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Julia Gillard Government mistake's may turn off the Maluku and West Papua. So we hope for the Australian to have compassion and as international government and communities to have solidarity on the right wings to us.

Dear: The Governments of Australia, the Australian people and to all brothers and sisters all around the world are concerned.

I will only speak briefly in the message and impression, which would need to "listen and reflect," and would "be discussed and resolved in a wise according to the truth itself".

Here, the truth that the Government of Australia: Julia Gillard, actually inconsequential to give Hercules aircraft to the government of the Islamic Java / Indonesia, because the Hercules aircraft that will be used for the benefit of the government's Islamic Java / Indonesia, in their politics to continue to dominate "the Moluccan islands and island nation of West Papua ", and also the killing will be done to the activities of the Moluccas and West Papua nation by" the military intelligence and police intelligence ", where" the people of Maluku and West Papua nation "is doing and has held the sovereign right of the government's prosecution Javanese Islam / Indonesia to be returned unconditionally, which was seized by the government of the Islamic Javanese / Indonesian illegal itself.

Keep in mind that the natural wealth is "the lands belonging to the country of Maluku and West Papua itself", and "regardless of the sovereignty of the United States of Indonesia" and also, is "not part of the independence of the Republic of Indonesia". So it needs to know the history of truth itself:

Regarding the "illegal refugees", which entered from territorial Indonesia to Australia, is a program of the Islamic government of Java / Indonesia itself with Islamic countries concerned, where in the country of Indonesia itself, is conducted by state officials itself, and especially the Indonesian police in dark settings migration to Australia:

How can an illegal refugees who came from Indonesia to Australia to become part of international human rights?
Where the refugees, and that came after, and have lived in Australia, is ever disenfranchised in Indonesia on a 5-star hotel, and has entered disguised as refugees to Australia!

If Australia wants to stop illegal migration activities are coming from Indonesia to Australia, it is necessary for the governments of Australia, investigating the return of the refugees who had come from Indonesia to Australia by using the "fishing vessel" for the "investigation and data collection plan". For the refugees previously, which has come, is already aware of some information which refugees will come into territorial Australia from Indonesia. I can prove and provide information of several elements that can be collected from the people concerned.

So the need for the government of Islamic Java / Indonesia itself to stop the illegal migration for entry into the territory of Australia, because of perceived negative impact is a first for the nation's Maluku and West Papua, which is at the Pacific, where "the natural wealth of Maluku and West Papua" is used for the government program of Islamic Java / Indonesia in their political interests, and together with the system of government corruption in Islamic Java / Indonesia, in Jakarta itself. Given that Australia needs is a dependence of the natural wealth of Maluku and West Papua, and not from government property Javanese Islam / Indonesia illegally. That's why I mentioned that the misery in the Moluccas and West Papua will not stop as long as it runs without any justice in the truth itself.

And the need for all governments of the world as a member of the United Nations to jointly cope with the world's population transfer in their respective places, which are targeted to the place, as their purpose is to Australia, in this case is displaced from the "Middle East", which is coming in from the country of Indonesia, and "is or has been processed illegally" by the government of the Islamic Java / Indonesia to Australia, then with respect to stop and begin to perform the duties and responsibilities of the UN as it should.

So, presumably for the awareness of our brothers and sisters of the world, for "not following in the above pleasures sufferings of other nations", because "karma will take effect in any form, and adjusted the act itself", because "it's the truth of God who created heaven and earth ". Regards "love and peace": May the "God bless us all", so much, and thank you.

Hercules muscle for disaster relief in Indonesia

Julia Gillard in Asia
Julia Gillard with Indonesian President Dr Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono after announcing annual talks. Picture: Lyndon Mechielsen The Australian
FOUR RAAF Hercules from Sydney's Richmond Air Force Base - worth an estimated $30 million - will be given to the Indonesian Government for disaster relief and humanitarian work.
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And a further three, high speed naval intercept vessels will be deployed to Indonesian waters to launch a new offensive against people smugglers.
The agreements struck yesterday in Bali between Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Indonesian President Susilio Bambang Yudhoyono marked new strategic partnerships in what appeared a peace offering to soothe tensions about Australia's deal to host more US troops.
The aircraft, which will need about $25 million in maintenance to restore them to airworthiness, were due to be sold on the open market as Australia upgrades its fleet.
However, the ADF has agreed to give them to the Indonesian military, following a request for resources to boost disaster relief in the region.
"These aircraft are very important to the movement of people and equipment and food in times of difficulty," Ms Gillard said.
In a further strengthening of military ties, Australia will also provide support for an Indonesian Armed Forces Peacekeeping centre.
But Ms Gillard denied the provision of intercept boats to Indonesia was an admission that her Government had failed on border protection policy.
"It should not be read as a response to the legislation before the Parliament related to offshore processing," Ms Gillard said.
Ms Gillard admitted that relations had been strained with Indonesia over the live cattle ban row, but said the issue wasn't even raised when the two met for the first leader-to-leader summit between the two countries, following the East Asia Summit.
Speaking from Bali before flying home for the start of the final parliamentary sitting week, the PM said great progress had been made on fostering stronger economic and strategic ties between the two countries.

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Hercules muscle for disaster relief in Indonesia

Julia Gillard in Asia
Julia Gillard dengan Bahasa Indonesia Presiden Dr Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono setelah mengumumkan pembicaraan tahunan. Gambar: Lyndon Mechielsen The Australian
EMPAT RAAF Hercules dari Sydney Pangkalan Udara Angkatan Richmond - bernilai sekitar $ 30 juta - akan diberikan kepada Pemerintah Indonesia untuk bantuan bencana dan kemanusiaan.Free 2 month digital pass
Dan tiga lebih lanjut, tinggi kecepatan kapal mencegat angkatan laut akan dikerahkan ke perairan Indonesia untuk melancarkan serangan baru terhadap penyelundup manusia.Perjanjian melanda kemarin di Bali antara Perdana Menteri Julia Gillard dan Presiden Indonesia Susilio Bambang Yudhoyono ditandai kemitraan strategis baru dalam apa yang tampaknya perdamaian yang menawarkan untuk menenangkan ketegangan tentang kesepakatan Australia menjadi tuan rumah lebih tentara AS.Pesawat, yang akan membutuhkan sekitar $ 25 juta pemeliharaan untuk mengembalikan mereka ke kelaikan udara, adalah karena dijual di pasar terbuka seperti Australia upgrade armadanya.Namun, ADF telah setuju untuk memberikan kepada militer Indonesia, menyusul permintaan untuk sumber daya untuk meningkatkan bantuan bencana di wilayah tersebut."Pesawat ini sangat penting untuk pergerakan orang dan peralatan dan makanan pada waktu kesulitan," kata Gillard.Dalam penguatan lebih lanjut hubungan militer, Australia juga akan memberikan dukungan untuk pusat Nasional Indonesia Angkatan Penjaga Perdamaian.Tapi Gillard membantah penyediaan perahu mencegat ke Indonesia merupakan pengakuan bahwa Pemerintah dia telah gagal pada kebijakan perlindungan perbatasan."Itu tidak harus dibaca sebagai respon terhadap undang-undang sebelum Parlemen terkait dengan pemrosesan lepas pantai," kata Gillard.Gillard mengakui bahwa hubungan telah tegang dengan Indonesia atas baris larangan ternak hidup, namun mengatakan masalah ini bahkan tidak muncul ketika keduanya bertemu untuk pertemuan pemimpin-to-pemimpin pertama antara kedua negara, mengikuti KTT Asia Timur.Berbicara dari Bali sebelum terbang pulang untuk awal minggu duduk akhir parlemen, PM itu mengatakan kemajuan besar telah dibuat pada pengembangan hubungan ekonomi dan strategis yang lebih kuat antara kedua negara.

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