Thursday, 7 February 2013

We are the people of West Papua need UN to acts in force rather than let the Indonesia Government lied to become overwhelming from day by day to the world and against the law of humanity in West Papua and Maluku.

Killings continue in West Papua amid Indonesian military, multinational corporations in resource-rich region

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One of the longest-running conflicts continues in West Papua, where an independence movement has faced arrests, killings and abuse. The Indonesian government, which claims the area, blames factions among the Papuan movement for some of the violence. The region is rich in natural resources, including gold and other minerals and vast stretches of rainforest. Benny Wenda is a West Papuan tribal leader. He served as a special representative to both the British Parliament and the United Nations. FSRN sat down with Wenda in Washington, DC, during a rare visit to the US.

Benny Wenda with activist
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