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The West Papua people were forced by Indonesia police to confess as actors shooting in Papua

Alua: We are forced to confess as actors shooting

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PAPUAN, Jayapura --- A member of the West Papua National Committee (KNPB), Assa Alua aka Heng Alua Papua police released on Friday (8/6) yesterday afternoon, said Papua police investigators were forced to pose as the shooter in the land of Papua.
"Yes, after being arrested, Papua police investigators told us to claim to be perpetrators of various series of shootings in Papua," he said when, Saturday (9/6) afternoon.
It is said, during the trip also keep getting arrested after beating and torture of the great forces that brought them to the Papua Police.
"Since we were arrested in front of the Saga Mall, authorities brutally treated us directly. The driver can beat us, we three can be at as well. Then, during the examination at the police and forced us claiming to be perpetrators of killings that occurred during this time, "   Alua said.
According Alua, in addition to being beaten and terrorized in order to pose as the shooter, he was also forbidden from contacting a lawyer.
"The three of us asked to be able to contact a lawyer, but are not given permission, as long as we continue to be tortured severely," he said.
Whereas, previously Head of Public Relations through the Papua Police claimed to treat the three members of KNPB well.
The information collected by this media, Bucthar Tabuni been named as a suspect by kasusdalangi destruction LP Abepura last December 3, 2011.
Not the perpetrators of the shooting events in Jayapura, Papua, Papua Wakapolda delivered as Brigadier-General Paul Waterpauw yesterday.

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