin.

Meskipun kebenaran ini mengkhawatirkan tentang Ikhwanul Muslimin, pemerintahan Obama telah memeluk kelompok di hampir setiap kesempatan, dimulai dengan 2009 Pidato Presiden Obama di Kairo. Terhadap keinginan pemerintah Mubarak, Presiden Obama mengundang para pemimpin Ikhwanul Muslimin dilarang untuk menghadiri pidatonya.
Sejak itu, Menteri Luar Negeri Hillary Clinton secara pribadi turun tangan untuk membalikkan keputusan sebelumnya yang melarang seorang pemimpin Ikhwanul terkemuka Muslim, Tariq Ramadan , memasuki Amerika Serikat. Menlu Clinton juga dibebaskan pembatasan kongres untuk mengirim $ 1,5 miliar bantuan ke Mesir setelah kemenangan Ikhwanul Muslimin dalam pemilihan parlemen.
Ini adalah tugas saya sebagai anggota Kongres untuk bertanya mengapa pemerintahan Obama telah berulang kali merusak keamanan nasional Amerika dan busur untuk kebenaran politik pada isu-isu terkait dengan Islam radikal. Keselamatan dan keamanan setiap orang di daerah saya, serta semua orang Amerika, sangat penting unggul dan perhatian kepada saya.
Pembentukan Washington memiliki dua pilihan: Ia bisa tetap tertidur tentang ancaman Islam radikal, atau dapat melakukan segala kemungkinan untuk menggalang negara untuk pertahanan dan pelestarian nilai-nilai Amerika dan cara hidup kita. Kami berutang itu untuk rakyat Amerika.


Fatwa Pada Islam

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