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Events in Maluku is not just for analysis, but see the root causes of the incident thoroughly.

Sidney Jones: the conflict in Maluku highest
Friday, January 20, 2012 1:04 pm | 1458 Views

Ambon (ANTARA News) - Indonesianists, Sidney Jones, assess the level of violence that occurred during the on-site social conflict in Maluku classified as the highest in Indonesia.

"The violence in Maluku during the conflict in 1999 and the last one on 11 September 2011, even much higher if compared to that occurred in the provinces of Papua and other areas," he said in Ambon on Thursday evening.

He brought it as a keynote speaker at the dialogue "Provocation Peace - Reflections of Peace Maluku" Institute for Inter-Faith held Moluccas (laim) Ambon.

He said the violence in Maluku not only in the form of physical violence, but also the psychology of perceived various components of society, especially those directly affected by the conflict itself.

"The conflict was not only between religions, but also antarkampung, conflicts over natural resources, environment and between civil society and government and military / police," said Director of the International Crisis Group (ICG) was.

Assessment was delivered according to Sidney Jones is based on various observations and analysis, the fact that he had accumulated and the results of talks with several parties in the Moluccas and Indonesia.

According to him, the conflict in Ambon and Maluku on January 19, 1999, also affected the entry of outsiders Maluku to strengthen each group, in addition to government policies that have not been seriously its responsibility to resolve the root causes of conflict.

"Until now many cases as well as the roots of conflict that occurred during the conflict in Ambon and Maluku had not been made public, although a variety of independent teams have been formed by the government to do advocacy, but not a single result is expressed in a transparent way to know the community," he said.

Besides the public perception in Maluku is also affected by negative opinions are built outside this area either through the mass media and provocative issues.

TNI / Police also considered not serious about performing their duties and functions as a patron and protector, and protect the public, in addition to slow to handle the various conflicts that occur.

"Not all TNI / Police ugly. There are only certain elements of the apparatus are still side with certain groups when carrying out security duties," he said.

He admitted that reform within the military / police should continue to be made, thus restoring its image as the state apparatus, as well as the protective umbrella of society.

provocation Peace

Sidney Jones on the occasion, acknowledged, community resilience in Ambon and Maluku for not provoked a variety of issues, as well as doing the "provocation of peace" is increasing.

"Local people more incentive to provoke peace, because it is based on common awareness that the conflict, leaving only suffering prolonged and multi-dimensional," he said.

Provocation of peace who performed a variety of local components, both social media, bloggers, inter-religious element, which is based on an awareness itself needs to be increased to counter various issues developed deliberately misleading the parties are not responsible and want the ongoing conflict in Ambon and the Moluccas .

In addition, there should be efforts to trauma recovery community, especially those directly affected by the conflict, thus eliminating the feeling of revenge impact, in addition to advocacy and efforts to force disclosure of various causes.

Various other local wisdom such as customs and cultures are rooted in the community also needs to be developed and revitalized in accordance with the development, so that it becomes an integral tool and strengthen cross-community relations.

"Currently the Moluccans should be proud because a lot of local knowledge that can be used as a unifying medium. Moreover, a growing number of involved parties, by mutual consent peace provocation. This great capital of Ambon and Maluku to create a safe and peaceful," said Sidney Jones.

The dialogue that followed a number of components and activists of social problems in Ambon, was held in order to reflect laim 13-year conflict in Ambon on 19 January 1999. (JA/E011)
Editors: B Kunto Wibisono

My explanation:

Events in Maluku is not just for analysis, but see the root causes of the incident thoroughly.

All events in the Moluccas, dated January 19, 1999 can be viewed from a system that has been programmed by the Defense (Institute for Defense and National Security Indonesia) on the link below, where the link is talking a little about the colorful events that have occurred as it is:

So Maluku, will never be safe as long as the Moluccas in his own country which always remains under the authority of the government's Islamic Java / Indonesia. Riots in Ambon, where Ambon is the capital of Maluku, and riots throughout the islands of Maluku is a program of the government's Islamic Java / Indonesia, to destroy the culture of Maluku, namely: "Pela-gandong (life has the properties of each other mutual help among brothers and sisters , both native to the Moluccas where the Christian religion, and also from the original Moluccas, which are Muslims, Maluku is a nation that one) "by the religious strife.

Who and where is the origin of which has been providing information to Sidney Jones? These things need to be questioned, given that large-scale transmigration it is from outside the Maluku islands, and the majority that they are the transmigration of Islam. You all can look at the link below:

Maluku Maluku will be safe after the case settled with applicable laws and views on the position of the true history of the Moluccas, as you can see the explanation at the link below about Maluku independence based on the real history and by the applicable law in such a way it is:
Penjelasan saya:

Kejadian di Maluku bukan hanya untuk dianalisa, tetapi melihat akar permasalahan kejadian secara seksama.

Semua kejadian di Maluku, tertanggal 19 Januari 1999 dapat dilihat dari sistem yang telah diprogramkan oleh LEMHANAS (Lembaga Pertahan dan Keamanan Nasional Indonesia) pada link dibawah ini, dimana link ini membicarakan sedikit tentang warna-warni kejadian yang telah terjadi seperti apa adanya:

Jadi Maluku, tidak akan pernah aman selama bangsa Maluku didalam negerinya sendiri dimana senantiasa masih dibawah kekuasaan dari pemerintah Jawa Islam/Indonesia. Kerusuhan di Ambon, dimana Ambon adalah sebagai ibu kota Maluku, dan kerusuhan di seluruh kepulauan Maluku adalah program dari pemerintah Jawa Islam/Indonesia, untuk menghancurkan kebudayaan Maluku, yaitu: "Pela-Gandong (hidup mempunyai sifat saling gotong-royong diantara adik dan kakak, baik asli Maluku yang mana beragama Kristen, dan juga dari asli Maluku, yang mana beragama Islam, Maluku adalah bangsa yang satu)" melalui pertikaian secara agama.

Siapakah dan dari asal manakah orang yang mana telah memberikan informasi itu kepada Sidney Jones? hal ini yang perlu dipertanyakan, mengingat bahwa transmigrasi secara besar-besaran itu adalah dari luar daerah kepulauan Maluku, dan mayoritas bahwa mereka adalah transmigrasi Islam. Anda sekalian dapat melihat pada link dibawah ini:

Maluku akan aman setelah perkara Maluku diselesaikan dengan hukum yang berlaku dan dilihat pada kedudukan dari sejarah Maluku yang sesungguhnya, seperti anda dapat melihat penjelasan pada link dibawah ini tentang kemerdekaan Maluku berdasarkan dengan sejarah yang sesungguhnya dan berdasarkan hukum yang berlaku sedemikian rupa adanya:

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