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We are of the Moluccas, that we do not agree with the sale of weapons to the Islamic government of Java / Indonesia

A & B is a news, C is the explanation of the disagreement.
A & B adalah berita, C adalah penjelasan dari ketidak setujuan.



Cameron Says U.K. Set to Resume Arms Exports to Indonesia
By Gonzalo Vina - Apr 11, 2012 8:31 AM GMT+0930

Prime Minister David Cameron said Britain is ready to resume arms exports to Indonesia after former governments used British jets to crush rebels.
Cameron said the U.K. had learned from past mistakes and that Indonesian generals no longer meddle in politics, creating conditions for new agreements to supply British arms. Cameron is in Jakarta today on the second day of a visit to Asia where he is leading a business delegation with companies including BAE Systems Plc (BA/) and AgustaWestland, a unit of Finmeccanica SpA. (FNC)
“We have to be honest and straightforward about the problems in the past,” Cameron told Kompas daily ahead of his arrival in Jakarta. “But both Britain and Indonesia have made significant changes since then.”
The previous Labour administration stopped sales of arms to Indonesia after Hawk aircraft were used to bomb rebels in Aceh. Cameron is looking to boost exports as he seeks to prevent the U.K. from slipping into its second recession in three years.
“Indonesia has transformed itself in the past decade into one of the world’s most important democracies, with a free media and elections,” Cameron said. “The military no longer plays a role in politics, but fulfills its proper role defending the country from external attack.”
Cameron said Britain now has “what is one of the most rigorous and careful arms licensing systems in the world” to make sure “that arms do not fall into the hands of those who might misuse them.”
“But at the same time, we believe that democratic and responsible countries like Indonesia have a right to defend themselves, and to buy the equipment needed to do so,” Cameron said. “Britain makes some of the best defense equipment in the world and it is right that it is available to Indonesia, under the very same criteria that we apply to all our partners around the world.”
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Cameron to bolster weapons sales to Indonesia
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Published: 11 April, 2012, 07:44

David Cameron (Reuters / Toru Hanai)

British Prime Minister David Cameron will be seeking to boost weapons sales to Indonesia, which he calls “one of the world’s most important democracies”. This comes just twelve years after Britain imposed an arms embargo on the country.
“Britain makes some of the best defense equipment in the world, and it is right that it is available to Indonesia under the very same criteria that we apply to all our partners around the world,” Cameron said in an interview with Indonesia’s Kompas newspaper. “That is why some of our leading defense companies are with me on this visit.”
The British leader is set to meet Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono on Wednesday while he visits the country as part of a five-day Asian tour. He is accompanied by some of Britain’s leading weapons manufacturers, eager to secure deals with the Indonesian government.
Last year there were reports that the British government was in talks to sell 24 Eurofighter Typhoons to Indonesia for £2 billion ($3.18 billion). The government denied that negotiations were underway though some ministers did say that they were keen to explore defense projects with Indonesia.
In 1999, Tony Blair’s Labour government banned the export of fighter jets to Indonesia after receiving reports that Indonesia used BAE-built Hawk jets to bomb civilians in East Timor.
Although Cameron claims that Indonesia has transformed itself into a democracy with free press and elections, Human Rights Watch continues to chide the Indonesian government for human rights violations, including “extrajudicial killings and torture in Papua and other areas.”

C. My explanation:

We are of the Moluccas, that we do not agree with the sale of weapons to the Islamic government of Java / Indonesia, which has become one talks of military cooperation by the British government. Prime Minister David Cameron must be aware and look at all the problems which have happened and is happening in Indonesia's own country according to the reality of life itself.

Please feel free to do a "collaborative relationship" between nations or states, but we look forward to the British government needs to be more "carefully" to see "negative impact", which will be "faced" by "every nation which is living" in the "system of Islamic terrorist government of Java / Indonesia ", in which the" democratic Indonesia "is a state of" democracy is mere theorizing and false ", because things have been done and is being done by the government of Islamic Java / Indonesia is not in line with the" practical life ", which "has been done by the government of the Islamic Java / Indonesia against its people, and also against any nation that has been dominated by the Javanese Islamic government in Jakarta / Indonesia alone", as an example of "the Moluccas" as well as "people of West Papua," we feel misery, injustice and so on in the shade of power by the government of the Islamic Java / Indonesia, which is being immoral.

Government of the Islamic Java / Indonesia does not need a weapon, the weapon is necessary because it is just for the sake of the Islamic government in Jakarta, in dominating all the natural wealth which is not theirs, in addition to damaging the natural realm in Maluku and West Papua without thinking which concerned the life of the nation's life depends on the life of the natural environment, "the misuse of natural resources and the use of natural wealth of Maluku and West Papua" by the government of Islamic Java / Indonesia is the only "weapon to impose solely to the western world economy" in the dependency life of the western world itself, where many who need it, such as oil, gas, and fuel. So of course the military and police forces were used to success for the Islamic system of government illegally Java / Indonesia was able to run well in the state of crime in Indonesia and also to international relations.

We can "change the system well, peaceful and prosperous life for each of the different nations of the world", and "run the truth in accordance with applicable law" for "mistakes and crimes of the Islamic government of Java / Indonesia" can be "suspended and dissolved", because Islamic government of Java / Indonesia is not in accordance with the "fact of life and the nation" is one, which does not comply with "international law", which has been violated by a fact of life in their own nation and state, in the "history of Indonesia" from the 1950 to date. (Christian Death).

Surely what has been mentioned above that the question is: "why is the government of Islamic Java / Indonesia needs a weapon when the welfare of their people living in poverty, even every nation that was colonized by the government Isalm Java / Indonesia such as Maluku and West Papua are not experiencing prosperity?"

If a country is not secure and prosperous, then of course all of this is the fault of the government itself, where the system state is inconsistent with the treatment from the government of Islamic Java / Indonesia itself.

When British Prime Minister "David Cameron", saying that: the "Indonesia" is a "democracy" and "as an example for the world to know", it is necessary to "free the prisoners from the Moluccas and West Papua as soon as possible without condition" by "Islamic government of Java / Indonesia ", because" the prisoners from the Moluccas and West Papua is not a criminal ", but they are as" the heroes of Maluku and West Papua in the truth as a nation to prosecute the nation's sovereign right to democracy and peace ", in which the sovereign right of nations Maluku and West Papua have been seized by the government of the Islamic Java / Indonesia is illegal in our country or region in each of our different places.

Soldiers who were imported by the President of Indonesia with the many to the Moluccas, just as the implementation of programs that have been made by the government of the Islamic Java / Indonesia for more power and dominate all aspects of national life from the Moluccas, oppression and murder always occurs for the actions of the military and police itself, in the Moluccas.

Penjelasan saya:

Kami dari bangsa Maluku, bahwa kami tidak setuju dengan penjualan persenjataan terhadap pemerintah Jawa Islam/Indonesia, yang mana telah menjadi satu pembicaraan hubungan kerja sama militer oleh pemerintah Inggris. Perdana Menteri David Cameron harus menyadari dan melihat segala permasalahan yang mana telah terjadi dan yang sedang terjadi didalam negara Indonesia itu sendiri sesuai dengan kenyataan hidup itu sendiri.

Silahkan untuk melakukan "hubungan kerjasama" antara bangsa atau negara, tetapi kita berharap kepada pemerintah Inggris perlu untuk lebih "secara seksama" untuk melihat "dampak negatif", yang akan "dihadapi" oleh "tiap bangsa yang mana sedang hidup" dalam "sistem dari pemerintahan teroris Jawa Islam/Indonesia", dimana negara "demokrasi Indonesia" adalah sebagai negara "demokrasi yang berteori dan palsu belaka", sebab hal yang telah dilakukan dan yang sedang dilakukan oleh pemerintahan Jawa islam/Indonesia adalah tidak sejalan dengan "praktek kehidupan", yang mana "telah dilakukan oleh pemerintahan Jawa Islam/Indonesia terhadap rakyatnya, dan juga terhadap tiap bangsa yang telah dikuasai oleh pemerintahan Jawa islam di Jakarta/Indonesia sendiri", seperti contoh "bangsa Maluku" dan juga seperti "bangsa Papua Barat", kita merasakan kesengsaraan, ketidak-adilan dan sebagainya didalam naungan dari kekuasaan oleh pemerintahan Jawa Islam/Indonesia, yang mana bersikap tidak bermoral.

Pemerintah Jawa Islam/Indonesia tidak perlu dengan senjata, sebab senjata yang diperlukan itu adalah hanya untuk kepentingan bagi pemerintahan Islam di Jakarta, dalam mendominasi semua kekayaan alam yang mana bukan milik mereka, disamping itu merusak alam natural di Maluku dan juga di Papua Barat tanpa memikirkan kehidupan bangsa bersangkutan yang mana hidup bergantung pada kehidupan lingkungan alam tersebut, "penyalagunaan kekayaan alam dan pemakaian kekayaan alam dari Maluku dan Papua Barat" oleh pemerintahan Jawa islam/Indonesia adalah hanya sebagai "senjata untuk semata-mata untuk menjatuhkan ekonomi dunia barat" dalam ketergantungan hidup dunia barat itu sendiri, dimana banyak yang memerlukannya, contohnya seperti minyak, gas, dan bahan bakar. Sehingga tentunya kekuatan militer dan polisi itu digunakan untuk kesuksesan untuk sistem pemerintahan Jawa Islam ilegal/Indonesia itu dapat berjalan dengan baik dalam kejahatan didalam negara Indonesia dan juga terhadap hubungan internasional.

Kita dapat "merubah sistem dengan baik, damai dan sejahtera bagi tiap bangsa yang berbeda di dunia", dan "menjalankan kebenaran sesuai dengan hukum yang berlaku" untuk "kesalahan dan kejahatan dari pemerintahan Jawa islam/Indonesia" dapat "dihentikan dan dibubarkan", karena pemerintahan Jawa islam/Indonesia adalah tidak sesuai dengan "kenyataan hidup bernegara dan berbangsa" yang satu, dimana tidak sesuai dengan "hukum internasional", yang mana telah dilanggar oleh mereka sendiri pada kenyataan hidup berbangsa dan bernegara, dalam "sejarah Indonesia" dari tahun 1950 sampai saat ini. (Kematian Kristen).

Tentunya apa yang telah disinggung diatas bahwa pertanyaan adalah: "mengapa pemerintah Jawa Islam/Indonesia memerlukan senjata disaat kesejahteraan rakyatnya sendiri hidup dalam kemiskinan, bahkan tiap bangsa yang dijajah oleh pemerintahan Jawa Isalm/Indonesia seperti Maluku dan Papua Barat tidak mengalami kesejahteraan?"

Apabila suatu negara tidak aman dan sejahtera, maka tentunya semua ini adalah kesalahan dari pemerintahan itu sendiri, dimana sistem kenegaraan tidak sejalan dengan perlakuan dari pemerintahan Jawa islam/Indonesia itu sendiri.

Apabila Perdana Menteri Inggris "David Cameron", mengatakan bahwa: negara "Indonesia" adalah sebagai "negara demokrasi" dan "sebagai contoh untuk dunia mengetahuinya", maka perlu untuk "bebaskan para tahanan dari bangsa Maluku dan Papua Barat secepatnya tanpa syarat" oleh "pemerintahan Jawa Islam/Indonesia", sebab "para tahanan dari bangsa Maluku dan Papua Barat adalah bukan kriminal", melainkan mereka adalah sebagai "para pahlawan Maluku dan Papua Barat dalam kebenaran sebagai bangsa untuk melakukan penuntutan pada hak kedaulatan bangsa secara demokrasi dan damai", dimana hak kedaulatan bangsa Maluku dan Papua Barat telah dirampas oleh pemerintahan Jawa Islam/Indonesia yang ilegal tersebut didalam negara atau wilayah kami pada masing-masing tempat kami yang berbeda.

Tentara yang didatangkan oleh Presiden Indonesia dengan sekian banyak ke Maluku, hanya sebagai pelaksanaan program yang telah dibuat oleh pemerintahan Jawa Islam/Indonesia untuk lebih berkuasa dan mendominasi dari segala aspek kehidupan bangsa Maluku, penindasan dan pembunuhan selalu terjadi atas perbuatan dari para militer dan polisi itu sendiri, di Maluku.

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