Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Since the beginning of Indonesia State begun in August 17, 1945 (Propaganda/fraud history). It is the celebration of humanity fall to sin within the Indonesia's states itself.


So Indonesia's Mafia State

Sukma Indah Permana - Detiknews
Wednesday, 06/06/2012 14:42 pm

Jakarta Indonesia has become a mafia state. This concern has delivered a political analyst, J Kristiadi. Many policies issued by both the legislative and executive branches only for personal and group interests.

"In his book Benny K Harman, I forgot the title. How the House that the people looking for money, given explicitly why. State is not only influenced by the Mafia, but has become the mafia," said Kristiadi on the sidelines of the discussion at the Hotel Four Seasons, Brass, Jakarta, Wednesday (06/06/2012).

Kristiadi not just talk. Based on the book that made House members exposed how politicians make money. They knew the act was not true, but still do.

"They know how bad it is, but could not spare him. As a young child to eat junk food when it was much of a threat," he explained.

He also considered among politicians Senayan currently experiencing political schizophrenia. They know what they're doing bad, but still do.

"The country became an anarchist state, so that his policies were anarchy," said Kristiadi.

Already Mafia since>


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