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Maluku is a Nation, and a legal country name and we do not condone any association with the criminal activities of any bikie gangs

Feared Dutch motorcycle gang Satudarah increasing operation in Australia despite police action

FEARED Dutch motorcycle gang Satudarah is re-establishing chapters in Australia just a month after police dramatically raided and shut down its Sydney clubhouse and declared they had prevented the group establishing a foothold in the country.
News Corp Australia can reveal the biker group’s Indonesian-based leader who controls all the chapters in South East Asia, Australia and the United States was detained at Gold Coast airport for five hours when he came to meet his “brothers”.
The Dutch-national was red-flagged by border control officers because of his association and leadership of the group, rooted in The Netherlands but currently on a global expansion plan. He was eventually released with a warning from police to stay out of trouble.
The leader, a former Dutch soldier and known by his alias Jacob, said his message to Australia was there was nothing to fear from his gang that would continue to attract members to its “family group” particularly in Queensland and NSW where police last month arrested four men on a range of drug and criminal association charges and declared the Bankstown-based chapter shutdown.
“A lot of people will be afraid of a multicultural club but we don’t bring any drugs, we don’t want any violence, especially with other clubs we don’t want problems, we are bikies and we want to be bikies,” Jacob told this newspaper in an exclusive interview.
“My message is if you want to call us bad, come with evidence, come with convictions.”

He said he understood well the history of so-called Outlaw Motor Cycle Gangs in Australia and the crimes, gang wars and drug trafficking associated with them but said Satudarah was different and had no plans to stop their recruitment of members.
As part of its evolution he said he had immediately now ordered all Satudarah members in Australia to remove their “1” patch; a symbol that stems from the remark by authorities a decade ago that 99 per cent of motorcycle riders were law abiding with ‘one percenters’ being outlaws.
News Corp has learnt there are currently at least 40 registered Satudarah members in Australia in three chapters, including serving military personnel particularly from the Royal Australian Navy as well others in the medical field and even an amateur historian.
Jacob said he had had a few members of Australia who were the wrong sort of people and who were kicked out of the chapter but that did not make the club guilty by association.
“It doesn’t mean it is a criminal organisation, you have some territory dispute you have some persons who do drugs … we think if we keep our selves within our regulations and our traditions and try to respect the law then there will be no problems.”
Satudarah motorcycle gang is proud to show its Australian colours despite police declaring it had foiled their presence. Picture:
He said people in Australia wanted to join their club because unlike others, they have a multicultural base. Its members in Australia include indigenous Australians and New Zealanders mostly Maori descent, Russians, Eastern Europeans specifically from Albania and Dutch.
Jacob carried the underdog badge proudly he said.
“Our feeling of family is stronger than our fear of the cops,” he said.
On the NSW and Queensland Police reaction to his and his group’s presence in Australia he added: “I think it is a normal reaction seeing the history of the motorbike clubs (in Australia). But I also see police even they don’t agree with strange laws in your country.”
Dutch-based bikie gang Satudarah is spreading worldwide and it is becoming entrenched in Australia despite police intervention. Picture: NSW Police
Europol, the EU’s law enforcement agency that deals with international organised crime and criminal intelligence and to which Australia is a formal partner, has warned the Australian Federal Police the biker group would look to re-establish a base in Australia for criminal enterprise. They have said they particularly recruit through social media to bolster their numbers.

Satudarah(One Blood) its political interest by individual who were being used by the colonial State who are involvement behind the scene.
 It is disgraceful to whom who coordinated or to build such as criminality activities which used the name of the Maluku nation for their own political reason. ==>>

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Republic of South Maluku (Moluccas)

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