Wednesday, 24 October 2012

What else should be expected by the UN, the government of Indonesia in Jakarta have exceeded the norms of life and has violated state law and international law, and has been proven

While the conference is being held in Britain, Papua nation staged a peaceful demonstration in Manokwari, West Papua.
Peaceful demonstrations which have been carried out by the masses West Papua National Committee (KNPB) yesterday, Tuesday (23/10) in Manokwari, West Papua, had forcibly dispersed by police armed to the teeth. Officials spend thousands of shots to disperse the mob action.
Officers arrested 11 people, and brutally beaten as they were brought by the police apparatus to Manokwari, one of whom is the Chairman KNPB Manokwari region, namely: Alexander Nekenem.

The list of their names as follows,
1. Alexander Nekenem (Chairman KNPB Manokwari).
2. Melkias Beanal (Secretary KNPB Manokwari)
3. Apinus Yikwa
4. Daniel Matuan 
5. Alex Gombo  
6. Peranus Mumfo 
7. Edi Peyon
8. Eduard Wandik
9. Dekma Gombo
10. Demius Aud
11. Eman Mabel
12. wedge Wandikmbo

Two of them hit by hot lead from the actions of security forces, and right on the mark on the left arm, and he had just got hot lead in the left leg.

Manokwari police chief, Chief Augustine Supriyanto denied brutalizing his people, including the mass shooting action, but from the few photos showing police brutality that disperse when the actions taken by the masses who were demonstrating.

Epis Yikwa, one of the orators in the protest condemning the barbaric act which is committed by security forces, mainly because automatic weapons are bought and paid for by money the State of Indonesia.

Indonesian police brutality towards West Papua, plainclothes and holding automatic weapons, and fired

Police have blocked by blocking the demonstrations that have been made ​​by West Papua, and the police tried to disperse the demonstration which has been done by demonstration of West Papua. The attitude taken by the police at the time, namely the immediate firing during a demonstration of West Papua.

Shooting has been done by the Indonesian police are accused directly to the demonstration of West Papua, where the demonstration was taking place, the reason for the police that the demonstration has hurt tranquility surrounding communities, in the region.

When you hear the screams of the Indonesian security forces on the news link above is to use the Indonesian language, that: all of them are on duty (police, both in uniform and plainclothes with a gun), has been providing morale among Indonesia's security forces is to undertake brutality against the people of West Papua who were holding a demonstration.

The screams were, among others on police is:
1). TEMBAK (shoot at)
2). PUKUL (beat)
3). MAJU (advanced/forward)
4). HANTAM (torment)

The purpose and objectives of the Indonesian police to restrict democracy is to be detrimental to the political interests of the government in Jakarta, so that the international community is not prominent on the wishes of the people of West Papua is to free themselves independent, and indeed that of West Papua in spite of the unitary Republic of Indonesia, if we look at the true history of the United States of Indonesia.

West Papuan protesters shot at rally
October 23, 2012

A West Papuan man's shoulder injury which activists say is a gunshot wound.
A West Papuan man's shoulder injury which activists say is a gunshot wound.
A West Papuan man with facial injuries.
A West Papuan man with facial injuries.

ACTIVISTS in the troubled Indonesian province of West Papua were injured yesterday as police fired shots into a crowd of protestors rallying against recent crackdowns.

A protest in the city of Manokwari, the capital of the West Papua province, ended in violence as protestors threw stones and police responded with weapon fire.

Footage showed scenes of police dragging other people away.

Local photojournalist Oktovianus Pogau said in an email that about 300 police were preventing a similar number of protestors from marching from the University to the town's central square when some protestors "spontaneously threw rocks at security officers and it triggered brutal action".

He said 11 people were arrested and two were shot.

Mr Pogau said he was held around the throat and punched in the face by police as he tried to retrieve his press card to show them.

Late yesterday, Fairfax was sent a series of photographs showing a number of injuries, some of which activists said were gunshot wounds.

Manokwari Police Chief, senior commissioner Agustinus Supriyanto, said four police officers were injured in the face and head by stones thrown by protesters.

Asked if any protesters were shot he said: "I still haven't received information about it but I heard people who were brought to hospital have left hospital now".

The resource-rich province is heavily guarded by Indonesian police and military personnel who crack down quickly on dissent. Strong separatist sentiment remains in the face of the crackdown.

Western journalists are only rarely given work permits to enter the territory.

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