Big mistake for the Government of Indonesia in involving himself with the ideology of evil.

by Paul Bastian Souisa on Tuesday, April 12, 2011 at 4:09am ·
Everything is explained on this note in accordance with the reality of life not to hate but to look at the problem carefully, and to create justice for the improvement of living which is true.

Genesis misery of life in the Indonesian government due to the Arab political game behind the scenes, because of crazy ideology that developed as the religion of Islam, so that the killing among brothers happening in the various aspects of life.


There are several little about the state of the history of Maluku, which is currently the Moluccas in the colonial powers of the Government of Java / Indonesia, here we need to look carefully, because the dirty political game or program which is conducted by the Government of Java / Indonesia with the Arabs against Maluku people , and against any nation in the former Dutch colony, where they use religion as a political bridge to dominate a country Islands, or even dominate a country Continent.

Introduce a little history of Muhammad with his ideology, and the introduction of the international world of Maluku:

595 Mohammed, the founder of Islam, married a rich widow of spices, their followers missionary spirit combined with the spice trade in the East, making the construction of the first spice monopoly, while the spread of Islam.

900 Venice has risen as a commercial force, especially the spices, when he began to lead Europe in the Dark Ages.

Crusades began in 1095, warned of the potential for opportunists to the Eastern trade, and the need to liberate the Holy Land from the Muslims.

A 1165 letter allegedly written by the famous Prester John forged widespread in Europe, stimulating the reader with the possibility of a Christian kingdom in the East.

1298 Marco Polo returned to Venice from a long trip to Asia the story of spices that can be found. So Europe has awakened the possibility of direct trade in the East.

1400 Travel of Sir John Mandeville is published by a British knight describes the experience of real and fantastic in the East. The invention of printing by mid-century, this story wide audience.

Port of Malacca in 1402 on the basis of peninsular Malaysia by Prince Paramesvara, a refugee from Sumatra. Working in Seville cathedral began.

1418 Portuguese Prince Henry the Navigator founded the academy to promote navigation Spice Quest East.

History proved until now, that we feel a sense of interdependence with the land blessed by God to human beings on this earth.

Conclusion The history of the world, which has been significantly, and the constraints that must be addressed, because of the evil plans that have been programmed, and is being implemented / conducted, namely:

a). After Muhammad was born into the world, and has become a major obstacle to political competition today in the human world. Muhammad plans in the world is that it should create a global Islamic empire, as the reason that he considers himself to be a prophet, and had convinced his friends and followers. Before Muhammad died in 632, he has become king in the Arabian Peninsula, which is the first step theocracy of the Islamic State. Mandate and teachings of Muhammad as contained in the Quran, such as:

Based on research Pilgrim Islamic leaders in the Koran JUZ 30 consists of 114 letters, and 6666 verses, which relate to Faith. Islamic Sharia law, and in general we can draw three basic core, namely:

1). Spread the obligation by the followers of the religion of Islam is the goal for "the establishment of the State Islamic theocracy" in the world, wherever they are, then the country is cultivated in the short or long term to become the State Islamic theocracy. It can be concluded from the passage, 5 ALMAIDAH 51 which reads:

"O you who believe (Muslims), do not take the" Jews and Christians "to" be your leader ", and why do you" raise infidels "to" being your leader. "(Hadith / commands of the Prophet Muhammad).

So here understanding that: They live in a country, where the state concerned "does not follow the Islamic Shariah," they "would not recognize" that the "Leader of the country concerned," it is "their leader", with the exception of Leader of the country concerned , or the country they live, has been implementing the Islamic Sharia, then they will admit that it is a state leader as a "leader" for them.

2). The spread of Islam and Sharia law is not made ​​on the basis of love, but with "War and totalitarian basis," we see that as evidence of the relevant paragraph is as follows:

In the Quran letter, 4 AN NISSAA 84, states: "So fight ye the way of God, the spirit is waged for the believers to fight".

In the Quran the letter, 49 AL HUJURAAT 15, states: "Verily those who believe in Allah and His Messenger Muhammad, and then they did not hesitate to jihad / war".

In the Quran the letter, 48 AL FATH 16, states: "Say to the Bedouins who still remains: You will be invited to fight against a people which has had enormous power, you will fight against them or their surrender to Islam. So if you meet this solicitation, Allah will reward you. "

The great strength which are intended by Muhammad, namely: To "Christians and Jews", and eradicate them.

And similar verses are much more eg: letters Quran, Al-Baqarah 2 216, 8 AL ANFAAL 15-16, 9 AT Tawbah 29, 38-55, 123 and others.

3). Islamic law in terms of "Criminal and Civil", not based on the basis of "love", but based on the "intolerance", "Cruel", and not "fair", which we were brought up as evidence include:

a). Cut the hands and feet, and killed, a letter found in the Quran, 5 Al Maidah 33, for those who defy the order of Muhammad.

b). Cut the hands of thieves, the letter contained in the Koran, 5 Al Maidah 38.

c). In a "life sentence", sometimes "replaced" by throwing harlots (WTS) "by" using stone ", found in the Koran letter, 24 AN NISSAA 15.

d). The suspect will be punished with "100 blows" with "using rattan or cane" for those who "seized" of the act which relate to "having an affair", contained in the letter of the Koran, 24 AN Nuur 2.

e). Having to keep embracing Islam, though not at ease anymore for them, and cancel Inheritance Rights for those apostates (out of the religion of Islam). (Hadit / command of the Prophet Muhammad).

f). "Unfair" and "set the distribution of the estate" between "men and women", because "men will get 2 parts", while "females get the first part of it", contained in a letter Quran, 4 AN NISSAA 11.

This seems a clear injustice to the Law of polygamy, where a man may be wives to 4 wives at once, so many concubines / HAREM when able, while the wife, let alone messing around with other men, while a little negligent, then it can be left by the husband without a divorce, and the wife has no right to divorce her husband, did not even have the right to marry again, and left by her husband just like that, without giving assurance / annuity for his wife, and act like it is the right of a husband.
(Given that culture and a different system of government as it is oppressive of women's right to life in a position like that).

g). Threatening hellfire for those who like: alpha prayers, refused to join the war, refused to fasting, refusing to give alms, to escape from the war, refused to infidel people who are not Muslims, including Christians and Jews .

In the Quran letter, 5 AL Maaidah 82, clearly and unequivocally states that:

A Christian is a close friend of the Muslims as well, and add recognition of Muhammad for Muslims, that their religion is the "continuation" of the "religion of the Torah and the Christian Bible." So the "75%" of the "Quran" is "taken from the Torah and the Gospel", and "25%" complete Al-Quran is from "the ideas of Muhammad" with "his friends or followers".

So the "lessons" and "mandate" from the "Prophet Muhammad" until now "happening", and "being in the process of gradually climbing to create a theocracy of the Islamic world", the aim of the attacks of Arab politics is to do it together with the Government of the Islamic Java / Indonesia from used to date is: through the "Moluccas", which Maluku is the "door of the world", and "wants" of them are, to "sign in" to each "Pacific nation", to "dominate" all natural resources in the Pacific through Islamic ideology, and "use natural Maluku" is for "economic stability of the western world is unstable in all forms of political phenomena in the world", which "has occurred in parts of asia and the West".

War in Madina is the result of the monopoly nature of "Muhammad" himself, so that the Jews driven out by the "war (Jihad)", which has been done by Him. The founder of Islam in the world, is derived from Muhammad himself, so the influence of this religion to the East portion of the world, resulting from the "spice trade" at the time, in "SPICE ISLAND (MALUKU)" at "1600 years ago".

Gradual emergence of Islam:

1). The flow of the religion of Islam, which starts from the Maluku Islands because the world trade of spices, so that the people of Parsi and Gujarati, which came to buy spices, and while spreading Islam in Maluku.

2). At the time Hongitoten War 1636-1646, the Dutch killed as many as 15,000 people Moluccan Christians, and then after that, the Dutch Government has incorporated Islamic transmigration from Java, Sulawesi (Buton), and Arab genetic mixture of Java.

And after the completion of the "Dutch dominance" in "World War 2", "Japan occupied the Moluccas", and had committed "colonization, in the Moluccas", for "3 years", that is: from "1942 to the year 1945". After "Japan ended", "Dutch go again" to "dominate Maluku" to the "1950", "after the Proclamation RMS (South Maluku Republic) on 25 April 1950", the Dutch "leaving the city of Ambon, Maluku," with "uses" ship "KPM INTAN CITY", and "bring KNIL (Dutch soldiers from Maluku)" located on the island of Java at the time, to "carry" to "the Netherlands" by "the Dutch government," but "the will from "the KNIL (original Dutch troops from Maluku)", that they "want" to "help the military forces of Maluku", which "is the guerrilla, to fight the army of Indonesia" which is in "intervention" to "Moluccas", and the history of it is the "political game" between the two countries: "The Netherlands" and "rule of Islamic Java / Indonesia" in friendship to maintain or dominate natural Maluku., and Indonesian military offensive led by: the first President of Indonesia, namely: "Ir Sukarno," in the incident, that "the Indonesian military assistance" from the "Dutch government" with "heavy weapons equipment", and while the "United Nations" at the time it was returned "silent" about the state of the Moluccas.

From the results of the political games of the rule of Islamic Java / Indonesia on diplomatic relations in politics, which was conducted jointly by the Dutch government at the time, and after the military intervention of Indonesia to the Moluccas, and after the success of the government's Islamic Java / Indonesia to dominate in the country Moluccas, Islam transmigration input massively from 1952 to the present by the government of the Islamic Java / Indonesia based in Jakarta.
Islamization program is done throughout the islands in the former Dutch colony, and to the continent of Australia in accordance with the objectives of the creation of Muhammad's teachings ideology together with colleagues, which I mentioned above as an explanation of the Qur'an, which followed by the government of the Islamic Java / Indonesia through it to their political ideology.
And the Dutch colonization of the system, followed by the administration of Islamic Java / Indonesia, for the sake of political gain Jakarta itself, which is incorporated on the basis of their political ideology as well.

Links below are examples of everything that happened, which has been described in accordance with the attachment system in the dirty politics Religious, Friendship, Economics, Culture, etc.:

Religious Relations:

Religious relationship is used by the Government of Java / Indonesia as a means of their dirty politicians, both in the country of Indonesia itself on its government, through the relationship of Islamic organizations located in Java on political Islam, nor do state relations with Islamic countries, which is linked within the UN membership itself.
This is a logic to "complicate the movement of the nation's struggle for independence Maluku prosecution" in the "sovereignty", which had been seized by the Government of the Islamic Java / Indonesia, as this can be considered for the international community to the younger generation in the world is in terms of religious issues alone, so it becomes a topic of defense against Islam Java Government / Indonesia from Islamic countries in the world.

Questions about things like this, is:
Why does the UN still has not overcome the problems of humanity, which has occurred in the country of Indonesia, when the United Nations was to know how the real history of the formation of the state of Indonesia's?

Surely what has been described or implied of any explanation before, it can be seen from the "object and purpose" of "any relationship" of the "concerned governments" in "ideology" them, and of "diplomatic relations in politics" in the "advantage" for each "individual", which "has involved" in any "relevant government" itself, as it has had a "relevant" to the "event" of the "history of Maluku" from the beginning until now, as it were.

This problem is a "mistake" also from "the UN leadership" in the past, and the "need to be" fixed "in accordance with the actual history, and using" international law ", which had been" imposed "by" decent "to" every nation ", which is" the truth has a right to live according to the same facts from each perspective.

Again we see on the other side of the reason:

State of Indonesia is known as "the largest Muslim country in the world", in which the government of Islamic Java / Indonesia told to the world in such a way as their propaganda, but it needs to know by the international community, that "Indonesia has many state of the nation", or a lot of "ethnic groups which live in the country, and have religious differences, whether of" Christianity "," Buddhist "," Hindu "and others.
If that is only calculated on the island of Java alone, the number of Muslims is comparable to other islands within the power of government Islamic Java / Indonesia, if not the population density of transmigration which comes from the Middle East are prepared one day to sail to the continent of Australia where adjusted to the time set for them by the government of the Islamic Java / Indonesia itself.

So for the understanding of the world community, world organizations, and agencies of every country in the world, in order to know that the "humanitarian issues", which has been violated by the Government of the Islamic Java / Indonesia itself is included in the "international criminal category" , and "involve religious" as "political bridge" for the benefit of Jakarta itself, and this is "an attitude of terrorists", as it was "detrimental to all aspects of life in the Moluccas", as has happened more war on January 19, 1999, at Ambon, Maluku, among the fraternities, and also had "detrimental to all aspects of life in all the nations of the former Dutch colony", and "linking political ideology" in the "religious" in the "international links" as a "tool" to "help" them in "crime "to" oppression "that is based from the" evil colonial ". (No problem, if the system of government in Indonesia is the country with the "good nature", but the "fact" that "the Government of the Islamic Java / Indonesia" are "terrorists", so "attitude and responsibility" of the government of Islamic Java / Indonesia is nothing at all to life for "people of Maluku", "West Papua", and as well as the lives of other nations in the former Dutch colony, it is evident from the fact of life that has occurred from carelessness on the nature and attitude of criminality in the government itself ).

When we talk about "religion" or "belief", which is "right" is in accordance with the "Bible" of the "Christian", because everything which is in it, is a "history of human life from the beginning of the incident, the state what is happening now, and until the end of the Age ", and that is" real ", and also" logic ", judging from all the happenings in the world is already recorded in the word of God itself. While the "evil ideology" of "Islam" in the "Al-Quran", which is where there have been "25%" of the "result of human thought (Muhammad and his colleagues)" where they are "to complete the Quran reaches 100%" , Muhammad and his colleagues add their own political initiatives, so the ideology is used to this day, and ended up being a disaster in the lives of others.
 Why? Because 25% of people thought it was grounded by the nature of greed, coercion, murder, and so on. As we see a real happening in the Moluccas, and the incidence of the nations of the former Dutch colony, which is under the control of the Government of Islamic Java / Indonesia are based on evil ideology of Muhammad.

We see the truth that has been little mentioned about false prophet is considered as the God of the Islamic faith:

1). Al-Quran on devout Muslims believe that the Koran is a "revelation from God 100%", which is the "copyright" by the "Prophet Muhammad" and immediately "given" by "God" through "angel Gabriel" with sentence to sentence, so that the "Koran" is "free of human thought", including the thoughts of the Prophet Muhammad himself.

2). Points of doctrine that Islam is "Tawheed", reads:

There is no "God" in addition to "Allah (Laila HAILALLAH)", and only for those who are obliged to worship and ask for help (Quran Surat 1, Al Fatihah 5).

3). At the time of Muhammad and his companions arrived in Madina, therefore they must to migrate from Mecca, there were many people in the city where the majority of Jews, but Jews have a huge effect on the city, especially in the areas of governance, economic, social and culture.

The Jews themselves religious fanatic, and every day to practice their religion to Jerusalem.

4). Because the position of Muhammad and his companions at that time was still weak to compete in running their ideology, then the direction of mecca for those on a time set by the prayer of Muhammad is to Jerusalem, as a point to adapt in such situations, so from that case, then Muhammad claimed that Islam is a continuation of Judaism and Christianity.

5). Direction to Qiblah, ie held to "Jerusalem" and "worship" that has "run for years" by "Muhammad and his colleagues', arrive at a time that Muhammad and his followers felt strong enough to dominate the city of Madina , then eventually to dominate the Madina city is by the sword (war / jihad).

Along with the "expulsion of the Jews to get out of Medina" by Muhammad on reason, is "to receive revelation from God." Afterwards that: "Qibla in prayer towards Jerusalem" has been "canceled" by "Muhammad", and "headed in a new direction", ie "towards Mecca", because there BAITHOLLAH (House of God), that is what we are familiar with the temple (black stone) now. (Quran Surat Al-Baqarah 2142-145, and 149-150).

(Quran Letter: Al-Baqarah 2142-145, and 149-150).

6). In addition to the change of Qiblah, also set by Muhammad that prayer performed 5 times a day and night, with a total of 17 times with a bow and prostrate prayer must be done in the "Arabic" only.

Also on the set by her for all Muslims who call themselves believers, to perform the pilgrimage to Mecca with their duty to surround the Kaaba (the black stone) in it, as much as 7 times round, and on each of the cycle it must bow their heads, and required to "worship and kiss" as "Black Stone" in the temple, as he read the prayer: "Lord UMA LABAIK BISMILAHILAHU AKBAR", which means: "We have fulfilled your calling, O God.

1). Letters Muslim, the hadith sahik 1, paragraph 164, states: "That Muhammad himself was not able to save his followers.

The answer: In the "verse" of "Surah 46 Al Ahqaf 9", states that: "Muhammad himself did not know whether he would survive or not."

2). In Surah AZ, Zukkuf 43-61 which states, Jesus knew the day of Resurrection, Jesus is a straight path to heaven. Same with the statement of the Bible to John 14 verse 6.

3). Muslim Hadith in Surah 3, paragraph 5421, stated: when Muhammad will die, Muhammad said: "O Jesus son of Mary, into your hands, I will leave my life."

And the holy AL AHQAAF 9, states that Muhammad himself did not believe or doubt, when He died later will go to heaven or not, so that through the inside of the 33 AL Ahzab 56, states that: in the name of God and angels to pray for the salvation of Muhammad to go to heaven with "using prayer segue PROPHET".

But the true prophet was sent by God to Moses (father of the Torah) and Jesus (Prophet / father Gospel), if they die, it will go to heaven, and do not need to be in prayer by the people to do it, so in the Bible have little else to say about Moses pleaded Shawalat prayer of the Prophet, even more so for Jesus, let alone ask people to shawalat prayer for Him, but rather those who pray to Him as their own salvation, found in John 17:1-26. And even Jesus himself who gives salvation to mankind, found in John 14:1-14.

Father's house, located on John 14:1-14 Bible

1). "Let not your heart be troubled: believe in God, believe also in me.

2). In my Father's house are many mansions. If not so, of course I would have told you. Because I go over there to provide a place for you.

3). And if I had to go over there and have a place for you.

4). And where I go, you know the road to it. "

5). Thomas said to Him: "Lord, we do not know where you go, so how do we know the way over there?"

6). Jesus said to him: "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.

7). If you know me, you also know my Father. Right now ye know Him, and ye have seen Him. "

8). Philip said to Him: "Lord, show us the Father, it is enough for us."

9). Jesus said to him: "It has been so long together I'm yours, Philip, but you do not know me? Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father; how you say, Show us the Father.

10). Not believe the you, that I am in the Father and the Father in Me? What do I say to you, do not I say of myself, but the Father who dwells in me, has to do His work.

11). Believe me, that I am in the Father and the Father in me: or at least believe that the works themselves.

12). I tell you: Verily those who believe in me, he will do also the works that I do, even the jobs bigger than this. For I go to the Father.

13). and what you ask in my name, I'll do it, so that the Father be glorified in the son.

14). If you ask something to me in my name, I'll do it. "

Jesus' prayer for His disciples, John, 17:1-26

1). So said Jesus. Then his eyes to heaven and said: "Father, the hour is come, glorify your son, that son magnify thee.

2). Same as You have given Him power over all life, so He will give eternal life to all whom You have given Him.

3). This is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom thou hast sent.

4). I have magnify thee on the earth by way of completing the work You gave Me to do so.

5). Therefore, O Father, glorify me with the glory of Thee alone that I have in your presence before the world existed.

6). I have declared thy name to all the people, which thou hast given to me from the world. They were yours, and have you give them to me and they have obeyed your word.

7). Now they know that all that You give to me it comes from to you.

8). For all the words that you convey to me was I to say to them and they have accepted. They really know that I came from Thee, and they believe that thou hast sent me.

9). I pray for them. Not for the world I pray, but to them, which thou hast given me, because they are yours.

10). And all mine is yours and yours is mine, and I have been glorified in them.

11). And I do not exist anymore in the world, but they still exist in the world, and I'm coming to you. Yes, Holy Father, keep them in thy name, that thy name which thou hast given me, that they may be one just like us.

12). As long as I am with them, I keep them in thy name, that thy name which thou hast given to me, I have guarded them and none of those who perished, except the one that has been determined to perish, to fulfill what was written in the Book Holy.

13). But, now I'm coming to you and I say all this while I was still there in the world, so filled my joy within themselves.

14). I have given your word to them and the world has hated them, because they are not of the world, even as I am not of the world.

15). I do not ask, so you take them from the world, but that you protect them from evil.

16). They are not of the world, even as I am not of the world.

17). Sanctify them in truth, your word is truth.

18). Just as Thou hast sent me into the world, so I have sent them into the world;

19). and I consecrate myself for them, so they were sanctified by the truth.

20). And not for them alone I pray, but also for people who believe in me by their preaching.;

21). that they may all be one, even as thou, Father, in Me and I in thee, that they are also inside us, that the world may believe that thou hast sent me.

22). And I have given them the glory, which thou hast given me, so that they become one, just as we are one:

23). I in them and Thou in Me, that they may become perfectly one, so that the world may know that thou hast sent me, and hast loved them even as thou hast loved me.

24). Yes Father, I will that, wherever I am, they also were together with me, those whom You have given me, for they viewed the glory which thou hast given me, for You loved Me before the foundation of the world.

25). Yes Father, that is fair, indeed the world does not know you, but I know you, and these know that thou hast sent me;

26). and I have to tell thy name to them and I'll tell him, so love that you gave to me is in them and I in them.

You can browse all the links Karen Parker JD, which historians have explained the circumstances of the Republic of South Maluku which have connection problems in some elements:

Of all the acts that are beyond the limits of humanity or immoral by the actions of the government system of the Islamic Java / Indonesia in their dirty politics in the country of Indonesia itself, then you can follow the continuing relationship news links below:

So we the people of Maluku, demands for humanitarian problems that occur in the Moluccas must follow up by the UN in a wise, adjusting for International Law in force, so that the Government of Indonesia to immediately give the right of sovereign nations Maluku, unconditionally.

So that is not a complicated problem due to the political relations between the friendship with one another, so it is necessary for us to talk and a little explaining here, and we as an independent nation the same as the others, not for us to talk politics, but politics is coming from a events which have been done as it is, so we speak according to the truth / reality of the tragedy. On the other hand, is not as "racist", "religion" and so on, the "basic problem" which "must be addressed", but "be for all the people of the international community", "international organization", "all state agencies and government ", and that" every religious institution "in the world, may be to" learn the facts of life ", which is a tragedy" had occurred ", and the" happening "until now, for we can" fix carelessness "," weakness "," error ", and so on, according to" international law "in force, so that the" dirty politics ", which comes from" an organization, or even from the government concerned, may be to "stop" and "follow up" with "international law" that where "valid" in "humanitarian grounds", so that "justice", "prosperity", and so on, can be "achieved through truth" itself, and be "felt" by "all nations" in "peace and justice" itself.