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Dozens of People Action Reject Israeli anniversary

 This is one example of what has been said by the Minister of Justice of Indonesia on the one idea that drives the terrorist movements within the scope of the Indonesian State.
Are there any legal action for the execution of duties, and responsibilities wisely than the prevailing laws in Indonesia from the job of the police?

Is it because of a Minister of Justice, so there is no legally wise action even though he was a law, but he's already guilty in real action that encourages the international crime, which we know as a terrorist!

Or was he a portion of the members of Jemaah Islamiyah, which remain in the protected by the Indonesian Government because as a Muslim background?

To the above questions is no legal course to the Minister of Justice in accordance with legal action, because the Indonesian government to protect the Minister of Justice, and indeed playing behind the scenes it all with some background that needs to know by the international world, namely:

1). The Indonesian government is therefore in the majority of government agencies is Islam, and therefore the state will be formed in accordance with the majority of the indigenous religion of Islam, and in this case, the influence of Arabic with an evil ideology that resulted in systematic changes in their political Indonesian government, to achieve dreams that have been in programming so as to Jemaah Islamiyah, the more rampant.
State cornerstone in the establishment of the independence of Indonesia itself is the result of the Government of Indonesia in the history of engineering, and the result of coercion against the nations in the former Dutch colony that is currently under the authority of the Republic of Indonesia.

2). Minister of Justice of the background he is a Muslim, and as a member of Jemaah Islamiyah, together with Abu Bakar Bashir, which is Abu Bakar Bashir was involved in the movement of terrorists for the bombings in Bali in 2002.

Murder by suicide bombings committed in the program that have been planned Abu Bakar Bashir, which has killed many people but only in less than two years behind bars. Why such a manner?

For the Government of Indonesia itself supports all the planning that has been in the program in such a way by the help of National Resilience Institute (Institute for Defense and National Security Indonesia).

UN is the attitude of Indonesian politics since the reign of President Sukarno.

State of Indonesia based on Pancasila and 1945 Constitution, which gives freedom embraced within their respective religions, but the fact that the ruling Islamic government is a Java / Indonesia and will run the system according to the Islamic system, and there is no such religious tolerance in accordance with applicable law in such a way.
State of Indonesia is a country which is run by the government of the Islamic Javanese / Indonesian terrorists.

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NEWS »megapolitan
Dozens of People Action Reject Israeli anniversary
Fitriyah Tri Cahyani - Okezone
Friday, May 13, 2011 16:34 PM
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Illustration (Photo: Doc Okezone)

JAKARTA - Dozens of people from the Islamic Youth Movement (GPI) Jakarta protested Israel rejected the celebration of the 63rd anniversary of Indonesia Jewish community planned to do on Saturday tomorrow. Action was carried out at Jalan Merdeka Selatan, in front of City Hall in Jakarta.

Chairman of the Regional Leadership Sulhy GPI Jakarta Raya Ahmad said, the celebration of Israel's independence is a movement supporting the Jews openly. The movement, he said, intended for the Indonesia to open trade links with Israel.

According to him, the celebration plans will cause controversy. That would put the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government in a difficult position and bother with the risk of chaos. "Celebration was potential to create a horizontal conflict between religions," said Ahmad in his speech on Friday (13/05/2011).

Therefore, Ahmad demanding DKI Jakarta Provincial Government prohibits provocative activities to avoid disharmony among religious believers. He mentions, if left unchecked will happen physically and potential conflicts of bloodshed. The impact will be detrimental to the capital city residents who would welcome the election of the democratic party governor in 2012.

"If the warning it could happen tomorrow let's tomb Mbah Priok tragedy Volume Two,"said Ahmad.



Government propaganda news Javanese Islam / Indonesia to the world and to the people of Indonesia itself, which they say that the Pacific help to support Palestinian independence. Pacific nation is a nation of followers of Christ, while the Islamic government of Java / Indonesia and the Palestinians are excluded from government coercion (Terrorist).

See the news link below:

Parliamentary Affairs Forms Containers Support for Palestine
Tri Fitriyah Cahyani - Okezone
Tuesday, June 28, 2011 17:17 pm

JAKARTA-The National Committee for the Palestinian People (PIC) and the Parliamentary Caucus Indonesia initiated the establishment of a forum for Asia Pacific community to help suffering Palestinians.
The idea was designed in the Asia-Pacific Community Conference For Palestine, Striving to Fulfill the Rights of the Palestinian People, at the Jakarta Convention Center Convention Center.

Chairman of the PIC, Soeripto said container is formed in order to gather support from various parties who have a concern about the Palestinians.

"We sincerely hope this conference can contribute significantly to the independence of the Palestinian people", he told a press conference in Restouran Pulau Dua, Jakarta Tuesday (28/6/11).

Soeripto said the target of such activities is the dissemination and development of the Palestinian Al-Quds Mosque current. Besides, big ideas, characters Asia - Pacific and suggestions will road map the independence of Palestine, as well as a means of meeting and dialogue to find solutions to the problem in Palestine.

"We also hope that this conference can make general recommendations to support the Palestinian struggle and the Savior of Al
Quds ", he said.

This can be done by establishing a forum which contain and coordinate NGOs and individuals working to help the Palestinians in the Asia-Pacific region.

Meanwhile, the conference executive committee chairman Heri Efendi states, has more than 240 participants from 30 countries confirm attendance at this event.

"Their presence is constituted by a sense of togetherness to enjoy independence," he concluded.
State of Indonesia is formed by the Javanese themselves, and its government is the majority of Javanese Islam / Indonesia, and the government of the Islamic Javanese / Indonesia along with his people (Java) which is mainly Muslim says: Israel is the nation that has no land and Zionist / colonizers, and without realizing it that the government and the Javanese Islam itself is robbed of rights and sovereignty of another nation (any nation in the former Dutch colony) which was colonized by peoples and governments of Islamic Java / Indonesia itself. Strange but true. Lets take a look at the news link below.

Indonesian on the news link:

NEWS »Megapolitan
Jewish community in Indonesia Mandatory Firm Prosecuted
Misbahol Munir - Okezone
Monday, May 16, 2011 16:58 pm

JAKARTA-member House of Representatives Commission I of TB Hasanuddin requested that the Jewish communities in Indonesia dealt with firmly. Moreover, groups of Jews who have celebrated the 63rd anniversary of Israel in Puncak Bogor, Saturday, May 14, 2011.

The emergence of Jewish communities in a number of media in Indonesia is the first step is done the community to achieve its objectives. "These communities do want to launch, so we just wait for the public reaction. It can be said to be a kind of test to find out the reaction from the public, "he said on the sidelines of TB Hasanuddin discussion titled" Civil Society Against Correction Travel TNI Reform "in Jakarta on Monday (5/16/2011).

"If people react so you should take precautions," said Hasanuddin.

Politicians Struggle Indonesian Democratic Party (PDIP) This independence day celebrations, said Israel violated the nation's political stance. The reason is clearly that Israel is a nation of conquerors. "We can not accept if they do celebrations in Indonesia because the country has never had diplomatic relations and trade with Israel," he said.

Saturday, reportedly a number of people belonging to the Jewish community to Israel's anniversary celebrations in the area of Puncak Bogor. But the show closed, and unknown citizens. In fact, police have banned the event.

State of Indonesia based on Pancasila and 1945 Constitution, which gives freedom embraced within their respective religions, but the fact that the ruling Islamic government is a Java / Indonesia and will run the system according to the Islamic system, and there is no such religious tolerance in accordance with applicable law in such a way.
State of Indonesia is a country which is run by the government of the Islamic Javanese / Indonesian terrorists. So that their hatred in accordance with the teachings of the Koran, which according to the attitude of their own actions. (In the letter the Koran, 48 AL Fath 16, states: "Say to those Bedouin who left behind: You will be invited to fight a people who have enormous power, you will fight against them, or their surrender to Islam. So if you meet this invitation , Allah will give reward unto you. "The great strength for the purpose of Christians and Jews, and eradicate them.)

NEWS »National
Jewish Terrorists More Cruel than
Marieska Harya Virdhani - Okezone
Sunday, May 15, 2011 13:41 pm

Depok - Chairman of the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) Habib Idrus Al Gadri Depok vowed to stand in the front row and ready to fight against the Jewish community, if the Israeli flag to be flown in Jakarta, even in Depok.

His side and together with other Islamic organizations are ready to join in dissolving the event if held in Depok.

"This is tantamount to provoke Muslims. I personally declare war, if it is to be held in this city. God willing, I will be in the front row if it must be war," said Idrus told reporters on Sunday (05/15/2011).

He added, we can be sure many cadres of Islamic organizations in Indonesia will participate in the act decisively dissolve. Israel has so heinous slaughter of Muslims in Palestine, so that Jews around with terrorists.

"Muslims hate the Jews, because it's arguably the Jews is itself a terrorist in the world, more ruthless than the terrorists, why do many Islamic organizations do not dare criticize Jews. Lest many Jews who pretend to be Islamists," he said.

Israel Anniversary Celebrations in Indonesia could be tarnished and insulting Islam. The background of the state of Israel is the Jews who had been divisive in the world of Islam.

"We've prepared a short message that will be deployed to various cadres of Islamic organizations as Depok, it is ready to make war against the Jews," he said.

Earlier rumors that the Jewish community will fly the flag of Israel in the region Cibubur, Depok, for not obtaining permission to celebrate Israel's anniversary in Jakarta. But the issue is directly pushed over by the Chairman of the Jewish Community of Indonesia, Dahana bed.

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Hard Reject FPI in Indonesia Israel Anniversary Celebrations
Thursday, May 12, 2011 | 18:01 pm

Israel Independence Day Celebration-63 to the Jewish people in Jakarta reap a lot of criticism from all sides because it will cause controversy, even threatened to dismantle the FPI. In addition to celebrating Independence Day of Israel, the Jewish community plans that will make flying the Israeli flag in celebration of the Anniversary (Anniversary) Israeli to-63, in Jakarta, on Saturday (05/14/2011).

In a press release distributed the committee chairman, bed Dahana, Thursday (12/05/2011) mentioned the celebration event will be held in a field in South Jakarta on Saturday (14 / 5) in a place that is still secret.

Campfire explained the background of this event is, As citizens who love the Proclamation of the Republic of Indonesia, and uphold the sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia. While the purpose of the event is to: Recognize and respect the sovereignty of Israel as a Jewish State.

No half-hearted, tens or even hundreds of Israeli flags to be flown on Israeli independence day will be imported directly from the country. "Israel Flag of Israel had arrived, Made In Israel," said the campfire.

According to the plan, the event will be carried out in the open and attended by all Indonesian people of the Jewish religion, and do a kind of independence ceremony. "Indonesian flag hoisting ceremony accompanied the national anthem Indonesia Raya, Reading of the Proclamation, Pancasila. The flag hoisting ceremony accompanied Israeli national anthem Hatikvah, and the reading of the declaration of Israeli independence," said the campfire.

This community open secret place that has ordered for the celebration of the anniversary of the country is being invaded Palestine. Bed explains, the venue will be announced to the participants and journalists on Saturday (05/14/2011), at 5:00 pm dawn.

Meanwhile, general chairman of the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) Habib Rizieq Syihab judge's Birthday (Anniversary) Israeli 63rd to be held on Saturday (14/05/2011), in Jakarta, is not important. "Do not let the Muslims eventually provoked events that are unnecessary and unimportant, not worth doing in Indonesia," he said.

FPI also deliver a short message to redeaksi an official statement relating HUT Israel planned to be held by the Jewish community of Indonesia, an official statement following FPI:

Assalamualaikum Wa rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh

Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) balked at the celebration of the Anniversary (Anniversary) Israeli Jew in Indonesia on the grounds:

1. Indonesia does not have diplomatic relations with Israel.

2. As stipulated by the 1945 Prolegomena on earth that colonialism must be abolished, and the Israelis are occupiers as a consequence of its constitution, Israel should not be given a place in Indonesia as long as there as occupiers.

3. Indonesia has been acknowledged even join the Palestinian struggle for independence, so it must be solidarity to resist Israel is still blocking independence for them.

4. Israel is the villain of humanity and a war criminal who should be submitted to the International Court of Justice.

5. So, FPI hostile to Israel not because they are Israeli, or they were Jews, but because they are occupiers, war criminals and violators of human rights.

Jakarta, 08 Jumada End 1432 H / May 12, 2011 AD

Chairman of the Islamic Defenders Front [FPI]

(Habib Muhammad Rizieq Syihab)

SLM / fpi
My Explanation:

Let's see the news this link carefully, in this case that the Government of Indonesia along with Arabic influences that have been long settled, and which has influence on with his ideology, so the state of State of Indonesia as it is now, which have a nature-based crimes coercion, cunning, hypocrisy, murder and so on.

In Indonesia itself is still not resolved the situation of humanitarian problems, which they themselves (Government of Indonesia and FPI) violates the supreme law of the 1945 Constitution in the State of Indonesia, and also they have violated the rules of International Law.

The Indonesian government is the Government Terrorists and illegal, and FPI is a terrorist organization in the extension of the Indonesian government to influence the people of Indonesia are particularly fanatical Muslim. FPI chairman Habib Muhammad Rizieq Syihab are native Arabs who have long settled in the State of Indonesia, and the FPI members came mostly from Arab nations, and their descendants are mixed with people from Java.

So here's one example of the hypocrisy of their actions in the life of the Indonesian state, which is the basis of the Arab ideology as anti-Western, anti-Christian, and want to dominate the international world, for Jews, Christians and the west is a worthless animal in their eyes.

Below is a basic mental foundation ideology of Arab:

Al-Quran on devout Muslims as a revelation from God 100%, the which is copyrighted by the Prophet Muhammad directly by God through the angel Gabriel with a sentence to a sentence, so That the contents of the Qur'an is free from human thought or written by Humans, Including the Prophet Muhammad Himself.

Based on research Pilgrim Islamic leaders in the Quran Juz 30 consists of 114 letters, and 6666 verses, the which Relate to Imanan. Islamic Shari'a law and in general We Can pull two basic core That Is:

1). The spread of liabilities by the followers of Islamic religion is the purpose of Establishing the Islamic State of Theokrasi around the world, Wherever They Are, then try That State in the short term or long term changed from Theokrasi Islamic State. This cans We conclude from the passage, 5 ALMAIDAH 51, the which reads:

"O ye WHO believe (Muslims) do not take Jews and Christians to be your leader, and why did you pick up the infidels changed from your leader." (Hadith of Prophet Muhammad).

So here That understanding: They live in a State the which does not follow Islamic Syareat, then They do not acknowledge That the leader is not Their leader, except the leader of the country They live it, has been conducting Syareat Islam, then They will from admit That the Heads of State it is Their leader.

2). The spread of Islam and Islamic law Syareat not be based on love, but with war and totalitarian basis, We see That as evidence of the relevant paragraphs are as follows:

In the Quran letter, 4 AN NISSAA 84, states: "So fight ye the way of Allah, inflamed the spirit of the Believers to fight."

In the letter the Koran, 49 AL HUJURAAT 15, states: "Those WHO believe in Allah and Muhammad is His messenger, and then They do not hesitate to Jihad / war".

In the letter the Koran, 48 Al-Fath 16, states: "Say to those Bedouin WHO left behind: You will from be invited WHO to fight a people have great strength, you will of fight against Them, or Their surrender to Islam. So if you meet this invitation, God's will from give reward unto you. "

Major force in the mean's of Christians and Jews, and eradicate Them.

Things like this is meant that: ideology as it is not a religion but a crime or international crime, why?
Because religion is a human belief which only BASED on the word of God, while ideology is a word or ideas arising from the human mind itself, which will have different or contrary to the true word of God. (The nature of humanity is different with God, so that truth and error can be seen clearly the circumstances).



{Coba kita lihat berita link ini secara seksama, didalam hal ini bahwa Pemerintah Indonesia beserta dengan pengaruh Arab yang sudah menetap lama, dan mana mempunyai pengaruh yang berdasarkan dengan idiologinya, sehingga keadaan Negara Indonesia seperti apa adanya sekarang, yaitu mempunyai sifat kejahatan yang berdasarkan pemaksaan, licik, munafik, pembunuhan dan sebagainya.

Didalam Indonesia sendiri masih belum teratasi keadaan permasalahan kemanusiaan, yang mana mereka sendiri (Pemerintah Indonesia dan FPI) melanggar hukum tertinggi UUD 1945 di Negara Indonesia, dan juga mereka telah melanggar peraturan Hukum Internasional.

Pemerintah Indonesia adalah Pemerintah Teroris dan ilegal, dan FPI adalah organisasi teroris didalam perpanjangan tangan dari pemerintah Indonesia untuk mempengaruhi rakyat Indonesia yang khususnya yang beragama Islam fanatik. Ketua FPI Habib Muhammad Rizieq Syihab adalah orang asli Arab yang sudah menetap lama di Negara Indonesia, dan anggota-anggota FPI kebanyakan berasal dari bangsa Arab, dan keturunan mereka adalah campuran dengan bangsa dari Jawa.

Jadi beginilah salah satu contoh dari tindakan kemunafikan mereka didalam kehidupan negara Indonesia, yang mana dasar idiologi Arab sebagai anti Barat, anti Kristen, dan ingin mendominasi dunia internasional, sebab bangsa Yahudi, Kristen dan barat adalah merupakan binatang tak berharga di mata mereka.

Dibawah ini adalah dasar dari fondasi mental idiologi Arab:

Al-Quran pada Muslim taat sebagai wahyu dari Allah 100%, yang merupakan hak cipta oleh Nabi Muhammad langsung oleh Allah melalui malaikat Jibril dengan kalimat ke kalimat, sehingga isi Al Qur'an bebas dari pemikiran manusia atau ditulis oleh manusia, termasuk Nabi Muhammad sendiri.

Berdasarkan penelitian para pemimpin Islam Pilgrim dalam Al Qur'an Juz 30 terdiri dari 114 surat, dan 6666 ayat, yang berhubungan dengan Imanan. Hukum Syariat Islam dan secara umum kita bisa tarik dua inti dasar yaitu:

1). Penyebaran kewajiban oleh para pengikut agama Islam adalah tujuan pembentukan Negara Islam Theokrasi di seluruh dunia, dimanapun mereka berada, maka cobalah Negara bahwa dalam jangka pendek atau jangka panjang untuk menjadi Theokrasi Negara Islam. Hal ini dapat kita simpulkan dari bagian ini, 5 ALMAIDAH 51, yang berbunyi:

"Hai orang-orang percaya (umat Islam) tidak mengambil orang Yahudi dan Kristen untuk menjadi pemimpin anda, dan mengapa Anda mengambil orang-orang kafir untuk menjadi pemimpin anda." (Hadis Nabi Muhammad).

Jadi di sini pemahaman bahwa: Mereka tinggal di suatu Negara yang tidak mengikuti Syareat Islam, maka mereka tidak mengakui bahwa pemimpin tidak pemimpin mereka, kecuali pemimpin negara mereka tinggal itu, telah melakukan Syareat Islam, maka mereka akan mengakui bahwa Kepala Negara itu adalah pemimpin mereka.

2). Penyebaran Islam dan hukum Islam tidak Syareat didasarkan pada cinta, tetapi dengan perang dan dasar totaliter, kita melihat bahwa sebagai bukti paragraf yang relevan adalah sebagai berikut:

Dalam surat Al-Quran, 4 AN NISSAA 84, menyatakan: "Jadi kamu melawan jalan Allah, kobarkanlah semangat orang percaya untuk melawan."

Dalam surat Al Qur'an, 49 AL HUJURAAT 15, menyatakan: "Mereka yang beriman kepada Allah dan Rasul-Nya adalah Muhammad, dan kemudian mereka tidak ragu untuk jihad / perang".

Dalam surat Al Qur'an, 48 Al Fath 16, menyatakan: "Katakanlah kepada orang Badui yang tertinggal: Anda akan diundang untuk melawan orang-orang yang memiliki kekuatan besar, Anda akan berperang melawan mereka, atau menyerahkan mereka kepada Islam Jadi jika Anda. memenuhi undangan ini, Allah akan memberi pahala kepada Anda. "

kekuatan utama dalam berarti terhadap Kristen dan Yahudi, dan membasmi mereka.

Hal seperti inilah yang dimaksudkan bahwa: Idiologi seperti itu adalah bukan Agama melainkan kejahatan atau kriminal internasional, mengapa?
Sebab Agama adalah satu kepercayaan manusia yang mana hanya berpatokan pada firman Tuhan, sedangkan Idiologi adalah suatu perkataan atau ide-ide yang timbul dari pada pemikiran manusia itu sendiri, yang mana akan mempunyai perbedaan atau berlawanan dengan firman Tuhan yang sesungguhnya. (Sifat kemanusiaan berbeda dengan Tuhan, sehingga kebenaran dan kesalahan dapat terlihat jelas keadaannya)}.

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